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The development of a sea-level Database for Ireland. Irish journal of Earth Sciences 24,. The Shore-Dwellers of Ancient Ireland. Journal of the royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 44,. 'céide fields Glenulra 1989:071. Retrieved 08/03/05, from byrne,. Retrieved 10/6/06, from byrne,. 'céide fields Glenulra and Behy 1991:098.

Oxford journal of Archaeology 14 (1. An Archaeology of Natural Landscapes. Report writing on the lithic Assemblage from Excavations at Corbally and Brownstown,. Kildare (97e449 and 98e0094). Earlier Prehistoric Settlement in the boyne valley. Archaeology Ireland 16 (3. West-End, temple bar, dublin 2 (96e246). Mount Gamble plan lithic Report (02e0608). Use-wear Analysis on the Archaic Flint Assemblage of Plum piece, saba: a pilot Study. Deposition Models for Chronological Records. Quaternary Science reviews 27 (1-2.

phd bibliography

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Retrieved 08/03/05, from bordes,. And de sonneville-bordes,. The significance of Variability in Palaeolithic Assemblages. World Archaeology 2 (1. Replicating quartz Squibnocket Small Stemmed and Triangular Projectile points. Retrieved wallpaper 12/03/07, from Bradley,. Fieldwalking without Flints: Worked quartz as a clue to the Character of Prehistoric Settlement.

phd bibliography

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Retrieved 08/03/05, from binford,. Interassemblage variability - the essay mousterian and the functional Argument. Renfrew (ed The Explanation of Culture Change. London, gerald Duckworth,. Lithic Reduction Sequences as an Aid to the Analysis of Late Stone Age quartz Assemblages from the luano Spring, Chingola, zambia. The African Archaeological review 8,. Trees or Chains, links or Branches: Conceptual Alternatives for Consideration of Stone tool Production and Other Sequential Activities. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 8 (1. Site 13, rathmullan 2001:1037.

Barber (ed quartz technology in Prehistoric New England. Cambridge, institute for Conservation Archaeology, peabody museum, harvard,. Quartz technology in Prehistoric New England. Cambridge, institute for Conservation Archaeology, peabody museum, harvard. Retrieved Multidates, from bergh,. Landscape of the monuments. Stockholm, University of Stockholm. Carrowmore visitor Centre, carrowmore 2001:1144.

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phd bibliography

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Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports (sair). Retrieved 10/8/06, from ml, ballin,. Re-examination of the quartz Artefacts from Scord of Brouster: a lithic Assemblage from Shetland and Its neolithic Context. Retrieved 8/8/06, from ml, ballin,. Quartz technology in Scottish Prehistory. Retrieved 8/3/09, from ml, bamford,.

Retrieved 08/03/05, from bamforth,. Tool hoards and neolithic Use of the landscape in North-Eastern Ireland. Oxford journal homework of Archaeology 23 (1. Toolkit Structure and Site Use: Results of a high-Power Use-wear Analysis of Lithic Assemblages from Solutré (Saône-Et-loire france. University of Kansas, lawrence. Quartz technology at the sassaafras Site, a prehistoric quarry-workshop.

Retrieved 13/4/06, from px? Quartz: Mineral Information Page. Retrieved 2/12/09, from m, aubry,., mangado,., fullola,. Raw Material Procurement in the Upper Palaeolithic Settlements of the côa valley (Portugal new Data concerning Modes of Resource Exploitation in Iberia. Smyntyna (ed The Use of living Space in Prehistory: Papers from a session Held at the european Association of Archaeologists Sixth Annual meeting in Lisbon 2000.

Oxford, British Archaeological Reports International Series 1224,. Leroi-gourhan, a philosopher of Technique and evolution. Journal of Archaeological Research 10 (4. Some technological Considerations of quartz as a raw Material for Flaked Stone Implements: Experiments and Applications. Marquardt (ed Proceedings of the Thirty-Third southeastern Archaeological Conference. Gainesville, florida State museum, University of Florida,. Classification and Description of Lithic Artefacts: a discussion of the basic Lithic Terminology. Laughanstown, county dublin, Ireland. The worked quartz vein at Cnoc Dubh, uig Parish, Isle of Lewis, western Isles: Presentation and Discussion of a small Prehistoric quarry.

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Cleary, enclosed Late Bronze age habitation Site and boundary wall at lough Gur,. 4, section c,. A refitting and Use-wear Analysis of a later writing Mesolithic Flint Assemblage from bay farm, county Antrim. Lithics: Macroscopic Approaches to Analysis. Emerging Directions in Debitage Analysis. (ed lithic Debitage: Context, form, meaning. Salt lake city, the University of Utah Press,. Archaeology 2020: Repositioning Irish Archaeology in the Knowledge society: a realistically Achievable perspective. Dublin, University college dublin.

phd bibliography

Lisboa, instituto português de Arqueologia,. Refitting at Lapa do anecrial: Studying Technology and Micro Scale Spatial Patterning through Lithic Reconstructions. De bie (eds fitting Rocks: Lithic Refitting Examined. Oxford, British Archaeological Reports International Series 1596,. Johnson, Excavations at bay farm 1, carnlough,. Antrim, and the Study of the 'larnian' technology. Proceedings of the royal paper Irish Academy. 96 Section c,. Appendix IV: The lithic Assemblage.

Missing the point. The case of the portuguese "Aurignacian V" In the Framework of Definitions of the aurignacian. Zilhão (eds towards a definition of the aurignacian. Proceedings of the symposium Held in Lisbon, portugal, june 25-30, 2002.

Retrieved 12/3/2008, from Abbott,. A reevaluation of quartz and Silicate raw Material Acquisition Along the south Atlantic Slope: going beyond the Economics of Expediency. Archaeological Typology and Practical reality. Cambridge, cambridge University Press. Experimental Knapping with krf and Midcontinent Cherts: overview and Applications. Mauldin (eds Experiments in Lithic Technology. Oxford, British Archaeological Reports International Series 528,. High Tech-Low Tech: Lithic Technology interests in the kimberly region of Western Australia.

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Home, resume phd contents, phD Chap 1, phD Chap. PhD Chap 3, phD Chap 4, phD Chap. PhD Chap 6, phD Chap 7, phD Chap. PhD Chap 9, phD Chap 10, phD Chap. Phd bibliography, phD Appendices, phD Plans, phd pdf 2006a. Irish Stone Axe Project. Spss.0 for Windows. Sites and Monuments Database. .

phd bibliography
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