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By this Special Power of Attorney i, muhammad Ali S/o. Allah Ditta, caste rajput, resident of house. 12, mohallah Naseer Abad, ferozepur road, lahore, do hereby constitute and appoint Mst. Jawairia abbasi, as my lawful attorney to act, conduct, and proceed on in my name and on my behalf with the case titled suit for specific relief pending in the court Senior civil Judge, lahore and the said my lawful attorney authorizes to appoint any. By this General Power of Attorney i, ghulam Abbas Chattha S/o. Muhammad Abid Bashir, caste gujjar, resident of 36 q, model Town, lahore, do hereby constitute and appoint zeeshan Munawar S/o. Musanjef Waqas, caste memon, resident of 45, riwaz garden, lahore, as my lawful general attorney as i, the above name is an old man of 80 years, thus incapable to perform all the functions on my own and for which the above named attorney shall. to sign and verify the plaints, written statements, memorandum of appeal, revisions, or writ petitions in all the revenue, civil courts, and tribunals including the high court or the supreme court of pakistan on or against my behalf.

It is granting for any matter either personal or judicial. Power of attorney extinguishes either by revocation (î¿bã bñia) or death of the person who grants such power. As the maker of this document dies, such power also dies. There are two types of powers,. E., general and write special power of attorneys. Person so granted power is bound to exercise his power within the limitations prescribed. He has to act in good faith. He has to avoid act in bad faith. Mala-fide act can be declared null and void in rebuttal. Civil action never dies whereas criminal action dies as accused dies.

llb personal statement

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2,000,000/- (Rupees two million only) as the total value of the property in question out of which a sum. 100,000/ (Rupees one hundred thousand only) was received by you reviews as the earnest money from my above named client and it was mutually agreed between the parties that you shall execute a duly registered sale deed of the demised property within a period of one. Now, therefore, it is to give you the final notice to execute a duly registered sale deed in favour of my above named client with the payment. 1,900,000/- (Rupees one million nine hundred thousand only) as such payable by my above named client in lieu of the sale bargain within a period of seven days after the receipt of this notice failing which my above named client shall be constrained to adopt. A copy of this notice has been kept into my office for record. Advocates signature matters of power of attorneys are governed by power of Attorney act, 1868. Power of attorney authorizes any person to do or perform all or any of acts on behalf of the person so authorizing. .

llb personal statement

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The vendor shall be liable for any defect or loss sustained by the vendee, if any, in the said bargain. The parties are liable to abide by to provisions of Transfer of Property Act. Now the vendor does hereby transfer the said parcel of land to the vendee to hold the same as his property as a lawful owner of said property through his heirs and successors. In witness whereof said names this deed of sale is signed on the day, month, and year mentioned above. Notice under instruction of my client Ashiq Ali S/o. Muhammad razzaque, caste Araiyn, resident of house. 5, Shadman Colony, lahore, i do hereby serve upon you the following notice: That my client above named entered into an agreement writing for sale of a house. 5, Shadman Colony, lahore, covering an area of one kanal with pukka built structure upon it on December 01, 2001, in consideration.

Whereas the vendor is owner in possession of agricultural land measuring into 12 acres bearing Khasra. 5, and Jamabandi for the year 1996 to 2000, situated into revenue estate of Village sultanpura, tehsil district Lahore. And whereas the vendee above named has agreed to purchase the said parcel of land from the vendor above named on the following terms and conditions:. . The total consideration amount of the land in question amounting. 2,000,000/- (Rupees two million only) has been received by the vendor from the vendee in lump-sump. The vendor does hereby assert that the aforesaid area of land does exclusively belong to him and the property in question is free from any kind of encumbrance and embargo. The vendee has the right to take or adopt any legal remedy or action at law against the vendor in case of any legal or otherwise by defect of any nature at any time against the vendor.

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llb personal statement

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1,900,000/- (Rupees one million nine hundred thousand only) to the writing vendor before the sub-Registrar, miller lahore, on January 01, 2002, at the time of the completion of a duly registered sale deed of the property in question and the vendor does hereby agree and declare. In case of failure of the vendee to make the balance price of the property to the vendor at the target date,. E., january 01, 2002, the vendor shall be within his rights to confiscate (take away, seize, jy) the earnest money amounting. 100,000/- (Rupees one hundred thousand only) already received by him and in case the vendor does hereby fails to perform his part of the agreement by refusing to execute a registered sale deed in favour of the vendee, the vendee shall have the legal remedy. The provisions of the Transfer of Property Act bind the parties. The terms Vendor and the vendee include their heirs and successors etc.

Successively for the purpose of this agreement. In witness whereof the vendor and the vendee have set their hand to their agreement signed to this deed on the day and year first above written. This deed of sale is made today the 1st day of January 2002 between Rana wajahat Ali S/o. Kashif Mahmood, caste jutt, resident of house. 14, farooq-Abad, Sheikhupura (hereinafter called the vendor) on the first part and Ghulam raza rabbani S/o. Ghulam Abbas, caste Araiyn, resident of Chak. B., rasoolpura, narowal, sialkot (hereinafter called the vendee) on the second part.

Whereas the vendor above named is the exclusive owner in possession of the property bearing. 10 Shadman Colony, lahore, a pukka built residential house, consisting of/comprising 4 bed rooms, tv lounge, drawing and dining rooms with kitchen and with a lawn/patio the detail of which is fully described in the hereunder:. . East  . . North  . . West  . .

south   and whereas the vendor has agreed to sell the said property to the vendee above named and the vendee has agreed to purchase the same from the vendor on the terms and conditions hereinafter described. Now the parties above named covenant as under:. . The total consideration of the demised property (bargain or ae à value of property in question is mutually fixed. 2,000,000/- (Rupees two million only) out of which a sum. 100,000/- (Rupees one hundred thousand only) has been received by the vendor as earnest (îãb¨îi) money, the receipt of which the vendor does hereby acknowledge. The vendor is exclusive owner in possession of the property detailed above and the same is free from any kind of encumbrance/embargo in the form of mortgage or any other security and all the taxes have been regularly paid to the concerned authorities in full. The vendor does hereby promise to the vendee to deliver the vacant possession of the house in question with all appurtenances (equipment, belongings) and fixtures etc. At the time of the execution of a valid and legal sale deed before the sub-Registrar, lahore. The vendor and the vendee do hereby mutually agree that the vendee shall be liable to make the payment of the balance amount amounting.

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The telephone numbers are. . The landlord does hereby undertake to white wash and make necessary repairs, unavoidable in nature, periodically or at regular intervals at his own expenses. The tenant shall not make/enter any major change or alterations in the structure of the building in general without the prior written consents of the landlord. The landlord shall have the right to get the premises in question vacated with three months notice in writing to the tenant. The parties hereto shall be bound by the provisions of the rent Restrictions Ordinance, 1961. Testimonium Clause: in witness whereof the parties have hereto at Lahore signed the day and year first above written. Agreement to sell made today the 1st day of the december 2001, entered into between (åîib¿) Muhammad Arshad S/o. Muhammad Akhtar, caste kashmiri, resident of 5 movie gulberg, lahore (hereinafter called the vendor) of the one/first part and Muhammad Ashiq S/o. Muhammad razzaque, caste Arayin, resident of 7 model Town, lahore (hereinafter called the vendee) on the other/second part.

llb personal statement

Recital: whereas the above named Landlord is owner in possession of reviews the property bearing. 6 Shadman Colony, lahore, with all appurtenances and accessories. And whereas the tenant above named has agreed to take on rent and the landlord has agreed to rent out the above said premises to the tenant. Now the parties have mutually agreed on the following terms and conditions:. . This Rent Agreement is valid for a period of one-year (twelve months) commencing from the date of taking possession of Tenant. The monthly rental amount of the rented premises is mutually fixed. The landlord shall give a peaceful possession of the property in question to the tenant and the landlord covenants that the property in questions is free/immune from any sort of encumbrances and embargoes and all the taxes have been paid by the landlord to the. The tenant shall not sublet the premises in any case to any one without the prior written consents of the landlord and undertakes to pay the monthly electricity charges, gas charges, water charges, and telephone bills, the possession of which has also been delivered.

also mount (place) to admission. In other countries United Kingdom, the technical word for the deed is indenture. However in pakistan, the word deed and indenture are not found in the statute and the word instrument or documents have been used instead. Commencement and date of rent agreement: an agreement for lease to let the house entered into on January 01, 2001, between Muhammad ai s/o. Nazir Ali, caste malik, resident of house. 5 Shadman Colony, lahore (hereinafter called Landlord) of the one part and Rana nadir Pervaiz s/o. Ghulam Muhammad, caste Arayin, resident of house. 56, johar Town, lahore (hereinafter called Tenant) of the other/second part.

Conveyancing: Conveyancing means drafting of an instrument whereby intention is expressed to transfer some right or property. How to make a draft: Drafting of an instrument may seem to be a simple and easy at first. It presents difficulty when it put in black-n-white. Layman and inexperience in job commits mistake by using defective languages, which does not express fully the intention of the executant. Such a scribe (record clerk) may use such language, which is capable of being understood in more than one sense. A scribe well versed in drafting would use balance and perfect language. He shall express the executant intent in unambiguous language and couched (lower) in formal style, review he must be also aware of at-least element relating to subject matter of the instrument so that the instrument perfectly valid in the eyes of law.

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Updated: Thursday january 14, 2010 alKhamis Muharram 29, 1431 bruhaspathivara pausa 24, 1931, at 07:11:51 pm, course contents:. . Desouza (Omitting Chapters i and ii, part ii major essay Petitions to courts). Dastaweznavisi by penna lal in Urdu (latest edition). Only the following 75 forms are prescribed:. . Hiba nama 1-2-3. . Partnership deed 1-3. . Patta 1-6( b book recommended:. . The Art of Pleading and Conveyancing by nasim Sabir Chaudhary.

llb personal statement
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  6. The bachelor of Laws provides an engaging learning experience that challenges students academically and prepares them practically for a career as a legal professional, both within Australia and overseas. The Art of Pleading and Conveyancing by nasim Sabir Chaudhary. Conveyancing: Conveyancing means drafting of an instrument whereby intention is expressed to transfer some right or property. Llb (Hons) Law ucas code: M100 llb/law ucas code: M108 llb/LawFY for year 0 entry a law degree brings with it prestige, good career prospects and the possibility of an attractive salary but, more than this, it opens a route into the legal profession.

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