Sus1501 assignment 1

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The ads were limited but when I really looked for them I found some. I decided to make a pop-up book for the creative aspect which is not very easy to do! posted in Assignment 1- Projects tagged Ad Saturated Environment, assignment 1, walkabout 1 Reply video 2 hi all, for my walkabout I decided to journey down the popular saint Catherine street and encountered more than 180 advertisements. I was particular interested in the subliminal and subtle advertising like graffiti and public service signage. We would not ordinarily consider this a form of advertising however I do believe it correlates with Halls interpretation of advertising and meaning creation. I used a new stop motion film mobile app to capture my journey.

In Stuart Hall (Ed. Selling culture: Magazines, markets, and class at the turn of the century. (Ch.6 Advertising: New Practices, new Relations, 106-117). Advertising: The magic System. McAllister joseph Turow (Eds. The Advertising and Consumer Culture reader (13-24). Posted in, assignment 1- Projects. Leave a reply posted on February 5, 2014 by malischmid 1 Hello everyone, for my walkabout I chose to cover the area along Jaques-bizard over to pierrefonds boulevard and back. I spotted 11 different forms of advertisements. I was worried I would have difficulty finding ads in a suburban area because i never really noticed many ads in my neighborhood.


sus1501 assignment 1

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In the mean time if the encoded messages are not decoded at all my job becomes pointless. So after a week of intense playing I left the game behind. After the fall of my reliance on advertisement in my friends game came to my rescue a new computer game on which he was working. This new one was about the rise. I seemed quite a lot of fun so i obviously began to play, but the future will tell us how long I will be playing with. Works Cited, hackley, christopher. The panoptic Role of Advertising Agencies in the Production of Consumer Culture. 5(3 211-229, hall, Stuart. The work of Representation.

sus1501 assignment 1

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Hence, the environment I created for my citizens had become one where insinuation of consumption would be ubiquitous as paper well as pervasive. However, my euphoria soon began to deter. I had done about 60 ads, though it is hard to say exactly because some of them were moving, and some i did not remember I had put in certain places. Anyways, i started to get mad at the people not really paying attention to my creations anymore, as if it had become natural for them to live surrounded by promotional visuals all the time. Hence, the power I had, resembling that from a panopticon had slip through my fingers. Or maybe it has increased it? After all if nobody recognises the forces of power surrounding them they sort of become the subjects of a panopticon.

The winter season was also beneficial for my advertising campaign enrichment because i knew the citizens would need snow removal services so what I thought about doing, and which I did is to place wooden sticks on each side of the driveway of those who. Of course i knew this ad could only operate on certain individuals; only those from the culture of my suburbs could, through the sign of the sticks, translate this concept into something meaningful to them, according to what i intended it to mean (Hall, 1997). What i also did in the area where citizens live is to put signs on peoples land and also at the corner of a nearby street to advertise that some people were selling their house. Yet, all that was not enough. I needed and wanted more. So i thought about something brilliant! So far I had only created ads which were static and it became clear to me that if I was able to make advertisements move they might reach more readers. So i took the cars of all citizens and I placed a logo on them, a logo of the manufacturers company. I also thought I could use prints on certain cars as well as buses to advertise a company or product which has nothing to do with the car in most instances.

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sus1501 assignment 1

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However, to do that I had to increase the reviewing rate of consumption of their products by my citizens. To achieve that, i was to create a desire for their products which the people did not necessarily needed but which they would want through the use of advertising (Ohmann, 1996)! In that way i sort of felt like a magician especially since the technique i thought about using was to make materials solve the problems of the people (Williams, 2009). One ad that i used practicing this technique is a billboard ad, which I have used quite often I shall admit, promoting. Being aware of the trend or the crave that people now have for protein, i figured exhibiting this ad with a stronger than man man next to the actual yogurt would be appealing to them. In this way, the people passing by in their car, coming back of going to work with an appetite begging for a snack, would be more than receptive to the rich-in-protein yogurt. I made the ad fairly straight-forward since passers-by would not have a lot of time to decode.

I did not wanted to push my luck too far but it happens that the ad was placed near grocery also! I have got to say i became better and better as an advertiser as I practiced the art. At the start, i would place billboards on the plot of a store to make it more apparent so that passers-by would know what the buildings are about, and i also place some along the main avenues to promote products my citizens could enjoy. I also advertised events happening in the city, as well as a lot travelling agencies, or travel deals since suburbans usually have a car to get to an airport, and have the money to pay a trip. I expected these ads to be effective especially because at the time i made the billboard it was winter and cold-haters often become snow-birds during that season.

I had just been given this old game from my friend. He said he had been working on it since a long time but finally gave up because he thought the game was pointless and resembled Sims City too much to ever be commercialized. Growing up I had always dreamt of having Sims City but never could, so when he said he would throw it away i immediately requested. My friend gave me that judgmental gaze as he gave the game to me, and I was too excited to care about. I turned out to be even more satisfied than I thought I would. I had created this environment, a couple of suburbs, of which I would hold control.

The games rules granted me the complete supremacy over the cities. Not only could I design every street, every building, manage every investment, but I could also contribute to my own city budget by posting ads here and there so that the population of my cities would have an awareness of what goods and services were. Thanks to the many options offered, i realised I could create an environment with its own culture. Since, i live in a modern society i thought I might as well create one alike it so that maybe it could teach me more about how it works, and it would also be easier to manage. At one point though, i had to acknowledge i needed more funds to develop my suburbs further. One way i could achieve that was by helping the companies settled within the suburbs to increase their sales. Hence, i would somewhat perpetuate, or reinforce the ideology of those companies in order to create hegemony within my suburbs (Hackley, 2002).

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You will be taking several specific pictures for me doing some very slutty things. And I want them just done just right. You need to have a butt plug and a dildo on hand for this assignment. If you dont have either, you can improvise or buy a new set to get started. Category: anal masturbation, related Categories: humiliation, oral servitude, assignments, verbal humiliation, submissive / slave training. Keywords: humiliation, file name : Goddess Alexandra Snow Slutty selfies Assignment 1. Runtime : 00:08:15, gpa file size : 494 mb, resolution : download file from. Posted on, february 10, 2014 by katie hogan 5, for the creative portion of Assignment 1, i combined both the ads and my interpretations of their messages as a young female viewer in a mock-ad webzine which you can find here: advertisements, posted in, assignment. Tagged, assignment 1, webzine 5, replies, posted on, february 7, 2014 by arianneethier, reply.

sus1501 assignment 1

They meet twice a month to discuss our current problems (How often?). The director is holding a meeting at the moment (When?). He always makes a very colourful display of our products (What kind of?). The report of the commission has already been published in philosophy the newspapers (Where?). The results of the experiment are being analyzed very accurately (How?). Goddess Alexandra Snow Slutty selfies Assignment 1. A nice set of assignment for my biggest sluts! This is going to be so much fun.

with the words in brackets. Managers are in great demand in all spheres of economy (Where?). Our company is managed very successfully (How?). He has just explained our new responsibilities (What?). She tries to create a friendly atmosphere at the working place (Who?). We are given two weeks to install this equipment (How many?

Expressing the present action. They sell this product at 20 discount pdf price. Our family has recently bought a country house. The government allocates resources. They are discussing the development plan at the moment. I have not solved this very challenging problem yet. He often makes his well-grounded decisions after a profound analysis of the situation.

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Please note, this blog entry is from a previous course. You might want to check out the current one. Follow the detailed instructions in the lecture slides (separate document) to build and run Matchismo in the iphone simulator in Xcode. Do not proceed to the next steps unless your card flips back and forth as expected and builds restaurant without warnings or errors. The first part of the slides provided with lecture 2 describe the classes for task 2, followed by a detailed walk through of the demonstration from lecture 2. Follow those steps and (if you have not finished them already during the lecture) you have completed the first task of the first assignment. The complete code is available on github.

sus1501 assignment 1
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  7. For the creative portion of, assignment 1, i combined both the ads and my interpretations of their messages as a young female viewer in a mock-ad. Assignment 2 revised Version. Portfolio, assignment, for Com3703. Assignment 1 : do we have to explain all "map" functions with different type?

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