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The best way to prepare is to take several practice tests and do series of practices problems to get used to the way that these topics appear. And now, what you've been waiting forhere's what you can expect to see on test day (for sat math Algebra, averages, combinations and permutations, data interpretation. Exponents, functions, geometry, integer properties, probability, percentages. Sequences, statistics, that's not actually a huge amount of material. And while, yes, "algebra" is a big topic, the sat likes to use it in several scenarios, often in combination with geometry or other categories, that you'll learn about with a good study guide and by doing practice problems! Reading, now, on to the subject that students are least likely to turn to their class notes for.

Rosa parks: Thank you. This article was given to us by the folks. Written by: Rachel Kapelke-dale, when you're prepping for hypothesis a test as hyped as the sat, it can be tempting to dig your old algebra notebooks out of the attic and try to make sense of them (you saved those, right?) But while i run across. Some of what you learned in school will be tested, definitely! Do you need to read through three years of English notes, though? You can spend your time better than that! And I'm here to tell you how. Math, math is the subject on the sat for which students are most likely to dive for their class notes. You're actually better off just refreshing the topics you kind of remember and learning new material (or re-learning things you've forgotten) in your sat prep. This sounds like overlap, but it will actually save you time in the end. Because the sat tests these topics in multiple-choice format, in very particular combinations, and in very particular ways.

interview grandparents essay

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And his attitude, of course, was to work and do whatever he could in the community for the church to make a difference in the way of life we had at that time. And I was really impressed essay by his leadership, because he seemed to be a very genuine and very concerned person, and, i thought, a real Christian. Did it surprise you when he became a national hero? Rosa parks: no, not really, because i just felt that he filled the position so well. He was the type of person that people really gravitated towards and they seemed to like him personally, as well as his leadership. It has been an honor to sit with you here, today. Thank you so much for spending this time with us, Mrs.

interview grandparents essay

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Rosa parks: Yes, it is, very important. Of course, we have so many broken homes now. Young people need some means of being encouraged and to try to find some role models, people in school, in church, and other organizations. They need to be organized to work together, instead of being so scattered about and not having any positive outlook on life. Did you feel. King had a special gift? Rosa parks: Well, when I first met him it was before i was arrested. I met him in August of 1955, when he came to be the guest speaker at an naacp meeting and I was secretary. I was very impressed with his delivery as a speaker and, of course, his genuine friendliness as a person.

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interview grandparents essay

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He was an inspiration to you. Rosa parks: essay Yes, he was. When did he die? Rosa parks: In August of 1977. What advice would you give to a young person who wants to make a difference? Rosa parks: The advice i would give any young person is, first of all, to rid themselves of prejudice against other people and to be concerned about land what they can do to help others. And of course, to get a good education, and take advantage of the opportunities that they have.

In fact, there are more opportunities today than when I was young. And whatever they do, to think positively and be concerned about other people, to think in terms of them being able to not succumb to many of the temptations, especially the use of drugs and substances that will destroy the physical health, as well. What would you say to a kid whos in trouble now? Rosa parks: The reason we start with them so young is to try to get them a good family life, before they get into that area. Of course there are those who maybe have strayed away, and I would certainly advise them to find some means of helping themselves, even if theyve gotten into some problems. Family is important to you.

What has the American Dream meant to you? Rosa parks: I think the American Dream should be to have a good life, and to live well, and to be a good citizen. I think that should apply to all. That it is the land of the free and the home of the brave, and I believe it should be just that for all people. Who can think of themselves as human beings and that they will enjoy the blessings of the freedom of this country.

Are we moving as quickly as you might like in that direction? Rosa parks: we still have a long way to go, we still have many obstacles and many challenges to face. Its far from perfect, and it may never be, but I think as long as we do the best we can to improve conditions, then people will be benefited. You dont get negative about the negative things. Rosa parks: no, i dont. I try to not think of those things that we cannot control, but I think if we continue to work with positive attitudes, conditions will be better for more people. Tell me about your husband. Rosa parks: he believed in freedom and equality and all the things that would improve conditions.

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Our main program is the pathways to Freedom. And well be going from Memphis, tennessee through ten other states, and Washington, dc, and to canada. It began July 13th and ends August 8th. We hope to take as many young people and their chaperons as possible throughout these areas, and stop and have workshops and programs. Theyll be traveling in buses, and we hope that resume will inspire and give them a sense of history and also to encourage them to be concerned about essay their self and history and motivated to reach their highest potential. We always encourage them to have a spiritual awareness, because i feel that with the spirit within and our belief in ourselves and our faith in God that we will overcome many obstacles that we could not with negative attitudes. I want to always be concerned with being positive, and them being positive and believing in themselves, and believing that they should be good citizens and an asset to our country and for the world. And I believe in peace too, and not violence.

interview grandparents essay

Rosa parks: Mostly the little stories that they had in the school books, and fairy tales, such as Little red Riding hood, and those stories, just what they had for young children. Do you think reading is important? Rosa parks: Yes, its very important. And i always liked to read, especially historic books. I still do like to read. What would you like to tell us homeworks about your life since the bus boycott? Rosa parks: I would have to take longer than a minute to give my whole synopsis of my life, but I want to let you know that all of us should be free and equal and have equal opportunity and that is what Im trying. Tell us about the goals of the parks Institute. Rosa parks: we work with young people, from the ages of 11.

Miss Sally hill, and I liked her very much. In fact, i liked school when I was very young, in spite of the fact that it was a one-room school for students all ages, from the very young to teens, as long as they went to school. It was only a short term for us, five months every year, instead of the regular nine months every year. You still flourished in this school, despite all that. Rosa parks: I liked to read books anyway, and my mother taught me to read even before i began school. What books did you like to read?

We were human beings and we should be best treated as such. She instilled that feeling in you. Rosa parks: It was just the way i grew. Of course, my grandfather had the same ideas, as well as my grandmother. What was their background? Rosa parks: Both of them were born before the emancipation, before slavery ended. And they suffered a lot, as children they were in slavery and of course, after slavery was not that much better, but I guess it was some better. They were farmers in a rural area in Alabama.

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What people inspired you as a child? Rosa parks: my family, i would say, my mother, and my maternal grandparents. I grew up with them. . My mother was a teacher in a little school, and she believed in freedom and equality for people, and did not have the notion that we were supposed to live as we did, mom under legally enforced racial segregation. She didnt believe. How did she impart that to you? Rosa parks: Just by her attitude and the way she talked.

interview grandparents essay
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