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Catwalk — walkway constructed over or around obstructions on a ship or building. Ccu — correctional Custody Unit, a hard-labor and heavy discipline unit overseen by mps or navy masters-at-Arms to which Marines and sailors found guilty of minor ucmj offenses through njp are sent for up to 30 days in lieu of confinement in the brig. Chair Force — derogatory term for the us air Force. Chairborne — someone who works in an office environment. Chalk — squad of servicemembers in an aircraft that will or have been deployed to the ground ( rappelling or parachuting ). Charlies or chucks — the service "C" uniform, consisting of the short-sleeve khaki shirt and green trousers. Chaser — contraction of prisoner-chaser, an escort for a prisoner or detail of prisoners.

"by your leave, sir / ma'am." — expression used to render respect when overtaking a senior proceeding in the same direction, in conjunction with a salute; traditionally, the senior must offer permission before the junior passes him or her. C c s — "Clean sober" notation formerly entered on the liberty list beside paper the names of Marines for returning from liberty in that condition. Caco — casualty Assistance counseling Officer, a marine detailed to help the family of a marine killed, wounded, or captured in the line of duty. Call out — to challenge, often by announcing incriminating information about a person. See also drop a dime. Captain's Mast — office hours afloat. The term "Captain's Mast" is almost universally negative, implying non-judicial punishment. The modern navy and Marine corps use the term "Meritorious Mast" to announce any ceremony involving the meritorious award of a higher rank or of a particular recognition or honor. Carry on — order to continue after being interrupted. Cas — close air Support, aircraft fire on ground troops in support of nearby friendly troops. Casual Company or Casco — a holding unit/formation of Marines awaiting one of the following: discharge from the corps, training (usually at a formal school or deployment to a unit.

resume for ojt business administration students

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Buddy-fucker or blue falcon — negligent (unintentional) or malicious (intentional) disregard for another servicemember's career, comfort, or time; often for personal gain. Bum scoop — bad information. Bus driver — air Force pilot, so termed for the appearance of early usaf uniforms and the function they serve. Butt pack — small pack worn around the belt above the buttocks, similar to fanny pack. See also ass pack. Butter bar — second lieutenant, so named for the single gold bar rank insignia. By the numbers tree or Barney -style — to perform an action in sequence and strictly according to regulations; dummy-proof, oversimplified for the benefit of lower-intelligence people.

resume for ojt business administration students

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Box-kicker — pejorative for servicemember who works in supply, specifically, a warehouse clerk. Brain-housing group — thought processing, used as a parallel to a rifle's trigger housing group. Brass — brass uniform items; expended casings from weapons; term for senior officers from the metal of their rank insignia. Brat — longtime dependent children. Brig — prison or place of confinement aboard ship or ashore at a marine corps or naval station. Brig rat — person who has served much brig time, a habitual offender. Brightwork — brass or shiny metal, which Marines must polish. Broke-dick — servicemember on light, limited, or no duty status for medical reasons. Brown-bagger — a servicemember (usually married) who lives off base with his family, termed because he or she does not eat at the mess hall and must bring his/her meals with him.

Boondocks or boonies — woods or wilds, far-away spaces, or that portion of the country which is inhospitable and fit only for military exercises; derived from the tagalog " bundok " or mountain jungles of the Philippines. Boondoggle — trip on government time and/or expense that serves no purpose other than to entertain the person making. The first thing a recruit sees at boot camp boot — recruit, or derisive term for a marine just out of training. Boots and utes or boots'n'utes — boots and utility uniform, minus the blouse; sometimes used for physical training or working in hot environments. Boot bands or blousing bands — elastic straps or coiled springs used to roll trouser legging under at the boot and simulate tucking into the boot itself; used in blousing boots. Boq — bachelor Officer quarters, housing for single marine officers. Boot camp — recruit training for enlisted Marines at Parris Island, sc and San diego, ca ; while there are several explanations for it being so named, many refer to the fact that recruits wear boots nearly every day of their training.

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resume for ojt business administration students

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Beer garden — area near a barracks set writing aside for the social consumption of alcohol and smoking of tobacco, may contain barbecue or picnic facilities. Beer-thirty — time of dismissal from the day's duties (and thus allowed to drink alcohol). Belay — to cancel an order; to stop; to firmly secure a line. Below — down the ladder well; below decks. Beq — bachelor Enlisted quarters, living spaces for single enlisted Marine, usually a barracks. Big green weenie — an expression denoting that a marine has been "fucked over" or cheated by the marine corps, usually in relation to an inconvenience or unfair treatment.

Billet — specific role or job within the unit (for example, the billet of Company first Sergeant is held by the senior enlisted man of the company and acts as the commander's advisor, usually a first Sergeant, but could be a master Sergeant or Gunnery. Binnacle list — sick list, a list of men excused from duty; traditionally, it was posted on or near the binnacle, a large stand used to house a magnetic compass and fitting. Bird — unspecified aircraft. Blanket party — assaulting a service member by throwing a blanket over his/her head so he/she can not identify the perpetrators. Blouse — military dress coat or jacket; or as a verb to tuck one's trousers into boots or otherwise secure excess pants legging.

Bamcis — mnemonic for the troop leading steps, a tactical decision making process; denotes: Begin the planning, Arrange reconnaissance, make recon, complete the planning, Issue order, supervise. Barracks — permanent living quarters, refers to dorm-like structures with individual rooms in modern times rather than the open communal squad bays of the past. Barracks cover — fabric-covered frame cap, worn green with the service uniform and white with the dress uniform ; traditionally, officers wear this cap with the quatrefoil and gilt devices that increase with rank. Barracks queen — woman (servicewoman or civilian) who has had sexual relations with a large number of servicemen in a unit. Barracks rat — servicemember who rarely voluntarily leaves his or her living quarters. Bas — basic Allowance for Subsistance, a pay addendum that allows a servicemember to feed his or her family in lieu of government dining facilities; Battalion Aid Station, a unit's medical post ashore for routine illnesses and injuries.

See also sick bay. Battalion Lance corporal — most senior non- nco in the unit; the lance corporal most least likely promoted to the rank of Corporal. Battle buddy — sarcastic euphemism deriving from orders for Marines to not go on liberty alone when stationed overseas. Battle pin — tie clasp or tie tack, originally a metal collar bar worn on the shirt collar until the beginning of World War. Battle zero or bzo — settings on the sights of a rifle that allow the shooter to overcome various factors and hit accurately at a given range, used as a default before adjusting for wind or distance; also used as a verb when firing. Bb counter or bb stacker — servicemember whose duties relate to the storage and issue of ordnance. Bean counter — servicemember more concerned with fiscal policy and accountability than operations; also as a pejorative for any person whose primary duties deal in money and budgeting. Beans, bullets and bandages — expression used to refer to those things a logistician must provide his or her unit: rations, ammunition, and medical care.

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Ass pack — small pack worn around the belt above the buttocks, similar to fanny pack. See also butt pack. As you were — order to disregard the immediately preceding order, often in response to a call to "attention on deck" or when the orders issued were mistaken. Ate up — person unaware of what's going on; one who is always lazy, in disarray, and unsatisfactory. Aviation units — see also active squadrons, inactive squadrons, aviation support units hmx - marine helicopter Squadron hmh - marine heavy helicoper Squadron hml - marine light Helicopter Squadrons hmla - marine light Attack helicopter Squadron hmlat - marine light Attack helicopter Training Squadron hmm. B essays bag nasty — a-ration bagged meal issued to marines (usually recruits or in the field) that usually contains: needed a sandwich (ham, turkey, and bologna are common a hard boiled egg, fruit, and a small bag of potato chips; often served with a beverage such. Bah — basic Allowance for housing, a pay addendum that allows a servicemember to maintain housing appropriate for his or her dependents when not living in government quarters.

resume for ojt business administration students

Ant hill — combat outpost with a large number of radio antennae visible. Ao — area of Operations, or the geographical region that falls under the responsibility of a unit to control books and carry out a mission. Apc — large, white tablet formerly issued for minor discomfort, that was commonly (albeit mistakenly) called an "all-purpose capsule in reality named after its ingredients: aspirin, phenacetin, and caffeine ; replaced by 800mg ibuprofen today; less commonly refers to an armored personnel carrier, primarily. Army — aren't ready for Marine's Yet/Aren't really men Yet, pejorative backronym used by other branches. Ashore — on the shore, as opposed to aboard ship; any place off a marine corps or government reservation. Asiatic — mildly deranged or eccentric as a result of too much foreign duty, or one who has missed too many boats. Asp — ammunition Supply point, where ammo is stored and issued.

8 bells — signal for the end of a four-hour watch, so named for the incrementally increasing number of bells at half-hours. A about face — movement where a person or group turns and faces the opposite direction; close order drill movement to turn about in a precise manner. Above my/your pay grade — expression denying responsibility or authority (indicating that the issue should be brought to higher-ranking officials). Aha — ammunition Holding Area, where ammo is stored and issued. Ahoy — traditional nautical greeting, used for hailing other boats; originally a viking battle cry. Airdale — person who works in aviation. All hands — entire ship's company or unit personnel, including all officers and enlisted personnel.

Many acronyms and terms have come into common use from voice procedure use over communication channels, translated into the. Nato phonetic alphabet, or both. The scope of this list is to include words and phrases that are unique to or predominantly used by the marine corps or the United States naval Service. For other military slang lists, see the "see also" section. 09, marine wearing a, molle vest and an, ilbe pack 180 — one-hundred-eighty degrees on a compass (180 to change to the opposite one's point of view (physical or mental). 360 — complete circle on a compass (360 to put protection all around. 48, short 72, 96 — standard holiday periods of 2, 3, or four days of liberty. 6-by — rugged truck equipped with six-wheel drive.

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Marine corps acronyms and expressions. By wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, become a member of m at just 8 per month (paid per year). Advertisements: Use the search bar to look for terms in all glossaries, dictionaries, articles and other resources simultaneously. This is a list of acronyms, expressions, euphemisms, jargon, military slang, and sayings in common or formerly common use in the. United States Marine corps. Many of the words or phrases have improve varying levels of acceptance among different units or communities, and some also have varying levels of appropriateness (usually dependent on how senior the user is in rank). Many terms also have equivalents among other service branches that are not acceptable amongst Marines, but are comparable in meaning.

resume for ojt business administration students
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