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Dan and Amanda's relationship goes public much to serena's irritation. Serena then invites Dan and Amanda to go out later that night which turns into as disaster as Dan and Amanda continue to make her feel out of place. Isabel and Penelope, after witnessing Dan go out with Amanda that led to the relationship getting public, offers Serena several suitors, one in particular is a dalton lacrosse team captain. Serena's new suitor fails to impress Dan. Dan thinks that Serena used the lacrosse team to rub it into his face. Later on, penelope ruins Amanda's hair with a little help from Chuck. Dan runs to Amanda's aid who brushes him off saying that she no longer wants to see him.

She pulls up Dan and the two go into the bathroom to have some fun. The two decide to keep their rekindled relationship a secret until they were sure of armstrong themselves. Back in the city at Blair's "Welcome back" party, nate discovers the two in an embrace, revealing publicly that essay their relationship is "back." In " The dark night during the citywide blackout, dan and Serena talk about their problems while they were both trapped. After a long talk (and a bit of arguing they realized they keep having the same fight, and break. During their return to school, serena and Dan are now friends until he meets a transfer student named Amanda lasher. They share the same interests and have perfect chemistry. Blair attempts to keep them separate by making her one of her entourage so that Serena wouldn't have to suffer seeing them together and so she also wouldn't have to lose the competition of rebounding. Serena meets Amanda and nearly makes a fool out of herself. Blair forces Amanda to join them for lunch. Dan, thinking that Serena is trying to keep him away from Amanda gets Serena, who was reasoning with Dan why it happened, irritated when he kept implying that she was the one who forced her to lunch.

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This reveals his true feelings for Serena as he shows obvious anger towards Serena's "cheating." Serena tries to convince him that she kissed Nate so as to make nate's girlfriend (an older, married woman) jealous. Dan goes to leave, when he is confronted by a pair of girls he had dated throughout the summer. The girls, having found out about one another's relationships with Dan, pour their drinks on Dan and leave. Having been caught out by serena for for his hypocrisy, dan and Serena retreat into the house to talk. They decide to meet up later at the beach, where they spend the night together. The following morning, serena and Dan decide to halt any discussions on their relationships until they are back in the city. After some confusion between who was to take the train and who was to take the bus, they both ended traveling back to the city on the bus. This creates tension between the two, and as Serena gets up to use the bus bathroom, she trips and falls on Dan.

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Dan and Serena rekindle what is left of their relationship before dan ultimately ends it entirely. He is last seen spending some time with Vanessa for during the start of the summer holidays. Season 2 edit According to gossip Girl, over the summer Dan went from "Lonely boy to Playboy." Dan occupied himself by having continuous dates throughout the summer, with Serena still on his mind. Due to dan's emotional complications, he is unable to complete an essay he was to submit. This ultimately results in his being fired due to his lack of commitment. Upon being fired from his summer job, he heads to the hamptons upon realizing that he has been missing Serena. He hopes that by seeing Serena he will realize that they made the right decision, and he can move. He arrives in the hamptons, at the annual White party, to find Serena and Nate Archibald in a passionate kiss.

She believes him and says she loves him as well, but she needs to help Blair. When he asks why, she says "one of the many reasons you love." When georgina Sparks arrives on the Upper East Side with the intent on making Serena's life hell, she gets to know Dan behind Serena's back. Pretending to be "Sarah" and accidentally-on-purpose letting her dog run off its leash in the park, georgina gets an excuse to talk to dan. It is later seen that Dan and Vanessa have taken "Sarah" under their wing as they believe she is a new girl to the Upper East Side who doesn't know her way around. Eventually, dan breaks up with Serena, because he believes that she has slept with someone else and he is tired of her holding secrets from him. A few hours after he breaks up with Serena, he kisses georgina, believing that she is a helpless girl who is running away from a psychotic ex-boyfriend. Soon thereafter, dan is convinced that georgina is lying to him by being told the truth by serena. He and Blair manage to fool georgina into thinking that Dan would like to meet up with her. The real purpose of the plan, though, is to get georgina to meet with her parents and then get sent to a christian boot camp.

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At the ivy mixer, Blair tells the whole school and ivy scouts that Serena is a patient at the Ostroff Centre, presumably for alcoholism. Serena then goes on stage and lies to protect the real patient at the centre: her brother. Dan is surprised at Serena's apparent problem, especially after it seems that Serena has been making a real effort to change from her old partying ways. However, jenny reveals that Eric is the actual patient, which then causes Dan to respect Serena for protecting her family. This event actually strengthens their relationship, instead of weakening it like blair had intended it. Behind the scenes, though, is Dan's childhood best friend Vanessa, who is clearly jealous of Serena and very much in love with Dan. Dan is oblivious to this.

Despite dan's clear preference for Serena, serena cannot help but feel jealous of how close dan is with Vanessa, such as when Dan tells Vanessa that his mother came home, while book serena learns this from Vanessa instead of Dan himself. When he learns from the gossip Girl site that Serena was seen buying pregnancy tests he freaks out knowing that the child could plan very well be his as they've slept together. His father sees this as well and is extremely upset that his son may be a teenage father. Dan explains he will stay with Serena no matter what she does because he loves her. He tells this to serena who says she's not having a child. Later on, he tells her that he loves her, and she responds with, "okay which is not the response he was looking for. She later asks him why he loves her and he tells her a list he made of the reasons.

He has longed for. Serena van der woodsen since a party when they were fifteen and she was the only person who was nice to him. During the beginning of the show Dan has had somewhat of a disgust towards Serena's childhood best friend Blair Waldorf, however as the seasons progressed he develops a close friendship with her. Season 1 edit his mother lives away from home, in Hudson, as an artist. He is financially strained compared to his wealthy classmates. Dan is one of the first people to see serena back in person.

He accidentally bumps into her, causing her to fall and spill the contents of her purse and leave behind her cellphone. In an attempt to see her again, he returns the phone to The new York palace hotel where she lives. He runs into serena there and ends up on a date that with her so she does not have to go to the "Kiss On The lips" party which Blair is throwing. They have a rocky first date, going to his dad's concert. The date is ended early because he gets a text from Jenny saying that she needs help at the party. Serena helps Jenny and saves her from Chuck bass. Dan is highly embarrassed after this, as at the end of the date he only waves to her from a taxi. He and Serena end up going out again but he leaves her after Blair tells him about Serena and Nate hooking up at a party when Nate and Blair were a couple. They make up and become a constant source of attention.

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Dan realizes the that he truly loved Vanessa. He went to The evergreen State college for bachelor studies. Television series edit, dan "Lonely boy" Humphrey is the son of rocker Rufus Humphrey, and is the older sibling. His best friend is, vanessa Abrams, who is secretly in love with him. Dan and his family reside in Brooklyn. He is a writer and attends the. Jude's School for boys.

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Dan gets published, and they make. He gets an agent called Rusty Klien who claims he is "the next keats." Rusty introduces Dan to mystery Craze, a novelist. They hook up on stage at a poetry reading which Vanessa sees, effectively ending their relationship. He gets an internship at Red Letter, which he leaves once he realizes they don't want him there for his talent. He gets back together with Vanessa after he sends her a small, pink singing toy from Japan to film, and at a party at her house, a band called The raves make him their new front man because of his poems, which they thought were. He hooks up with one of the instrumentalist's wife, which ends his stint with them. He later meets Bree while working at The Strand clarification needed one summer while he was still dating Vanessa. Dan explores his sexuality later in the books by starting a relationship resume with his Strand co-worker, Greg, by making literary salons with him, which were, in actuality, giant orgies. He breaks up with Greg, who becomes Chuck's boyfriend instead.

time is writing on his black journals. He goes. Jude's Preparatory School for boys, on the Upper East Side, with Chuck bass and Nate Archibald. In the first part of the books, he is in love with Serena van Der woodsen because of a party he threw at their apartment before he went to boarding school. When Serena returned to the Upper East Side, she was ostracized by her peers, so she made friends with Dan and Jenny. Dan later realizes that he has feelings for Vanessa, so he begins a relationship with her. They have a fight when a video of Jenny without her pants is leaked onto the internet, and she apologizes by sending his poem.

His life changed dramatically when his father, rufus Humphrey, married the wealthy. Lily van der woodsen, moving the family to the Upper East Side. He is described as being attractive and sensitive, loves to write poetry, and one of his poems, "Sluts was featured. He revealed his favorite word is "death" and drinks copious amounts of dark coffee. He overanalyzes and is easily frustrated. Dan is very close and protective of little sister Jenny who attends an exclusive private school, called the constance billard School for Girls, mba a small, elite, all-girls' school located at 93rd Street and, madison avenue. Contents, novel series edit, daniel Humphrey lives with his father Rufus, and sister Jenny in Brooklyn.

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Daniel Randolph "Dan" Humphrey is a fictional character in the best selling, gossip Girl series of novels. He is one of the central male characters in the television adaptation of the same name, where he is portrayed. Dan Humphrey is the son. Rufus Humphrey and has a younger sister, jenny, while his mother remains absent for the majority of the series. Dan and his family live. Brooklyn, new York, the alternative of the old-moneyed good and conservative. Jude's Preparatory School for boys on the west Side as a scholarship student.

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