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Anas qureshi Class: 5-a dob: 26-Jul-2008 yash sahu Class: 6-c dob: 26-Jul-2007 shaurya sahu Class: 6-a dob: 27-Jul-2007 mirza ayan beg Class: 5-a dob: 27-Jul-2008 ashish kumar Class: 3-a dob: 27-Jul-2010 versa sahu Class: 1-c dob: 27-Jul-2011 abhay soni Class: 1-d dob: 27-Jul-2011 shagun pal. Girls, lKG to std 5, navy blue pinafore (Square neck) and sky blue shirt (Half Sleeves with collar) and belt. Std 6 to 10, navy blue salvar, sky blue kammeez, navy blue shawl, two plaits with blue ribbon for long hair and sky blue hair band for short hair. Std 11 and 12, uniform color same as above except navy blue border measuring half an inch on the sleeves. On Wednesday, lKG to Std 5, white pinafore (Square neck) with white shirt (half sleeves with color) and belt. Std 6. White salwar, white kammeez, white shawl, two plaits with white ribbon for long hair and white hair band for short hair. Std 11 to 12, uniform colour same as above except navy border measuring half an inch on the sleeves.

Contract-Specific Information Percent of Time for Functional Area 100 Primary zone work location zone 5 Proposed Functional Area assignments sow.20. Happy birthday naitik pratap singh, class: 6-b, dOB: 01-Jul-2007 problems harsh nafde, class: 7-A. Dob: 01-Jul-2005 manan agarwal, class: 7-c, dOB: 01-Jul-2006 ansh gupta, class: 8-b, dOB: 01-Jul-2005 aayu khare. Class: 3-c, dOB: 01-Jul-2009 maryam nikhat, class: 1-d, dOB: 01-Jul-2011 kriti mishra, class: 4-B. Dob: 01-Jul-2007 pragati singh, class: 5-a, dOB: 01-Jul-2008 satyajeet goswami, class: 3-c, dOB: 01-Jul-2010 shaurya srivastava. Class: 3-b, dOB: 01-Jul-2010 radhika sahu Class: 2-d dob: 01-Jul-2010 sayyed rehbar Class: 1-b dob: 01-Jul-2012 daksh yadav class: lkg-c dob: 01-Jul-2013 mukul verma Class: lkg-b dob: 02-Jul-2014 akshay panjwani Class: ukg-a dob: 02-Jul-2013 vaishnav porwal Class: 7-b dob: 02-Jul-2006 jerrica joseph Class: 9-b dob. Akhlad zaid quraishi Class: 8-c dob: 02-Jul-2005 piyush prajapati Class: 6-c dob: 02-Jul-2006 agrima gurjar Class: 3-b dob: 03-Jul-2010 aradhya class: 3-c dob: 03-Jul-2010 raj verma Class: 9-a dob: 03-Jul-2004 kunal solanki class: 6-d dob: 03-Jul-2006 ojasvita singh Class: 7-b dob: 03-Jul-2006 saksham nayak class. Siraj mansoori Class: 7-c dob: 11-Jul-2005 anjali yadav class: 3-b dob: 11-Jul-2010 himanshi sharma Class: 3-b dob: 12-Jul-2010 mosthetha Class: 1-d dob: 12-Jul-2012 monish rai class: 8-c dob: 12-Jul-2005 ikra khan Class: 2-d dob: 12-Jul-2011 pragya sen Class: lkg-d dob: 12-Jul-2014 ishika soni Class: 3-c. Majid khan Class: 7-b dob: 16-Jul-2005 prashant parihar Class: 8-a dob: 16-Jul-2005 raj Class: ukg-d dob: 16-Jul-2013 radhika shrivastava class: ukg-a dob: 16-Jul-2013 sparsh pandey class: 4-a dob: 16-Jul-2008 navya sharma Class: 9-a dob: 17-Jul-2004 irfan ahmed siddiqui class: 6-c dob: 17-Jul-2007 kunal khare Class. Aqdas khan Class: 5-b dob: 22-Jul-2008 abhishek nagaich Class: 7-b dob: 22-Jul-2005 arsh khan Class: lkg-b dob: 22-Jul-2014 sparsh singh gaur Class: lkg-b dob: 22-Jul-2014 aarush agarwal Class: lkg-b dob: 22-Jul-2014 anmol gupta Class: lkg-b dob: 22-Jul-2014 arushi chaurasia class: ukg-a dob: 23-Jul-2012 janamjay gupta.

lkg assignments

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Manage network interconnect schedule for over 700 recruiting stations nationwide. Deliver daily report of call closures. Monitor and reschedule sites with personnel and equipment challenges. Coordinate make schedules with navy network Operations Centers in Norfolk, va and San diego, ca to ensure network scripts are correct to establish communications path. Develop Network Interconnect Statement of Work for distribution to Strategic technicians and subcontractors for easy to follow on-site guide. Maintain ongoing communications with. Knox contract management team.

lkg assignments

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Kelley it program Manager Results-driven program manager with vast experience, education and proven track record in increasing productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. Creative thinker and analytical problem-solver with demonstrated ability to manage projects from planning through execution and completion under the pressure of fast-paced, time-sensitive environments. Exceptional interpersonal communicator who effectively interacts with clients and all levels of management. Decisive, energetic, focused team leader and team player who leads high-performing teams through implementing change and improvements. Last 3 years of experience: Senior Project Manager-us army Accessions Command (usaac) paper Strategic Communications (Ft. Knox, ky) January 2011-Present Manage Army/navy network Interconnect Project extending communications from Army recruiting station to navy recruiting station. Ensure Strategic technicians and subcontractors have materials, tools and resources to complete sow.

Optimized and maintained over 3000 isr/asr routers and switches. Monitored and controlled misconfigurations with Network configuration Manager. Improved network performance and availability by implementing standard qos policies (marking, queuing, shaping) on low reliability satellite links and to isp requirements (awcc afghan isp). Troubleshot, configured and maintained remote devices: bgp peers, eigrp adjacencies, prefix-lists, distribute-lists, route-maps, mtu, gre over ipsec tunnels, taclane subnets, security-Associations (crypto default-route advertisement, and mlos (awcc). Redesigned, upgraded black core (transport) from remote (fob lkg) to main site. Contract-Specific Information Percent of Time for Functional Area 100 Primary zone work location zones 4 and 5 Proposed Functional Area assignments sow.12 and sow.19 In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support Nicole Briddon. Contract-Specific Information Percent of Time for Functional Area 100 Primary zone work location zones 4 and 5 Proposed Functional Area assignments sow.12 and sow.19 Program Support: Business, financial Management and Technical William.

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lkg assignments

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Coordinated 25 personnel servicing 2,000 Comm Center users. Expanded services with voip, 802.1x, poe, 10Gige, wireless and wan optimization projects. Controlled change management with Remedy and Visio documentation. Bilingual: Spanish/English Last 3 years of experience:. Network retail Engineer Strategic Communications (louisville, ky and Remote) October 2014 Present Provide installation, implementation and troubleshooting support and design consultation for large scale state-of-the-art Information Technology systems with specialty in the areas of route/Switch home and Security.

Network Engineer vertek (Community health Systems) (Multiple locations, 100 Travel) january 20 build, upgrade, transition, troubleshoot hospital and remote clinic hardware and MetroEthernet circuits. Upgraded critical medical network bandwidth and stability to corporate standards Network Engineer fcs (Dupont, Axalta) (Houston, tx) august 20 quickly resolved network outages by correcting 4500 chassis switch boot process and replacing dead Cisco 3560 switches. Implemented future disaster recovery by creating configuration backups and Visio documentation. Planned future voip, wap and wan transition projects by consulting on upgrade options for poe switches, fiber and company-wide standards. Oconus wan engineer iz technologies, Inc (for usmc) (Camp leatherneck/fob lkg, afghanistan) june 20esigned and Optimized dod nipr, sipr, centrixs-isaf, and black core networks. Implemented and maintained security compliant with disa security technical Implementation guides (stigs) on nipr/sipr/cxi classed networks and the black core transport.

Ensure network connectivity throughout a companys lan/wan infrastructure is on par with technical considerations. Design and deploy networks. Perform network address assignment. Assign routing protocols and routing table configuration. Assign configuration of authentication and authorization of directory services. Maintain network facilities in individual machines, such as drivers and settings of personal computers as well as printers.

Maintain network servers such as file servers, vpn gateways, intrusion detection systems. Administer servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, phones, personal digital assistants, smartphones, software deployment, security updates and patches. Proposed Functional Area assignments sow.6. Information System (IS) development, Information Assurance (ia and Information Technology (IT) Support. Responsible for installation, routine maintenance and upgrades for equipment including routers, switches, remote access routers, wireless Lan Controller w/wifi access points, uc voip/collaboration infrastructure responsible for technology refresh and research projects recommending the latest solutions in accordance with it best practices Provide overall Enterprise Architecture. Contract-Specific Information Percent of Time for Functional Area 100 Primary zone work location zone 5 Proposed Functional Area assignments sow.2 and sow.12 Nicole Briddon. Network Engineer Proactive network Engineer with nine years of experience maximizing network uptime and efficiency. Prioritized cryptography, encryption, ssh, stig security standards.

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Develop custom-made software for consumer applications, design databases for organizations. Perform technical root cause analysis and outline corrective action for given problems. Collaborates and adds value through participation in peer code reviews, providing comments and suggestions. Install and support lans, wans, network essay segments, Internet, and intranet systems. Install and maintain network hardware and software. Analyze and isolate issues. Monitor networks to ensure security and availability to specific users. Identify user needs, evaluate and modify systems performance, determine network and system requirements. Maintain integrity of the network, server deployment, and security.

lkg assignments

Highly skilled in developing databases and in writing complex stored procedures using t-sql. Experienced in database security flyer in ms sql server 2008/2005/2000 and ms sql server backend. Experienced in Object-Oriented Programming (oop service-Oriented Architecture (soa and Agile methodologies. Excellent analytical, interpersonal and communication skills. Last 3 years of Experience: developer and Network Administrator Strategic Communications (louisville, ky) september 2012 Present. Designed and developed tracking systems for the human Resource (HR) Solutions,. Using Classic asp and t, ms sql. Build Crystal Reports with ssrs, bids, and Crystal. Systems software developer designing computing systems, including the user interface: Includes systems used within company as well as operating systems for electronics such as mobile phones.

support. Developer and Network Administrator. Microsoft Certified Solutions developer with over 9 years of experience in software development of primarily client/server and Web applications. Possesses full life cycle development experience including requirements analysis, design, specifications, extensive coding, testing, documentation, and corporate training. Extensive technical experience with T technologies, ms sql server database, c (WinForms and WebForms asp, t, visual Basic, t and com.

Very experienced with infrastructure components including routers, switches, modems, cat5/6 wiring and Fiber Optic. Also experienced with voice telephony systems both legacy tdm and voip as well as data and voice circuits and working with the vendors/providers and the technical documentation process for both in-place systems and tracking development versions, iterations and merges. Last 3 years of experience: it director Strategic Communications (louisville, ky) October 2010 Present. Responsible for Design and implementation of a state of the art Enterprise network across 7 geographic regions. This includes performance monitoring, setup and supporting remote/mobile users, system upgrades, patches, group policy, security and service desk support. Provide tier 3 level support to both internal and external customers ensuring prompt resolution of performance issues. Responsible for installation, routine maintenance and upgrades for equipment including routers, switches, remote access routers, wireless Lan Controller w/wifi access points, uc voip/collaboration infrastructure. Responsible for technology refresh and research projects recommending the latest solutions in accordance with it best practices. Provide overall Enterprise Architecture documentation and disaster recovery planning for internal and external customers.

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Global consulting group principal retail buying merchandising london. Our Clients global for Consumer Products and Retail practice works with a majority of the worlds largest retail and consumer products companies plus hundreds more. A team of approximately 10,000 consultants and technologists througho. Engineering, system Engineering and Process Engineering Support. Network Administrator, accomplished network professional with over 25 years of experience specializing in network optimization to include stability, scalability, and segmentation, performance and qos voip delivery. Support development of new systems and applications to enhance our capabilities and integrate to existing equipment and applications for legacy compatibility. Very experienced in a microsoft environment.

lkg assignments
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Everything is now available on mobile app. Tests and assignments will take place as delineated in the cce manual published by the cbse.

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  1. Lkg to viii has been uploaded. Click here to view/download the winter assignments. within a month because of lkg s ongoing research programme, over and above the research that accompanies a specific requirement. Attendance, schedule, academic records, syllabus, conversation, assignments.

  2. prescribed Application form for, lkg -ukg must be submitted on the date indicated on the school Notice board, normally in February-march. With over 30 years of experience,. Elliott's current projects include fta project Management oversight assignments. Winter assignment for Class.

  3. time for Functional Area 100 Primary zone work location zones 4 and 5 Proposed Functional Area. Assignments, sOW.12 and sow.19. from classes, lKG to iii std are encouraged to participate in Children's day programs and it is a treat to watch every Child exhibit his.

  4. These assignments for classes, lKG to 12 The holiday assignments are being given to the students. If done for class. performance in class work, homework, assignments, projects, formative and summative assessments taken as a whole for classes up to Std.

  5. Class: lkg 1 dear Parent, teaching manners at early years helps your child's social development. Dear Parent, kindly every day practice. The little ones of Lower Kindergarten work away at their assignments while seated in furniture specially designed for them.

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