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The severed heads of enemies hung above the gates on the city wall greeted those who entered there. War atrocities were once the norm, where today they are prosecuted in international courts. And the number of war deaths has dropped significantly since the over 15 million killed in wwi and roughly 60 million killed in wwii. Roughly three million were killed in both the korean and vietnam Wars. Since then, only two wars in Africa and the soviet war against Afghanistan have had more than a million casualties. We still have a long way to go, but at least wars are now significantly less vicious, and we've managed not to destroy ourselves in a nuclear holocaust.

See the provocative cover photo and read the full story at this link and this one. Read an inspiring New York essay times article about a new breed of children being referred to as the Indigo children. The title of the article is "Are They here to save the world?" It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye. Antione de saint Exupéry in The little Prince reason 5: violent Crime has Dropped Dramatically, wars Less Vicious violent crime rates have dropped dramatically over the past 20 years. Department of Justice statistics show that "from 1993 to 2015, the rate of violent crime declined from.8.6 victimizations per 1,000 persons." The 2015 rates are an astounding 1/4 the rates of 1994! Other countries are showing a similar decline. And deaths of law enforcement officers reached their lowest in 50 years according to this Boston Globe article, while according to official fbi statistics, rape rates have dropped to one-sixth of what they were 20 years ago! How awesome is that! Yet if you watch the sensationalized news on tv, you might never know about these inspiring trends. Consider also that 1,000 years ago, rape and pillaging were felt to be the natural spoils of war.

life is beautiful essay summary

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Now a plethora of great resources is available in books, websites, and internet health clinics around the world. Back then, corporal punishment was considered the norm and no one dared talk about physical or sexual abuse. Nowadays, child abuse can quickly be reported and stopped, and parents around the world are finding many ways to be more loving and supportive of their kids than even a generation ago. Partially as a result of these changes, the generation of children growing up now is more tolerant and accepting of widely differing lifestyles and a broad diversity of people and cultures than ever before. In this modern culture where everyone is increasingly interconnected, we're likely in for some big and wonderful changes as the harsh old guard retires and successive generations of increasingly caring individuals move into positions of influence in our world. Watch a heart-warming, five-minute video beautifully showing the kind of heartfelt love some newborns are receiving today. Read a great article showing how drastically child rearing practices have changed and improved over the centuries, from common infanticide to what is called the "helping mode." A hopeful abc news article relates the awesome news of a 60 decrease in child sexual abuse over. Time magazine's best-selling cover story "Are you mom Enough?" shows the extremes to which some parents will go now to make sure their kids feel loved and supported. The article describes practices that would have been considered crazy just a couple generations ago.

life is beautiful essay summary

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For great examples of how the Internet is a game changer, explore the case of former fbi translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. It's remarkable not only that she's not in jail, but that she's breaking her gag order by self-publishing her tell-all book classified Woman. The fact that I have never been bothered for my whistleblowing as a white house interpreter and for my muckraking on fo is another inspiring example. For more great information you could not have accessed before, check out Project Censored, catherine austin Fitts, and the Transformation team. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin. Boldness has genius, power, and magic. goethe reason 4: Children More loved, supported Than Past Generations 100 years ago, writing if parents wanted professional advice on how best to raise their children, the only sources they could turn to might be sigmond Freud or their family doctor.

Join over 40 million members worldwide in taking action to build a better world at avaaz. Read an inspiring article on how the Internet is a big game changer in our world. Those who know how to check and verify information using reliable sources can now quickly and easily carry out legitimate research to expose greed and corruption. This has forced unwanted transparency onto politicians and government in a way that empowers us all. Even intelligence agents around the world are realizing how they have been manipulated by the powers that be, and many are now secretly working to expose all the craziness. I've had several contact me personally. And have you noticed that almost every significant bill to limit Internet freedom has failed?

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life is beautiful essay summary

Essay on life is beautiful

teilhard de Chardin reason 3: The Internet Miracle unprecedented Networking, Information Access Thanks to the amazing miracle of the Internet, humanity is interconnected around the world like never before. Org, and find thousands of other social networking websites allow us to develop and maintain relationships with hundreds of people around the world, and to quickly and effectively spread the word far and wide on great causes. Caring and concerned groups like avaaz. Org and many others can now pool legitimate electronic signatures of hundreds of thousands of people for political and social petitions sometimes in a matter of days. Where in the past the major media and those in power often set or at least limited the terms of debate in our world, the Internet now allows any idea whose time has come to spread like wildfire without any censorship from above.

Pirate radio stations continually harassed by the powers that be are a thing of the past, as anyone can now set up a podcast or a blog and reach not just a local, but a worldwide audience. And you can set up your own website to promote any interest which matches your passion. It's incredibly easy and free these days. Learn how to start your own petition online and reach thousands of readers by going to this webpage on change. Learn how to make a free, professional-looking website at m.

This is a huge game changer! If we no longer depend on big oil for our energy needs, we naturally gain an unprecedented level of energy independence that strengthens us as individuals and weakens the strangling grip of the greedy energy megacorporations. If you explore major media websites, you'll find little coverage of the amazing hope and promise of energy independence related to solar energy. Nor will you see much about other incredible new energy sources which have the potential to make energy virtually free for all people on our planet. Think about the implications of that! Thankfully, a few little-publicized media articles by mainstream sources have reported on some of these highly promising new energy technologies.

Explore the links below for more exciting information on all of this. Read an inspiring article in the uk's respected, independent showing that solar power is already less expensive than fossil fuels for energy generation in many countries. Explore concise summaries of key major media articles revealing exciting new energy sources, many of which tap into the boundless field of zero-point energy. An excellent two-page summary shows that little-known new energy sources would almost certainly be cheaper than gas and oil now were it not for four key forces. An inspiring online lesson explores deep into powerful new energy sources, any one of which would likely revolutionize our way of life and give access to infinite energy in the not too distant future. After we have mastered the wind, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love. Then, for the second time, man will have discovered fire.

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Watch a fun and powerfully inspiring five-minute video presentation by statistics guru hans Rosling beautifully showing these exciting trends. Rosling debunks many other pessimistic global statistics on writing his excellent website. Don't ignore the bad stuff, but make a point of celebrating the beautiful stuff with all the exuberant devotion you can muster. rob Brezsny in his fun book. Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia. Reason 2: Solar Power Cheaper Than coal, gas, and Oil. We are now at the point where solar energy is less expensive for energy generation than gas, coal, and oil in many places.

life is beautiful essay summary

The average number essay of children per woman has been declining rapidly for decades. Un data, the average number of children per woman worldwide for 1964 was.06. Yet 50 years later in 2014, that number dropped over 50.45! And the numbers continue to decline. Most experts predict that global population will level out by about 2100 at around 10 billion and may even decrease after that. And if we use our resources wisely, we can easily support that number of people. Additional great news is that statistics show global life expectancy has increased from only 30 years in the early 1800s to 50 years in 1955, and on up to 71 years in 2014. And even though the top 1 of the population has taken most of the profits in recent years, average global income has risen dramatically in the last 200 years.

10 : you can be master of your Own Life now! Reason 1: Humans Are not Lemmings! The world has witnessed the birth of over seven billion humans on our planet. That's a lot of people! But did you know that the pessimistic predictions of a few decades ago that a lemming-like population bomb would drive humanity over the cliff of self-extinction are turning out not to be true? As the whole world gets wealthier and more secure, the desire for having many kids is dropping.

Behold, 10 reasons to become hope-mongerers! Reason 1 : Humans Are not Lemmings! Global Population leveling Off. Reason 2 : Solar Power Cheaper Than coal, gas, and Oil. Reason 3 : The Internet Miracle unprecedented Networking, Information Access. Reason 4 : Children More loved, supported Than Past Generations. Reason 5 : violent Crime dubai has Dropped Dramatically, wars Less Vicious. Reason 6 : Focus Shifting from Left. Right to.

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Dear friends, What wild, crazy, and exciting times we live in! If you watch the news or read the newspaper, it may seem that everything is falling apart, the world is filled with war, fear, greed, and hate, and we're all screwed. These are real challenges we are facing, yet there are also many amazing developments that the media is hardly reporting. The old media truism is that fear-mongering and sensationalism sell. But what if we make it more fun and even profitable to spread love, joy, and inspiration in life? Below is a list of 10 most inspiring trends showing that we are not screwed, that despite the challenges, there are many great reasons for hope and optimism. These inspiring trends suggest that we are in the midst of a huge shift that could very well lead to a much more rich and enjoyable world for all. For each reason listed below, several links are given to verify paper the inspiring material presented and to dive deeper into.

life is beautiful essay summary
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  1. Peterson: read 13 Kindle Store reviews -. The book an Essay on the Principle of Population was first published anonymously in 1798, but the author was soon identified as Thomas Robert e book predicted a grim future, as population would increase geometrically, doubling every 25 years, but food production would only grow. Answer these would-you-rathers and we'll tell you if you're introverted or extroverted. I enjoy your writing so much.

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