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International investment policy: the systemic implications of complex ownership.185 references. 195 Annex table. Fdi flows, by region and economy, 20102015. 196 Annex table. Fdi stock, by region and economy, 2000,. 200 Annex table. Value of cross-border MAs, by region/economy of seller/purchaser, 20092015. 204 Annex table.

A new «bottom-up» perspective on ownership structures. The ownership matrix and the investor nationality mismatch index. A bottom-up map of essay affiliate ownership.153. IxWorld Investment Report 2016 Investor Nationality: Policy Challenges. Complex ownership: investment policy implications. Complex ownership and investor nationality: policy implications. Ownership girls and control in national investment policies. Ownership and control in international investment policies. Rethinking ownership-based investment policies. National investment policy: the effectiveness of ownership rules.

investment report

Global Trends in Renewable Energy

The importance of ownership and nationality in investment policy. A new perspective on mne ownership structures for investment policymakers. complexity in mne ownership structures. Mapping mne ownership structures. Characteristics of highly complex mnes. Determinants of complexity in mne ownership structures. looking homework ahead: trends in ownership complexity. complex ownership of affiliates and the blurring of investor nationality.

investment report

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Recent policy developments and key issues. Foreign investment and national security-related policies. Recent developments in the iia regime. iia reform: taking stock and charting the way forward. investment facilitation: fillinystemic gap. Investor nationality: policy challenges. introduction: the investor nationality conundrum. Complex ownership and investor nationality.

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investment report

World Energy Investment 2017

In addition, unctad appreciates the support of all the mne and ipa executives who responded to its 2016 advertisement World Investment Prospects and Investment Promotion Agencies surveys. The financial support of the governments of Finland, Sweden and Switzerland bureau is gratefully acknowledged. Viiworld Investment Report 2016 Investor Nationality: Policy Challenges table of contents preface. fdi by sector and industry. Investment flows through offshore financial hubs.

key factors influencing future fdi flows. Latin America and the caribbean. 64 structurally weak, vulnerable and small economies. Small Island developing states. Viii world Investment Report 2016 Investor Nationality: Policy Challenges chapter iii.

Research support and inputs were provided by Eleonora Alabrese, dafina Atanasova, jorun baumgartner, giannakopoulos Charalampos, malvika monga, francesco tenuta and Linli. Contributions were also made by Thomas van Giffen, natalia guerra, isya kresnadi, kálmán Kalotay, abraham Negash, Elizabeth Odunlami, jacqueline salguero huaman, Ilan Strauss, tadelle taye and paul Wessendorp. Statistical assistance was provided by Bradley boicourt, mohamed Chiraz baly and lizanne martinez. The manuscript was edited with the assistance of Caroline lambert and copy- edited by lise lingo; it was typeset by laurence duchemin and Teresita ventura. Pablo cortizo was responsible for the overall design of the report, including charts, tables, maps and infographics, as well as dtp.

Sophie combette and Nadège hadjemian designed the cover. Production and dissemination of wir16 were supported by Elisabeth Anodeau-mareschal, Anne bouchet, rosalina goyena, peter navarette and Katia vieu. At various stages of preparation, in particular during the experts meetings organized to discuss drafts of wir16, the team benefited from comments and inputs received from these experts: Rolf Adlung, carlo Altomonte, paul beamish, nathalie bernasconi, martin Brauch, jansen Calamita, jeremy Clegg, davide del Prete. The report also benefitted from the discussions of the G20 Trade and Investment Working Group and the unctad expert meeting taking Stock of iia reform, as well as comments received from the waipa secretariat. Also acknowledged are comments received from other unctad divisions as part of the internal peer review process, as well as comments from the Office of the secretary-general as part of the clearance process. The United Nations Cartographic Section provided advice for the regional maps. Numerous officials of central banks, government agencies, international organizations and non-governmental organizations also contributed to wir16.

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But in an era of complex multinational ownership structures, the rationale and effectiveness of this policy instrument needs a comprehensive re-assessment. This Report provides insights on the ownership structures of multinational enterprises (MNEs and maps the global network of corporate entities using data on millions of parents and affiliates. It analyses national and international investment policy practices worldwide, and proposes a new framework for handling ownership issues. This latest edition of the world Investment Report is being issued as the world embarks on the crucial work of implementing the landmark 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development and the paris Agreement on climate change. The key findings and policy recommendations of the report are far reaching and can contribute to our efforts to uphold the promise to leave no one behind and build a world of dignity for all. I therefore commend this Report to a wide global audience. Iv world Investment Report 2016 Investor Nationality: Policy Challenges abbreviations agoa African Growth and Opportunity Act apec Asia-pacific Economic cooperation beps base erosion and profit shifting bit bilateral investment treaty brics Brazil, russian Federation, India, china, south Africa ceta Comprehensive economic and Trade Agreement cfia . Vworld Investment Report 2016 Investor Nationality: Policy Challenges acknowledgements The world Investment Report 2016 (WIR16) was prepared by a team led by james . The team members included Richard Bolwijn, Bruno casella, joseph Clements, hamed El Kady, kumi Endo, michael Hanni, joachim Karl, hee jae kim, internet ventzislav kotetzov, guoyong liang, hafiz mirza, shin Ohinata, diana rosert, Astrit Sulstarova, claudia trentini, elisabeth tuerk, joerg Weber and kee hwee wee.

investment report

However, this growth did not translate into an equivalent expansion in productive capacity in all is is a troubling development in light of the about investment needs associated with the newly adopted Sustainable development. Goals and the ambitious action envisaged in the landmark paris Agreement on climate change. This latest World Investment Report presents an Investment. Facilitation Action Package to further enhance the enabling environment for investment in sustainable development. The Addis Ababa Action Agenda calls for reorienting the national and international investment regime towards sustainable development. Unctad plays an important role within the United Nations system in supporting these endeavours. Its Investment Policy Framework and the road Map for International Investment Agreements Reform have been used by more than 100 countries in reviewing their investment treaty networks and formulating a new generation of international investment policies. Regulations on the ownership and control of companies are essential in the investment regime of most countries.

and multinational enterprises in the United Nations System. It builds on more than four decades of experience and international expertise in research and policy analysis on investment and enterprise development, fosters intergovernmental consensus-building, and provides technical assistance to over 150 countries. The copyright of the material in this publication rests with unctad. It may be freely"d or reprinted, but acknowledgement is requested, together with a reference to unctad and this Report. A copy of the publication containing the"tion or reprint should be sent to the. Unctad secretariat (e-mail: ). Ban ki-moon, secretary-general of the United Nations preface, in 2015, global flows of foreign direct investment rose by about 40 per cent,.8 trillion, the highest level since the global economic and financial crisis began in 2008.

Ban ki-moon, secretary-general of the United Nations, downloads. Successfully reported this slideshow. World investment report 2016, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Be the first to like this. No downloads, no notes for slide. U n i t e d n a paper t i o n s c o n f e r e n c e o n T r a d e a n d d e v e l o p m e. World, investment, report, investor Nationality: Policy Challenges 2016.

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The world Investment Report 2014 is the main background document of this years World Investment Forum. Investing in the sustainable development goals: An Action Plan. This edition of the Report provides valuable analysis that can inform global discussions on how to accelerate progress toward the millennium development goals and shape a long-range vision for a more sustainable future beyond 2015. The report reveals an encouraging trend: after a decline in 2012, global foreign direct investment flows rose by 9 per cent in 2013, with growth expected to continue in the years to come. This demonstrates the great potential of international investment, along with other financial resources, to help reach the goals of a post-2015 agenda for sustainable development. Transnational corporations can support this effort by creating decent jobs, generating exports, promoting rights, respecting the environment, encouraging local content, paying fair taxes and transferring capital, technology and business needed contacts to spur development. This years World Investment Report offers a global action plan for galvanizing the role of businesses in achieving future sustainable development goals, and enhancing the private sectors positive economic, social and environmental impacts. The report identifies the financing gap, especially in vulnerable economies, assesses the primary sources of funds for bridging the gap, and proposes policy options for the future. I commend this Report to all those interested in steering private investment towards a more sustainable future.

investment report
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  2. World investment report 2013. Le représentant de la fédération de russie a souligné l'importance du world. Investment, report, qui fournissait aux pays un tableau actualisé des.

  3. This latest edition of the world. Investment, report is being issued as the world embarks on the crucial work of implementing the landmark 2030 Agenda. New investment report update for mutual fund clients. Demonstrating value through enhanced reporting.

  4. Investment, report as a timely contribution to an important debate in the international investment and development. World, investment, report 2014 Investing in the sdgs: An Action Plan. Investment, report 2014 overview. The United Nations Conference on Trade and development is responsible for bringing out the world investment report whose principal stress.

  5. This edition of the world, investment, report provides valuable analysis that can inform global discussions on how to accelerate progress toward the. Investment, report 2016 - investor Nationality: Policy Challenges. There are no items to show. I commend this years World.

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