Graduation paper plates and napkins

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It's a good to use paper plates and cups and forks to make for less clean-up afterwards. Teens aren't usually that picky about what they use to eat with. If you're environmentally conscious, there are usually biodegradable paper plates and things that you can use. 5 Set up zones for the party. Again, this can depend on the type of party, but it's usually a good idea to have different designated areas for different activities, like dancing, playing foosball, video games, an eating area. Make sure that you've provided obvious trash containers in each area. This will make it easier for them to be less messy and have the clean-up be easier.

If you've planned it out beforehand, this part shouldn't be too difficult. For food, you want something that is easy to snack. Chips and dip, pretzels, candy and cookies, pizza, and some cut up veggies and dip, are all great choices. You could also cut up some fruit and have a fruit platter. If you put some chocolate dip in the daily middle you'll have a fun (and somewhat healthy) option. Let the teens provide music themselves. They will typically have ipods and phones packed with their types of music. Simply hook up some speakers and an MP3 hook-up, so they can have it louder to dance. If you're worried about the neighbors, make sure to test it beforehand and check in with them. For drinks you'll want sodas and water. Remember, unless the drinking age is 18 or less, you could get in trouble for having alcohol at the party, even if you didn't provide.

graduation paper plates and napkins

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For a smaller party, you usually won't need as much time, unless it's a really important party. Avoid school nights and Sunday nights during the school year. Teens should, hopefully, be rested the for school and have time to do their schoolwork. Partying will cut into that time. Make sure that the parents of the invited teens know what's going to be happening at the party. 4 Get the pieces of the party together. Pulling everything together will make the party successful. This means having the right food and the right music.

graduation paper plates and napkins

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You should also think about the type of party in terms of its location. A beach front party with a bonfire is going to require different set up and energy to pull off than a halloween party at your house. An outside party is going to require weather preparations (having an area nearby that's under some interests sort of cover, for example). Remember, a girls sleep-over is going to be very different from a graduation party. For the former, a chaperone or parent will simply need to make sure that the girls aren't sneaking out, otherwise you don't usually have to worry about them. The latter type of party is more likely to get out of control and will need supervision. 3 Set a time. You want to make sure that the teen's friends can make it to the party, so try for advance notice for a bigger party, like a birthday bash or Halloween extravaganza (a couple weeks, at least).

See what you can spend on things like food, drinks, decorations, music, and. Have the teen deal with invitations. Again parents usually don't understand what is cool or embarrassing for their teenagers and handwritten invitations could be just the ticket to loserville at school. Let them decide how they're going to invite people, as long as it's the agreed-upon guests and not open to every person in school. 2, pick a type of party. While a theme party might not be cool enough for your teen, there are lots of different kinds of parties to have. Is it a birthday party? A holiday party (like halloween)? Each of these will require different decorations (if the teen wants decorations) and, sometimes, different foods.

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graduation paper plates and napkins

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You especially want to do this for younger children. Competitive games mean winners and losers and the losers will inevitably start to cry. To avoid that, have games like freeze tag where no one actually wins or loses. 6, send them away happy. This is an especially good idea for a birthday party, because (especially amongst the youngest crowd) tantrums may be thrown because they want gifts too. To avoid this, have a little something for each child so that they feel included. Most kids don't care that much what is in the goody bag, they just like that they're getting something.

Have it be a cheap, small thing that goes along with the party's theme (a sparkly princess hair clip, or a pirate's eye patch). If the you don't want to overload them with candy, too, have a thing of animal crackers instead. You could also do a craft project that they can then take home with them. Do something like make tie-dye (there are really easy kits out there, so that it doesn't turn into a huge mess or get a bunch of different fun beads to make necklaces, or have them draw something related to the theme of the party. Method 2, throwing a party for teens 1, plan in advance. Throwing a party for a teenager can be a difficult process, since what they think is cool and what their parents think is cool, often are in entirely different universes. You will want plenty of time to check in with them about what they would like, or if you're the teen planning the party, you'll need plenty of time to check in with your parents and talk to your friends.

Set out bowls of different sprinkles and different things they can build for dessert. Make sure that you've put out newspapers underneath, because sprinkles will get everywhere. 5, have appropriate games. Whatever kind of children's party you're throwing, you want to make sure that the children are properly occupied. In the time that you have (1 1/2 hours to 2 hours) you'll probably want to have 1 or 2 activities.

Too many and the kids will be all over the place and too few games, the kids will get bored. 3, make sure that you have some activity planned right off the bat. This eases the awkwardness and gets all the kids involved in something, so that they aren't just running all over the place. Scavenger hunts are great fun for kids. The level of difficulty can be raised or lower depending on the age of the children. They can also be adapted to a variety of themes (Pirate treasure hunt, a princess scavenger hunt, find a pumpkin scavenger hunt). Simple make sure that there are prizes for all the children.

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Try to twist avoid really messy foods. This is why chips help and snacks are so good for children's parties, because they're easy to eat while you're running around. For example: spaghetti and meatballs is probably not a good choice for a kid's party, especially one with lots of younger children. Depending on the type of party you can style the foods to go along with the theme. For example: for a halloween party you might have cookies shaped like pumpkins, or delicious pumpkin bars. You could have baked pumpkin seeds, peeled grapes (eyeballs! and that sort of thing. It can be a fun idea to have a build your own ice cream sundae or cupcake.

graduation paper plates and napkins

Keep to their schedule as much as possible, by having it in the morning before the nap or in the afternoon essay after the nap. Keep the party short (unless it is a sleepover, in which case, you'll want to limit the number of guests). Have the party go for about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. This will help make sure you and your helpers don't get too exhausted. 4, have kid-centric food. Even if you're a health nut about what food your kid eats, you can still make it so the food at the party is food that they like and that the other kids will like. Parties are supposed to be fun and a little out of the ordinary (especially if it's a birthday party, or a party for a holiday like halloween).

This can be a fun process for both of you. It will lend a kid's touch to the proceedings, which is really what it's all about, right? Have a time limit for the party. If you don't do this, there are going to be meltdowns from the children and you'll end up as a de facto babysitter for some of the kids who aren't yours. By having a specific time that you start and end, you'll make sure that people get their kids out of the way before all the tantrums start. 2, if your child is at the age where they're still napping, make sure that you don't schedule the party right during nap-time. That's basically a recipe for a meltdown.

Make it clear to twist the parents of the kids who are coming whether siblings are allowed, what the age group is going to be, and whether or not they need to stick around with their child (the answer to that is yes, yes they do). Some people will ignore your request, but at least it will be out there and will make the more polite parents do as they are asked. 2, line up help. Make sure that your family knows what they need to do to help you out. Do not attempt to run a children's party all on your own. You will end up exhausted and worn out, no matter what, but having people to help with things like set-up and clean-up and the games can make everything 100 times easier. Ask family members or close friends to lend a hand with the party (especially if they've got a kid coming to it).

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We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, method 1, throwing a children's Party 1, plan essays carefully and in advance. What you really don't want to be doing is flying around a few hours before the party trying to get food and decorations and goodies all sorted out. You also want to make sure that you know who is coming to the party, so you want invitations to go out at least a few weeks in advance. 1, make a list of the food you're going to have, the decorations and games you're going to need, what your budget. This way you won't be caught by surprise when the party suddenly rolls around. Have a people limit.

graduation paper plates and napkins
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