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Tested newly written programs for any bugs, program weaknesses, strengths, and documented them for the programmer. Procured the parts necessary to assemble computers and build an entire network from the ground up for supporting the entire engineering department and allow the other departments to interact with there inventory to cut duplication of parts. Resolved hardware and software communication problems with newly installed building Automation System for remote access, and local communications of the sub-panels. Enforced contract compliance carefully monitoring quality of both labor and materials. Additional training skills ms dos, windows.x, windows 95/98 Windows nt sever/Workstation.15/4.0 BackOffice.0/4.5, windows 2000 NetWare.1x.x, as/400, aix, hp-ux, sun Solaris, linux, perl, hp tivoli tme comprehensive technical Training, tme 10 NetVeiw for unix for Implementers Training tivoli business Partner Training. Brad Richter Denver, colorado senior information technology consultant available to travel or relocate to any location Senior Network Engineer / Network Architect Senior Network security Administrator / Network security Analyst summary of qualifications senior Network Engineer and Network security Administrator highly qualified to design, install. Skilled at configuring and troubleshooting an extensive range of network and security equipment: routers and switches, firewalls, unix and Windows servers, network management applications, routing protocols, wan and wireless technologies, ip telephony.

When this standard was decided on, i then documented, engineered and implemented this standard to migrate 6 novell.x servers into two main servers. This would later this would become the standard to be used nation wide. Reengineered and implemented lan systems for remote sites in the dfw area and the headquarters in Austin. Successfully essay integrated a bbs for customer support, and to be able to move files to/from clients, decreasing the overall process over the conventional method more than. This would now allow a secure method for In/Outbound e-mail, and files without security violations of sensitive data. Administered the servers in Austin, dallas, and providing phone support to the entire site nation wide. The Office s in the dfw area was to be upgraded from novell.11.12 using the new standard to implement a 56k wan. Oakridge hospital, austin, tx 6-92 to 1-95 Assistant to the director of Engineering maintained and administered an ibm ps/2 using Unity software with OS/2 for a front end to integrate Trane Tracer 100, honeywell Excel, delta 1000, 2000 building Automation/Management System for.2 million square. Coordinated Activities, Operations, and Scheduling of maintenance personnel to motivate maximized effectiveness and morale of staff by assigning tasks related to their interest and promoting teamwork rather than competitiveness establish a higher level of productivity. Served as project troubleshooter, interpreting blueprints, and making final decisions on last minute design details and changes with building Automation and hvac systems in.2 million-footage building.

deployment engineer resume

Engineer Resume, samples jobHero

Compuland / Radiar International llc, austin, tx 1-96 to 9-96 Network Analyst Troubleshooting and repairing cabling, and network problems site wide, used tree Network general Sniffer, formulated an accurate port to room map for troubleshooting. Implemented snmp hub Management using hp openview. Installed new Hub s and finial cabling from patch panels to hubs, brought newly installed fddi backbone on-line using Cisco 7500 router and Catalyst 5000 switch for interfacing it with the 10meg fiber supporting managed Hub s in each wiring closet. Provided Desktop support hardware/software, troubleshooting, and repair as needed. Co-administrated the novell and nt servers for over 1200 users with about 800 being at the main office in Austin. Implemented network software license compliance program, user disk space audits on servers, and a network security plan for monitoring and tracking security breaches. Donald Rich associates, austin, tx 5-95 to 11-95 Network / Hardware Specialist Troubleshooting, installation, and support of Software/Hardware for desktop systems, and lan for 250 users nation wide. Maintained new Shiva lan rover remote access for employee dial-up and gateways to remote offices Supported OS/2 gateway in Austin and Dallas for novell GroupWise e-mail, supported nation wide GroupWise e-mail, and messaging system. Research, and Authored report comparing Compaq and hp facts Pro and Con, to be reviewed by the ceo, and President for promoting a standard hardware platform though out the entire company nation wide.

deployment engineer resume

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Authored documents outlining customers needs, networks problems, and provided solutions. Provided training as need. Ddi corporation / ibm network computing division, Plano, tx 9-96 to 1-98 Network coordinator Researched various third party software packages for solutions to provide functions in nt for developing a essay set of standards for the next generation of terminals running OS/9000 for.51.0. Engineered, and implemented a network from the ground up for the newly created Network computing division in a lab environment to simulate various real world networks for Hardware/Software testing, r d, and debugging of Thin Client. Managed a network of.0, as/400, and RS/6000 Servers running aix, using snmp, hp openview for Windows, microsoft s sms network monitoring tools, tivoli tme 10 NetView for Windows nt, and Network general s Sniffer. Administered the lab network of Cisco catalysts 5000 1900 switches, cabletron switches utp token Ring, a risc based machine that i assembled and used as a router for bridging in site token Ring into the lab, thus creating 2 100meg Ethernet, and one 16meg segments. Implemented ms sna server for connecting to the as/400. Implemented dfs on RS/6000, nt, and AS/400 Assembled, and implemented a.0 production server running ms backOffice.0, lotus Notes, dfs, web server, and local directories on server raid in the invent of workstation problems or a crash critical data would not be lost. Provided a disaster Recovery plan, and implemented a second.0 server as a "Hot Stand-by mirroring technology so that if the primary server went down the second one was on line with no down time or loss of data or effect on users.

Sat on the ibm global Services International Network solutions committee for the development and implementation of network standards of Hardware and Software for ibm s Professional Services internal and external customers. Engineered, Implemented, and Administrated network and network simulations in a lab environment for the purpose of debugging commercial Hardware/Software so that performance analysis could be done. Administered the entire lab network using software packages by tivoli netveiw, cisco works, cisco view, tavve and 3com Transcend, Traffix, lan sentry, nways Campus manager so as to be able to fully manage, troubleshoot, and resolve network problems using Protocol Analyzers Netscout probes and SmartBits. Evaluated, recommend, and implemented new network technologies, software and third party software such as Cisco works, cisco view, tavve and 3com Transcend, Traffix, lan sentry, nways Campus manager for integration with tivoli netview and tme products on various hardware and software platforms. Supported the other lab users providing solutions to problems, installing software packages, wrote perl scripts for unix/nt, managed and documented the lab network as needed. Interface with Site it, and NetOps as needed to solve problems, engineering request, and Lab to site network problems in moving the entire lab network from one building to another and provide minimal down time for 7x24 servers and other crital systems. Advanced Management, austin, tx 3-98 to 8-98 Senior Consulting Engineer Pre sales engineering of customers networks for the purpose of discovering and documenting problems that may arise in the engineering and implementation various tivoli products at all of the customers locations though out the United. Reengineered and documented a financial customers World Wide wan so that it maybe brought in house to be able to better manage the critical network services, rather than continuing to out souring the wan services where they had no control of the network. Install, configured wrote scripts using Perl for management products including tivoli tme 10 Netveiw, Frame work, enterprise console, inventory, distributed Monitoring, software distribution, User Administration, security management, Exchange sql modules, cisco works and view, 3com s Transcend, Nways, on unix and nt supported platforms.

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deployment engineer resume

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Setup the old server to mirror critical data from dean the new server including all Exchange data, users home directories, databases for the propose of a disaster recovery in the event of a server crash. Implemented in house dns, installed and configured Microsoft BackOffice.5 components including Exchange server, sql.0,.5. Supported users as needed. Provided disaster recovery of the compaq sever that resulted from a corrupt configuration file. Rds technical Services, austin, tx 4-99 to 7-99 tivoli Enterprise manager Authored an in-depth document to show the tivoli components as to how they worked and integrated with one another for the propose of educating Client Server Systems Support personal about tivoli.

Did analysis of the lan and hardware to determine what problems need to be corrected before rolling out tivoli. Authored a document explaining what tivoli tec, and snmp could manage to be able to know what the tdhs wanted to monitor for the purpose of developing a deployment plan for implementation. Engineered a comprehensive deployment plan for implementing the tivoli software for the Client Server Group at tdhs. Implementation of a new nt sever, and Win 98 workstation, help in trouble shooting the idf closets in a token Ring to Ethernet conversion, determine performance problems and offer solutions United Staffing/ Hewlett Packard Consulting Services, rochester, ga 1-99 to 3-99 Network Architect Engineer. Implementation and testing of lan/wan designs in a lab environment, and the creation of documentation necessary for deployment. ibm global Services, Plano, tx 8-98 to 1-99 Senior Network management Engineer reengineer the current lab environment to separate out Service delivery technology center lan system test net work from the rest of the lab for the propose that while testing Hardware/Software i could.

M/ Origins, austin, tx 1-00 to 8-00 hp openview Engineer Analyzed corporate lan and worldwide wan to determine what improvements need to be made, before deploying hp openview, ciscoWorks 2000, sysEdge snmp agent, and tavve. Installed, and configured OpenView.1on a solaris.6 platform for the propose of monitoring Cisco routers running hsrp, mission critical servers, apc ups s and Servers providing Game services for over 200,000 users throughout the world. Engineered it to communicate between the local net and the vpn network, including 4 sites in the us, europe, japan, korea, taiwan, australia. Deployed CiscoWorks 2000 lms, including Ciscoview, resource manager Essentials, campus Manager, sysEdge snmp agent and install and configure tavve event Manager in Austin so m in California could pull reports and be a back to the austin noc. Analyzed the nt domain in the austin office to determine the problems.

Engineered a plan for the rebuilding of the domain witch included the pdc, bdc, removing a bdc that had data corruption in the database, upgrading the nt servers to the same level of code and software utilities. Implemented these changes along with providing the day-to-day administration of the nt domain. Deployed Cisco routers and switches thought out the network provided the administration as needed. Aflex it inc., Bloomindale, mn 8-99 to 12-99 Senior Network Engineer evaluated, and analyzed corporate lan to determine what improvements need to be made. Reengineered the lan for maximal performance by installing new Cisco 3524XL switch, and Compaq server. Documented the new network layout as needed. Analysis of customers lan/wan s to determine network performance problems. Provided solutions, and documentation. Migrated the data from the old server to the new server.

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Engineered a internet connectivity solution as a dial on Demand, with security policies to homework protect sensitive data, and prevent user access to the web, along with a ras solution to provide after hours access to avimark in the event of an emergency and for providing. Implemented a backup strategy along with a disaster recovery plan using in the event that the server should go down to prevent lost revenue. Abc consulting/ m 9-00 to 01-01, network Analyst/ Security Engineer. Analyzed corporate lan and wan to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be made to the network infrastructure, and network security using Protocol Analyzers, security auditing software packages from Network Associates. Documented the network equipment lay out at the co-location in Austin, along with the local Austin office using Cisco works 200 package including Ciscoview, and Resource manager Essentials, tivoli netview, visio and ms-word. Reengineered the lan at the austin office eliminating unneeded equipment to streamline the lan for the propose of reducing latency. Implemented hsrp on the cisco 2948g layer 3 switches, and eigrp, ospf on the routers, routers, the layer 3 switch, xl switches, xl switches for load balancing and fail over. Implemented a network security policy regarding users on the lan/wan network and vpn using Cisco secure, network Associates Security management Interface, cyberCop, and CyberCop Server, and Nmap. Engineered a network snmp solution and recommend the following software tivoli, tavve, cisco works 2000, ciscoview, cisco resource manager Essentials, and started the installation.

deployment engineer resume

Pre sales engineering of customers networks for the purpose of discovering and documenting problems that may arise in the engineering and implementation various tivoli products at all of the customers locations though out the United States. Engineered a comprehensive deployment plan for implementing the tivoli software with nodes as noted in Additional skills, for the customers as well as corporate. Engineered and implemented a backup strategy along with a disaster recovery plan in the event that the servers or critical network components should go down to prevent lost revenue. Implemented a dual server with raid to mirror critical data between the two servers for the propose of a disaster recovery in the event of a server crash, fire, natural disaster. Implemented hp openView.x and hp node manager on a solaris platform, and Deployed CiscoWorks 2000 lms, including Ciscoview, resource manager Essentials, campus Manager, sysEdge snmp agent and install and configure tavve event Manager. Terry village veterinary Clinic 3-01 to 8-01, network Engineer, analyzed lan to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be writing made to the network infrastructure. Engineered a dedicated server to move them from a peer-to-peer network to provide more reliable service and to reduce the latency. Migrated their primary record keeping software avimark to the server along with the time keeping software timeWolf so it could be accessed from any workstation.

the latency, analyzed the nt domain in the austin office to determine all the problems. Engineered a plan for the deploying Windows 2000 Advance server in an existing Windows nt 4 domain structure, implemented these changes along with providing the day-to-day administration of the nt domain, and network services. Provide disaster recovery when Corebuilder 3500 failed that was being used, as the sole backbone switch, causing no lan/wan access to local servers, workstations, and offsite servers. Set up a new Cisco 1721 router with Firewall services that provides the Internet connectivity at aus in Austin, for the purpose of securing the network from outside intrusions, and Denial of Service Attacks dos. Rebuilt 3 nt 4 servers adding more hard drive space and reloading. Loaded and installed 2 W2K advance servers, and installed 1 W2K server to run hp openView to manage the local lan. 9-01 to 1-02,.

Engineered, and dark implemented lan/wan networks using variety of Hardware/Software. Supported users, desktops, and networks requiring troubleshooting, and analytical skills. Has a full understanding in the use, and connection of the Internet/Intranet, lan/wan using isdn,.25, X400, X500, microwave, satellite, csu/dsu s, routers, Switches, and Access Servers with Ascend, cabletron, 3com, cisco, using 56k, t1, T3, fddi, frame relay, atm, sonet, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, and token. Has an understanding of tcp/ip, netBios, ipx/spx, rip, vlan, igrp, bgp, hsrp, ospf, igrp, rmon, egrp, and bgp4. Testing and debugging skills includes various Protocol Analyzers, and SmartBits. Network monitoring using tivoli, hp openview, cisco works, and Cisco works 2000 lan management Solution lms, including, management Server, device fault Manager, cisco view, campus Manager, resource manager Essentials, netscout probes. Security and tools include Checkpoint, gauntlet, and Cisco pix firewalls, Nmap, cisco secure, cyberCop, and CyberCop Server.

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Without infrastructure team/division development would be slow because every team would solving the same problems (logging, monitoring, alerting, deployment. Contribute to the deployment of Global tai pillar strategy, including eimea data management and knowledge management strategies and processes. Our projects typically include strategic it-planning assessment, enterprise architecture assessment, software and vendor selection, business cases, technology. Ssa group is looking for a react Native developer to work on a part-time basis. Cloud deployment and management (aws, microsoft azure, google Cloud Platform, OpenStack). Corteva agriscience, the agriculture division of Dowdupont, is the only major. Resume #, twist resume 1, samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the web and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made. Harry todd, qualifications summary 18 years in the communications field with 14 in the computer field.

deployment engineer resume
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  1. Cv resume, build and devops, engineer. Engineered a comprehensive deployment plan for implementing the tivoli software with nodes as noted in Additional. Senior Communication engineer of the Information Technologies. architecture, deployment, and management of the corporations data and the voice.

  2. preparation of technical solutions for the deployment the packet networks;. Server configuration management via puppet. Deployment scripts to standardize code roll outs. Developing scripts for build, deployment, maintenance and related tasks using Jenkins, docker, maven, python.

  3. Senior Software, engineer, tibco consultant/developer. Site reliability, engineer (AWS) - relocation to germany. We make sure that everything from code submission to deployment of the products runs.

  4. Desktop support engineer resume example. Hotfix deployment, asset and configuration management, and remote troubleshooting of incidents, among others. ref: m/chef/devops-kungfu continuous integration and continuous deployment utilised with test-kitchen,., design architecture, prototyping, interface implementation, deployment and maintenance.

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