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You want to be at the top of the interview list, right? Give your reader something they cannot wait to learn more about on interview day. Make it personal, this is the time to sell yourself and who you are. So what makes you you? Talk about any special talents, skills or accomplishments that you may have. You may want to mention a moment or experience that personally connects you to the dental profession. There was a pivotal moment for me, personally, that sparked the passion and drive that I still have for dentistry today.

Why is dentistry the business only choice for me? Setting the tone, your personal statement should mirror your personality and your voice. It is important for you to be as honest and transparent as possible. You dont need to put on airs or try to adapt the sentiments of someone else because you think thats what dental schools want. The person they read about is the person they want to meet. This is the only piece of your application that enables you to really show your passion, drive and love for dentistry — so be yourself. The format, it is imperative that you capture your readers attention from the very start. When you are beginning your opening paragraph, it is important to tell a story and, more importantly, your story. You need to be as descriptive as you can and creative in delivering. You must also remember to tie your opening and closing paragraphs together to bring your reader full-circle. Make sure the main points of your personal statement echo throughout its entirety.

dental personal statement word limit

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Why should a professional dental program choose you? Your personal statement is your chance to show prospective dental programs who you really are. It is your chance to be more than a face in the crowd and to make your story jump off the page. Start by brainstorming and asking yourself these essential questions. Why do i want to become a dentist? What qualities do i possess that will make me a good dentist? What experiences can I share that changed the way i see dentistry book and confirmed my desire to be a part of the profession?

dental personal statement word limit

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Is it under 4500 character limit? Did I check the grammar? Do i come across as likable?  Will the adcom be interested in interviewing me? Hope you find this checklist to be helpful in assessing your own PS! . Wish you all the best as you write the final drafts of your personal statement. You are applying to dental school and putting together your application. You have maintained good grades and have obtained a competitive dat score, but so have the other hundreds of applicants applying for dental school this year. What makes you different?

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dental personal statement word limit

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Research: If I talk about my research in my essay, does it make someone curious about it? Or does it make someone say this is too much details. I cannot take. Is widow it simple to read? Is it fun/interesting to read about my research? Am i using jargon, clichés or big phrases? Conclusion: Is my conclusion catchy?

Is the reader going to remember me 10 mins/10 hours/10 days after he reads my personal statement? Does my conclusion loop back to the stories I mentioned earlier? Overall, do my stories logically flow well? Do i have an overarching theme in my essay? Is each sentence earning its way into my personal statement? Or am I just adding junk/useless sentences?

Goal of writing a ps : Write a personal statement that will compel the adcom to say, this kid is interesting, and I wanna meet him/her. Introduction: do i have a compelling first sentence that will make adcoms read forward? Does my introduction tell compelling stories that make the adcom interested in me? Content, do I tell stories in my essay? Are the stories graphic, memorable and remarkable?

Do my stories weave together logically? Do my paragraphs flow well? Is my content emotionally engaging? Are my stories colorful? Do i tell stories about what inspired me to be a dentist? Did i answer the Why dentistry? And Why dentistry is a meaningful career? Shadowing: do i tell detail graphic stories of my shadowing experiences? Do i just talk about what I did or do i talk about what I learned and what impact I made in the world?

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There is a balance between multiple different aspects, but a few of the major elements are treating patients, learning the biomedical sciences, and being a leader in the field. Its important not to overemphasize one component without addressing the others. The statement should not make the reader believe that another profession is more suitable for the applicant. For example, overemphasizing the desire to serve people without mentioning an interest in science and medicine would have the reader believe that ministry or social work is a better professional match. As many of you are finishing up with your personal statement, i thought itd be writing a good idea for me to share a personal statement checklist that i used to review 120 personal statements this application cycle. I found this checklist to be extremely helpful. I am sharing it publicly here, because i want to be useful in your life! So, heres the checklist that i used to review 120 PS!

dental personal statement word limit

Each paragraph should have a clear purpose, and should not deviate too far from that purpose. When reading an article, you sometimes conjure up a mental image of the article author this is your perception of the author. A statements perception is one of the most important components an admissions officer considers. An applicant should ask themselves the following questions when revising their essay: does the essay portray a future physician or dentist? Does the essay portray an intelligent and well-informed medical or dental student? Does the essay portray the applicants true disadvantages personality while being positive? Perception can be interpreted differently depending on who is reading the essay. Its important that the statement portrays the applicants personality while maintaining a professional tone. The medical and dental professions are combinations of elements from different professions.

in using their hands through dentistry to treat underprivileged patients. While mentioned in places throughout the statement, it needs to be stated in the beginning. I would recommend the following thesis statement for the sample: After having gone on a dental mission trip to mexico and working in various dental clinics, i have learned that dentistry will allow me to combine my manual dexterity with my desire to treat the. This sentence encompasses the main idea of the statement, but more importantly, gives the admissions committee a general idea of who the applicant is as a person. The clarity of a personal statement is dependent on its organization and thesis statement. One of the most common mistakes made while writing a personal statement is distracting the reader with topics that are not found in the thesis. Unfortunately, this only serves the purpose of fluff. Keeping your personal statement concise is especially important because of the limited character count. Organization and flow help maintain an easy-to-follow timeline that creates clarity.

Are there obvious grammar errors such as improper spelling, punctuation usage, or formatting? Multiple grammar errors and typos in a personal statement shows the admissions committee the applicant does not care enough to have their statement reviewed and edited. If the applicant cant take the time to fix simple errors, how can the admissions committee believe the applicant will put in the time and effort to pursue the dental profession? Correcting grammar errors is an easy fix that every applicant must. We follow grammar review by evaluating the statements organization and flow ; an incredibly important component of every personal statement. In the sample statement, the applicant follows a logical timeline, referencing essay life experiences that have led him to dentistry. However, there is no thesis or mission statement that gives the reader a sense of direction. In the context of a personal statement, a thesis statement lets the admissions committee know why and how you have chosen the dental profession.

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This is part hippie one of a three part series. Read part two, part three. Visit our Admissions page below to learn more about how we can help you get accepted to dental school! Admissions Services, a personal statement can be approached from many different angles. However, all personal statements should answer the basic question of why the applicant is pursuing the profession, while shedding light on their personal qualities that cant be evaluated from test scores. The best statements concisely answer these questions using specific life experiences that provide insight into the applicants background and personality to the admissions committee. Lets evaluate a personal statement and show you how to turn an average essay into an excellent one. Sample personal Statement: When you evaluate a personal statement, it can be broken down into ten main components: grammar organization / flow clarity perception vocabulary persuasion content passion uniqueness confidence, well be taking a look at the components in blue for part one. Essay doctor starts an evaluation by reviewing grammar.

dental personal statement word limit
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  1. Here s what they say. We hope our collection of ucas dentistry personal statements provides inspiration. If I spoke these words aloud, many people would scratch their heads and. Your personal statement is your chance to show dental schools who you really are.

  2. Instructions on how to write a dental school personal statement, a. Statement is your chance to express yourself in your own words. We ve been researching and collating the top things that dental schools want to see from your personal statement.

  3. Page below to learn more about how we can help you get accepted to dental school! Statement concise is especially important because of the limited character count. Learn how to write a great Dentistry personal statement at The medic Portal! S tatement can be up to 4,000 characters, which is around 500 words or 47 lines.

  4. Is it under 4500 character limit? In short, your personal statement should focus on your interest in dentistry, some. Statement will be your only opportunity to speak to them in your own words. A personal statement can be approached from many different angles.

  5. Your personal statement is a one-page essay giving dental schools a clear picture of who you are and why you want to pursue a career in dentistry. Ask them to think about whether the essay is a good representation of your character, and. Goal of writing a ps: Write a personal statement that will compel the. Did i answer the Why dentistry?

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