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Brand insight- patagonia, going forwards is only going to continue to grow in popularity as the earth gets further and further into this environmental crisis. Their csr policy that aids environmental friendliness will only become more appreciated by the public therefore driving them towards Patagonia products. Having analysed Patagonia in a swot analysis in the summary, the conclusion can be drawn that Patagonia appeals to those who have a strong feeling of care towards the environment and how what they do as an individual affects. From brand vision to brand evaluation: the strategic process of growing and strengthening brands. Insight the most important right we have is the right to be responsible. gerald Amos brand idea making sure that everything they do related back to csr policy of environmental friendliness. Beneifits and truths people gain a feeling of self worth when they buy patagonia.

E manufacturing in large quantities to reduce off cuts and wastage. By doing this Patagonia are reducing their impact on the environment even further. They are also back up their implementation of the crs helpers policy, therefore increasing their consumers trust in the company. L ensuring fair and legal labour practises throughout the work factories and supply chain of Patagonia. By doing this Patagonia are showing their publics a physical example of how they are a company that do good and who arent just a big corporate company focused on profits. They care about their employees rather than just the big men of the company, they are looking out for the small people. O., and stephanie jones. "organizational development and change." leadership, Change and Responsibility(2008 112. Patagonia fabric: gore-tex paclite technology. Online available at :m/eu/enIT/20/eu/enFR/ Accessed 5 Dec. Online accessed 5 Dec.

brand management assignment

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The fact that they care so deeply about the treatment of the environment and their workers is what sets them apart from market leader such as North Face. S patagonias influence on the social environment around them is to try and make the consumers It could be said that this sensible approach to the social environment means that Patagonia attracts an older. 11 feel good for buying their products. They want to implement a feeling of self worth and goodness around their products rather than just fashion. Audience and lacks the flare and entirely lack lustre cool of Northface and Animal. Patagonia could been seen to be simply trying too hard, and this is what is repelling the younger consumer. T patagonia use a material in many of their clothes called gore-tex. This is a lightweight, waterproof, breathable fibre, which is perfect for outdoor sports where space and weight are important such as rowing or cycling. Because of using this state of the art material, gpa patagonia have the upper hand against their competitors as gore-tex is the most appropriate material for them specifically to use due to the fact that it is environmentally friendly and operates via a similar csr policy.

brand management assignment

Brand, management, assignment, help

10 add External audit: pestel infuences impact, implicatiohere is the obvious issue of increased taxations on shipping into America from the factories over seas. This will affect Patagonia hugely due to many of the work houses where the clothes are made are outside of America and all the clothes are shipped from America. To make a profit on their products Patagonia would need to increase prices even higher. This would mean that they might lose out on more consumers who will be unable to afford the products due to many feeling that the products are already highly priced. E patagonia obviously takes the influences of sustaining the environment whilst also creating quality clothing very seriously. However what do patagonia plan to do with their product if sustainability of the external soon becomes irreversible. With the current environmental climate at the stage that it is at with global warming, soon will there be any reason to put work into sustaining environment if there is not environment to sustain? If Patagonia did not participate in such strong environmental viewpoints or strategies they would not have such an individual selling point as a company.

Primary research into the promotion of Patagonia in the uk i conducted a yes/NO survey about Patagonia and their dont buy this jacket campaign. I asked 20 randomly selected persons; 1) have you ever heard of the clothing brand Patagonia? 2) do you own any patagonia products? 3) have you ever heard of a promotional campaign by patagonia called Dont buy this jacket? The results have been displayed in a bar graph below: Appendicie. 9 From the above research it can be said that in the uk people generally are not informed enough about Patagonia and what it does as a company or for the environment. What Marketers Can learn from Patagonia's Riskiest Ad Campaign ever - pardot. Online available at: riskiest-ad-campaign/ Accessed 7 nov. Heard of 'dont buy this jacket' Own a patagonia product heard of patagonia no yes Appendice.

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brand management assignment

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The fact that they can reach such a vast amount of customers to provide them with their product only broadens their fan base. If they only delivered within the usa, they may not be seen as such a phenomenon and would definitely not be as successful as they currently are. However it could be said that whilst Patagonia is a global brand who sell all over the world, the main proportion of the advertising goes on in America. This means that it is not as widely purchased in the. From this it is easy to see that there is obviously a gap in their advertisement. For example, they could a new advertisement relation to being ready for British weather with a new line of rain proof wear Confino,. Patagonia plans global campaign for responsible capitalism.

Available at: accessed 25 nov. 8 promotion one of Patagonias more memorable product promotions is their Dont buy this jacket campaign. It revolves around informing consumers that their products (specifically jackets) create 2 thirds of their own weight in waste after creation. By trying literature to deter customers from buying their products they are about filling the consumer with trust for the company because they no longer see them as a greed filled, remunerative, materialistic organisation. They see them as a honest and wholesome clothing brand who want to make the world a better place. However similarly to the problem that Patagonia suffers within the place aspect of their advertising, this is also apparent within the promotion of their product.

This sets them aside from their competitors because of the compassionate approach they take to marketing, producing and selling of their products. However whilst their approach to their brand is individual it means that the prices of their products can be very steep. This to due to the extra work they put into making sure the product is made in environmentally friendly surroundings as possible. "Spirituality: a key factor to Achieve sustainability Through the Empowerment of Compassionate/Altruistic Managers."Purushartha: a journal of Management Ethics and Spirituality.1 (2012). Price whilst Patagonia are a company who value a strong csr policy, relating to being economically friendly as well as striving to create a fair work place for everyone employed by them, be that store manager or a factory workers. An aspect of the company that some people may alternatively find unfair is the pricing of the products.

The price of a mens t-shirt can range from 30 -. Womens are 25 -. The high pricing is obviously due to the in-depth process of creating the. 7 clothes in line with the csr policy whilst also trying their best to not pollute the environment in which they make the clothes. Implementing these policys such as their factory work place code of conduct. "Waste couture: environmental impact of the clothing industry. Environmental health Perspectives 115.9 (2007 A449. Place patagonia is a global brand. They have an international website that ships to 29 counties throughout Europe, austria, belgium, bulgaria, cyprus, czech Republic, denmark, estonia, finland, France, germany, greece, hungary, ireland, Italy, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, malta, netherlands, norway, poland, portugal, romania, slovenia, slovakia, spain, Sweden, Switzerland and.

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Online available at: Accessed 3 nov. Patagonia clothing: Made Where? Online The Cleanest Line. Available at: ml Accessed 3 nov. Appendence d :Appendence. 6 Marketing mix: product patagonia offer quality outdoor sports wear for the individual who has a passion for being outdoors and experiencing the full effects of mother nature on their surroundings. They offer not only the obvious mom sporting goods such as trainers and tops but also insulation layers, underwear, technical packs (sport specific,. If you do climbing this will contain carabiners and other climbing parinifalier) their products differ from that of companys such as nike, northface and Helly hanson because of Patagonias corporate social responsibility policy.

brand management assignment

This may mean that consumers simply ignore the brand in its entirety meaning plus less revenue for Patagonia. Fowler, Stephen., and. "Incorporating sustainable business practices into company strategy." Business strategy and the Environment.1 (2007 26-38. Appendence c patagonia offer clothing that is sourced in a fair trade and environmentally friendly environment Outdoors Active professional Well - being fair trade Trendy good material Made to high quality bold logo Clear cut Strong Practical. 5 Visual identity: Patagonias visual identity within their market comes across as environmentally friendly whilst also emulating an allure of high quality sports gear to rival the quality of companys such as nike and northface. However some consumers may find the prices extraordinarily steep some may even say the products are over priced. Some consumers may also say that the style of the clothes is not appealing enough for the younger generation. Because of the need to be practical some of the clothes are not the most flattering and could seen are only aimed at an older generation of early 30s upwards. Visual Identity design - corporate Identity Brand - carbon Creative.

and running. However, alongside providing high quality sportswear, patagonia abides by a high quality csr policy and also have a tremendous sense of preservation of the environment and work to keep as green as possible in many different ways including only using recycled polyester in their clothes. Appendence, b Appendence. 4 Internal audit: Brand positioning: Patagonia is a very individual brand for what it is putting forward to its market. This is due to the fact that everything they do is done with the forethought of being sustainable and environmentally friendly. This differs from its competitors such as North Face or Helly hanson who concentrate more on the image of the customer who purchases their products, whereas Patagonia is concentrated on the image the clothes portray of their policys and idealisms. However this can mean that their band comes across to consumers as a bit in your face as to why they arent doing more for the environment or maybe even makes the consumers feel bad for buying clothes from other companies who dont have the.

Marketing mix. External audit: pestel. Continued brand insight. Brand image, competitor analysis. Continued customer analysis. 3, build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. Patagonia's Mission Statement m, (2014).

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Successfully reported this slideshow. Brand management Assignment 1, patagonia, william upcoming SlideShare, loading. No downloads, no notes for slide. 1, amy birkett, brand Audit 2014. Mk12006, brand Management; Deborah Clewes. Internal audit: Brand positioning. Visual identity.

brand management assignment
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