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If I can do half as well in the time i have ill be very content with that! Written by, lucy marris, careers Adviser (uk tefl teacher (Vietnam). Possible Answer 2: The aged person whom I really admire and like is my grandmother. From my childhood, she has always been a caring person and loved me very much. Till now she is a good friend of mine with whom I share so many of my personal information. She is a benevolent and good person who possesses a good heart.

we have shared interests and I think our personalities are also rather alike for better or worse! . Opinionated and stubborn at times, but also caring very much about the world and those around us and constantly curious and restless. . Endlessly wanting to go essay and explore and experience new things. . we share a wanderlust at least! My cousin is intelligent, well-travelled and very independent. . She has insight and great skill in academic writing. . over the years ive shared with her my own writing efforts, looked to her for advice on what to do when facing certain decisions, and gained inspiration from her lifestyle. . She is very good at setting herself goals and getting on with things it would be fair to say she doesnt suffer fools gladly, so she is certainly someone who will put you straight on things. . I think of her as a critical friend i know she cares about me a lot, as I do her, but that doesnt mean shell indulge me at all if she feels Im being foolish in any way. . She never married, and I too am on my own, so i think we sort of understand one another, and we both like our own space, which can be confusing for some people at times. I admire her hugely, her health is frail now, and that makes australian me sad, but she has achieved so much in her career, life and network of friends. .

a person you admire essay

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The volumes were by Alice walker, susan Hill and other such writers. My cousin loved them! . She wrote to me whilst I was in Australia to tell me, and also mentioned that she herself had worked in Australia for many years. She had a very illustrious career as a paediatric pathologist, but also did research on things like mammalian hearts which took her all over the world. . She asked me to look up an old friend of hers whilst I was there, which I did with some reluctance as I wasnt sure what Id find. . I met another amazing woman who lived in the middle of a beautiful rainforest you and was passionate about conservation. . When I came back to England a year later, i visited my cousin to tell her all about my travels, and that was the beginning of an ongoing friendship. We have always corresponded with one another and I find her wise and a great role model. .

a person you admire essay

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I dont think of this person as old, but I suppose she is because she will be 90 next year, and thats certainly a good age. . She is a distant cousin of mine, she now lives in a residential nursing home, which makes me sad, but she has had a full and interesting life and done many amazing, brave and brilliant things. I think i have known her about twenty-one years, but the story of how we came to be friends is a little strange. . I was about to go travelling to australia and was staying with my parents in London overnight before catching a plane from heathrow the following day. . Whilst I was there my parents told me about this distant cousin who had been in a road accident and was in a hospital. . She was/is a very well educated woman with many academic and cultural interests, and they were wondering what to take her to read during her stay. . i offered some of my collection of short story books. . I wasnt sure they would be to her taste, they dealt with political issues and were not by any means what I would have expected an elderly sick relative to be interested. .

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a person you admire essay

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This enabled him to gain a competitive edge in the market. Currently, his firm is among the best commercial banks nationally where he holds about 50 of the firm's shares, and he is also the managing director. In conclusion, the primary reason as to why i admire him is because he has changed the lives of many individuals in the society and the country at large. I also admire him because of the struggles, hard work, risks and sacrifices he has made to accomplish such huge milestones in life. He has served as an inspiration to many people in the society, especially to youth. He always advise young people that there is no shortcut in life, but one has to make sacrifices, be patient, and work hard in order to become successful in the contemporary society.

Ielts cue card Sample 29 - describe an old person you admire. Details Last Updated: Thursday, 18:13 Written by ielts mentor Hits: 58276. Ielts speaking Part 2: ielts cue card/ Candidate task card. Describe an old person you admire. You should say: who this person is how long you have known him/ her what qualities he/ she has and say essay why you admire him/ her. Sample Answer 1: This is an easy topic for me as i know exactly who i want to tell you about! . Ill say who she is, how long I have known her, a bit about her special qualities and why i admire her so much.

Through his creativity, he found this idea as an opportunity especially in small towns to target farmers, since they had no access to financial institutions. After working for ten years, he managed to save a substantial amount and applied a bank loan to add his capital. Later he quitted his job and thereafter leased a building in a small town where he established his small firm. In the first financial year, the firm performed poorly and incurred losses. This was because many farmers in those areas were not used to operate with financial institutions. Through self-sacrifice, he could use his own money or even borrow from banks to pay his workers, but he did not lose hope because he believed that patience would pay.

After being patient for a longtime and through hard work, self-sacrifice and creativity, his firm started making profits, and he started offering highly attractive salaries to his workers, hence increasing job satisfaction. Many customers shifted from their commercial banks and started operating with his micro finance firm because he offered realistic interest rate. This made him open more branches even in towns to serve the increased number of customers. In towns, the firm attracted many customers, especially small income earners. He reinvested the profits earned in enhancing the operations of his business. He was able to attract many investors, and as a result, the firm built a very strong capital base and reached a threshold of becoming a commercial bank. Through his own creativity, as well as creativity and innovation of his workers, his firm designed more advanced and unique mechanisms that enhanced its operations.

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At the end of the first term, he best emerged as the best student. This helped the head teacher convince the board of directors to offer him sponsorship. He was awarded sponsorship, and throughout his high school education, he always was the best student and he passed his final exams remarkably well. Because of his excellent performance, he was given the sponsorship by the government to gain Bachelors Degree in Economics in the best national university. He maintained his excellent performance in University and managed to get First Class Honors. After graduating, he was employed as financial analysts in a microfinance institution. Through his job, he came up with the idea of setting up his own micro finance institution, something that was not easy because it required large capital base.

a person you admire essay

He emerged as the best student in his final primary school examination. Unfortunately, his mother could not afford to take him to high school despite his outstanding performance due to their financial instability. Therefore, he was left with no other option other than to stay at home and help his mother in her daily endeavors. He always believed that one day he would go back to school regardless of age, so as to achieve his future goals of becoming among the most successful people in the country. Although he was very young to get a job, he went to the nearby high school and explained his situation to the head teacher of that school. The head teacher gave him the work of cleaning and organizing his office. Surprisingly, when the head teacher was giving him his monthly salary, he told life the head teacher to keep the money for him until he had saved enough money to join the school. The head teacher started admiring him for his hard work and passion for education. At the beginning of the first term/semester, the following year, the head teacher promised to pay his school fees for that term, and he used the money he had saved to buy uniforms and other basic commodities.

elements that would significantly contribute to that success. Some of these aspects include hard work, self-sacrifice, creativity and innovation as well as patience. Many of the world richest people became successful in life because of incorporating these aspects in their daily lives. For instance, a person like bill Gates became one of the richest people in the globe as a result of creativity and innovation, hard work, self-sacrifice and patience. According to all people who have emerged as most successful in society, the benefits of these elements are not realized immediately, but one has to be patient in order to realize them. Since i was a child, i have always admired a person who happened to become a managing director of one of the most successful commercial banks in the country. This man came from extremely poor family background and was raised by his mother. Although he was very bright, his mother was not even able to provide his school fees.

Shes usually show me some ways to explain the new words or study grammar in English. She always shares lots of new songs, books or films. At the weekends, she often takes me to the cinema or go shopping so we have a lot of times to talk each other and thats the good moment between me and her. We are both teenager so she can understands me and shares with me any problem I have. My mom tells me that I dont same like my sister much: my sisters hard- working and can take care for herself but Im still too lazy and dependent to her too much. I think my moms right, because dream my sister is a student but can teaches English to the kids at English school, she always has a greeting with foreign students. I really admire my sister because shes better than me a lot, i want to be like her and dont want my mom worries about me anymore. I love my sister so much.

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When you talk about someone you admire, it can be a singer, a dancer, an actor, a football player and more over. But the person i admire is not a singer or a famous actor, shes really close to me and i always can see her everyday- my older sister. She older than me 8 years old and now shes a student of university and sai gon. When needed I was young, we didn t have many time to play and talk together, and I still cant see her every day because she really busy and only can comes home at the weekend so sometimes I feel miss her a little. She s smart, hard- working, creative at drawing and really responsibility in the family. Shes really good at cooking too, she can cook spaghetti, make pudding cake, yoghurt and I like it very much. She often helps me in my study, special English.

a person you admire essay
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  1. Jan 28, graphic organizer essay how to become the world was most admire some. His twenty mates reached the most a plan 1 mark twain a person you must. La youth » Essay contest: Who do you admire? The person That i admire the most in my my mother is the most admiring.

  2. Requested sample on topic: A person, i admire Essay sample. Jun 23, 2013 descriptive essay : write abouerson you admire most mother was the school teacher and is none other but my Essay about my hobby. Ielts cue card Sample 29 - describe an old person you admire. One is short enough and the other is like an essay, which seems impossible for a candidate.

  3. Since school, a person you admire. Buy, a person, i admire essay paper online. For a person to become successful and financially stable in life, he/she must focus on some vital elements. We can send it to you via email.

  4. When you talk about someone you admire, it can be a singer,. And other academic writers write according to has write you admire person essay a team help of write my a wide range. Source of a descriptive essay sample describe person you admire most oprah winfrey, and the 5-step personal essay.

  5. In terms of describing a famous person you admire essay writing can be a rather. If you are lucky enough to be able to choose a person to describe. No one doesn't have a person to admire : a singer, a friend or your family member.

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