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Damiani) A problem with this album is it adheres almost too closely to the dark, swampy feeling everyone derives from. On future ccr albums there are welcome tension-breakers, in the form of ballads or at least wittier songs. Sometimes it's tough to take this many relentless and vaguely morbid songs in a row. I must put in a good word for "Porterville of which I will never tire, and "suzie q which is a great guitar piece beyond that unfortunate telephone experiment. Other than these fine songs, however, then-underdeveloped lyrical skills and the unceasing dark mood make this album less than it might have been. Other than "Rude Awakening #2 "Walk on the water" is the most disjointed ccr song and really hurts the album in its closing role. Compare the mood of this song to that of more memorable and pleasant ccr closers-"Keep On Chooglin for instance, or "Sweet Hitch hiker." (Doug Tedeschi) Creedence is known for kick-ass, in your face rock and roll, and that's exactly what this album delivers. An album this powerful has little use for any juffy-lube fillers, and I'd think that anyone who's a big enough ccr fan to write reviews would be able to appreciate this album as their finest effort.

Whereas 96 tears are too much for?, 99 1/2 of hours love is not enough for gerty (or Pickett). So, not only are the contents of both songs different, their relation to the number ninety- something are polar opposites. Incidentally, this is a great album. One little special point of interset is the guitar solo re-recorded backwards on "Gloomy a la "Only Sleeping" off the beatles' revolver, and begs consideration of whether or not Creedence emerged totally unscathed by the psychedelia of the times. (Matt loewen) This has long been my favourite ccr album, and the finest debut record of all time. The reportage songs may not be well known, and the lyrics might be weak, but Fogerty's guitar shines and the songs rock hard. Definitely not ccr's second worst effort. (dave joens) i agree with your first two sentences but dave brown summed up the rest of my comments very well (especially with regards to some of the factual errors in the review). I'm not sure how Creedence fans can be categorized, but i know there would be a category for those ccr fans who best like the dark, swampy feel that permeates throughout the first two ccr albums, shadows their second two albums and appears in certain. This category of fans likes (a lot) the unreleased Fogerty hoodoo album and every now and then can throw on eye of the zombie and listen to it without blushing (too much). Although Creedence's first album is not a great album, it is damn good.

a fellow traveller ag gardiner summary

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A dark swamp feel - not summary that light-hearted jiffy lube stuff they would get into later. If you like dark swamps, you'll enjoy this record a large portion. If not, you will enjoy this record a slightly smaller portion, perhaps 3/5. Reader Comments (dave brown) Whoops, you dropped the ball on this one. Though there are three covers on the album, "Walk On The water" is not among them! It is an original. Furthermore, "99 1/2" is in no way a rip off of? And the mysterians' 'garage classic' "96 tears". "99 1/2" was written by wilson Pickett and covered by Creedence.

a fellow traveller ag gardiner summary

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Oh, and by the way, you gave a ten to a everclear record, yet you stand here that they blow! Talkin'bout changing one's mind. I think it's fine, no holding anything against changing minds! Creedence Clearwater revival - fantasy 1968. T hat wonderful Creedence sound is there, but the ideas aren't. The three songs that make you go "wow!" are all covers i put a spell On you "suzie q and "Walk On The water then there are two generic white boy blueses The working Man "Get Down Woman a rip-off of the garage classic "96. It's a good album, but knowing what we now know about how amazing these guys would be as early as the next year, this stuff isn't exactly imperative - except, of course, "suzy q which is a goldurn rock and roll classic. Like "More Than a feeling" or "oooo, that Smell." Mmmm. Kind of a dark feel all over this album.

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a fellow traveller ag gardiner summary

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I believe they did copy a lot of style from ccr. I prayer only have chronicles, but my oh my! I rarely listen to it, tho mainly because i have listened to it way too many times. My favourite track is heard It through the grapevine, if you wanna know But this isn't a comment on Chronicles, it is a comment on your opening paragraph. I think my argentine generation respects Creedence a little bit more than your.

I guess most folks actually know and like creedence. I might be wrong (by radiohead, which kicks ass but I think they're a respected band, plus everybody and their sisters own Chronicles. And maybe all those '90 bands you listed do suck, but definetly not no doubt. That band kicks ass. Or, at least, one of their records, Tragic Kingdom, kick ass. I understand how you could dislike them, since they're a pop band rooted on ska, but they are really really good; although I might be biased because i love the singer voice, but I think they would stand pretty fine without her. So, yeah, they're good!

(canadien) As a canadian, i agree with you whole-heartedly that Canadian music sucks big-time bananas, especially alanis, celine and Shania. And i also agree that ccr is most definately the Greatest band that's ever come out of North America - bar none! But easy on the guess Who - they came out 4 years before ccr, so they are imune of trying to rip anybody off. They don't sound a bit like ccr so what the hell are you on about? They sure kicked your asses though with American Woman, didn't they? (lee cronin) I read your overview of ccr and everyone's response.

No one seems to get the joke. "Who wants to listen to foreigners" is obviously a liitle joke meant as sarcasm. Instead of focusing attention on the music of ccr, the responses were filled with rebuttals about Canadians and their music. Well, i got the joke. It was funny and sarcastic and not meant to offend - and certainly not to be taken seriously. Your comment about The guess Who emulating ccr is also correct. One of the readers pointed out that The guess Who released records 4 years earlier than ccr but this is misleading. Chad Allen the Expressions released albums with Bachman and Cummings, but The guess Who released their debut album the same year as ccr. Why wouldn't it be possilbe for them to hear ccr and imitate their style on subsequent albums?

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(Thomas Hutley) give it up, weak canadians! You'll never be as good of musicians as us Americans! All you've got is Bryan Adams, neil young, and hippie Rush. And only two of them are good! Meanwhile us Americans have unbelievably talented bands like led Zepplin, pink Floyd, the rolling Stones, and the beatles! Obviously we are completely superior in every. Uh, what was that? Well, we still made the doors and Lynyrd skynyrd, and either one of them can kick Bryan Adam's butt from their graves! (Does anyone else sense the sarcasm in this review?) Oh yeah, ccr made some darn fine albums, too.

a fellow traveller ag gardiner summary

(david Clemens) Just a comment regarding the canadian response to "listening to foreigners". I find it downright hilarious (to the point where it is scary) that a canadian (Ms. Twain) sings country music like a hick, yet speaks perfect English, and of course she is rewarded for her "acting". That being said, i do appreciate "Canadian" music in the form of The thesis guess Who, triumph, rush, etc. They can keep Corey hart or whatever his name. Regarding the comments on the guess Who; it is my opinion (and only that) that the guess Who had a deeper talent pool than ccr. This is not to say they are better, only different, with (imho) more individuals contributing. Anyway, to each his own. The guitar solo on "Ramble tamble"is awesome.

which lost best picture to Braveheart for several obvious reasons, and come up with a sound so unique, refreshing, and grimy. Reader Comments (Adrien noel i am quite upset at what you said, "Who the hell wants to listen to foreigners." no offense but maybe you should wake. Canadian artists are making a big name for themselves today in the music industry. For example, alanis Morissette, celine dion and Shania twain are extremely popular and are the ones who are winning all the "American" awards. Obviously people are listening to canadians! Also, i will agree on something with you and that is that ccr are amazing. Your article is good but you should think before you shaft Canadian music.

Well, maybe not "mythical." Forget "mythical." I think the. Rolling Stone record, guide used the word "mythical" in their ccr description and I probably inadvertently twist ripped them off. Pardon my pink ass. I didn't do it on purpose. Anywhere, john Fogerty had the growling weird-accented bellow of a southern boy, the clothes of a grunger, the guitar chops of a country blues legend, and the songwriting ability of a pop diva. You put 'em all together and you got yourself a birthday cake of good music! Vibrato on the guitars when necessary, a little bit of distortion to keep it filthy, and his brother Tom providing solid scruffy rhythm guitar as he wailed away on lead axe and harmonica. Can't beat that,. Ccr took rockabilly classics and made them their own, as well as proving themselves equally capable of writing great original blues-rock, country-rock, and pop rock ditties that stole the heart of a post-Truman generation and wavered a flag of Christian morality across an otherwise "purple.

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M y generation refuses to acknowledge the genius of ccr. "Oh they argue defiantly, "Why should I listen to that. Southern rock crap when they're playin' marilyn Manson on the tv right now? What am I gonna get from the words and music. John Fogerty that I'm not experiencing right now thanks to the wit and charm of pop wunderkinds. well, talent, for one thing. No doubt blow, as do marilyn Manson, Stone temple pilots, rancid, hootie and The Blowfish, Blues Traveller, Alanis. Morissette, everclear, silverchair, candlebox, bush, and pretty much every other pile of generic garbage that the kids are throwing their hard-earned money towards these days. Ccr, on the other hand, were a beautiful conglomeration of four young men who popped their heads interests out of Northern California in the late '60s, intent on ignoring the experimentation and psychedelia popular amongst all their drug-smokin' buddies in order to concentrate their thoughts upon.

a fellow traveller ag gardiner summary
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