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Wolf or using a dive stick and teaching them to go underwater with confidence. I can not rate him highly enough! Augusta nobre (Child Beginner ) Service rating: teacher Rating: my son had swimming lessons before with a different company, so i can compare and say with confidence that these lessons with your company and seimi have been one of the best investments I have made. Seimi has been fantastic with Alex very patient, friendly and helpful. The quality of the lessons and teaching instruction received has been second to none, and due to this my son has grown into a very confident and able swimmer. This is all thanks to seimi and her high standards. Just booked a few more lesson for my son to improve what he has learnt so far. Augusta nobre Alexis Graham (Child Beginner ) Service rating: teacher Rating: Fantastic!

I learnt to essay swim at age 52 and my children 6 8 are excellent swimmers now too! Alan Harris (Henley-on-Thames) (Triathlete ) Service rating: teacher Rating: Matt is an absolute star. In a matter of months he has helped me to significantly reduce my race swim time and also to have more in the summer tank for the bike and run. Ive raced competitively for many years and never got on the podium. This season though, with Matts help, i have won 3 out of 5 races including taking gold in my age group at the european Sprint Championships. I recommend Matt without hesitation. Whatever standard you are, he will help you to improve. Alex Harding (Oxford) (Adult Competitive swimmer ) Service rating: teacher Rating: I was very satisfied with my first lesson with Ashleigh - she was patient, friendly and immediately understood the areas of my swimming technique that needed working. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning to swim or looking to improve on their swimming ability. Alex yeo (Old Windsor) (Child Beginner ) Service rating: teacher Rating: I can only use one word and it's the one the kids use to describe richard - 'awesome' he's brilliant, fills them with confidence, uses rhymes to get them to do their strokes properly. At the end in the last few minutes he also plays games with them getting them to either swim up to him playing what's the time.

writing improver

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The instructor, bob, proved great experience in teaching and his very friendly manner really helped my son progress through the lessons and have a paper great time doing it! Aida (Child Improver ) Service rating: teacher Rating: my son loves his lessons with Aaron. Nice little pool, quiet and perfect for improving his technique. Aidan Allan (Windsor) (Triathlete ) Service rating: teacher Rating: Had an initial lesson with Matt to learn crawl for my first triathlon. Friendly, professional, patient and honest! Within 1hr I was swimming further than ever before, more efficiently and with more confidence. I would certainly recommend. Alan Bec (Bristol) (Adult Intermediate ) Service rating: teacher Rating: I have no hesitation in highly recommending SwimExpert to you.

writing improver

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It has made the experience extremely fun and also the fact I feel more confident in the water is a huge plus for. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn and would like to thank her personally for giving me the confidence to get back into the water and start learning again. She's a great instructor and deserves a lot of credit for her skill set. Overall i am really happy i took up learning with swim expert and getting the right instructor. Adrian Patton (Windsor) (Adult Beginner ) Service rating: teacher Rating: Since my first lesson I feel million times more confident in the water with Kasia as my instructor. Adrian Sirbu (Bracknell) (Child Beginner ) Service rating: teacher Rating: my 9 year old son had a 10 lessons block and it was well worth. He is now review confident in the water, can swim few pool lengths without gripping to the sides using different techniques.

Very patient and his experience shows. He is very fantastic in explaining the skills needed and helping with getting the mentality right. By my 3rd lesson I was swimming confidently on my own. I intend to continue my lessons with him so i can keep improving. Adrian (Bristol) (Adult Improver ) Service rating: teacher Rating: I progressed more in one block of lessons with SwimExpert than in three previous blocks with another tuition group. Much more confident, to the extent of even being able to swim under water. Adrian Patton (Adult Beginner ) Service rating: teacher Rating: Since my first lesson I feel million times more confident in the water with Kasia as my instructor. She is full of energy, great sense of humour and gives great motivation to push and learn.

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writing improver

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She can swim a width unaided on her back, is mastering breaststroke and backstroke at an astonishing pace, has ventured into the deep end and can put her face in the water and blow bubbles. She smiles her way through the lesson and tries everything she is asked. One to one lessons are ideal for her as she has been able to proceed at her own pace with the full attention and guidance of a personal teacher. All our thanks go to kate for being so wonderful with her and building up a strong relationship of trust. We have nothing but positive things to say about her and Amelia would not have got to the level she has so quickly without you! (Adult Beginner ) Service rating: teacher Rating: Kate has been very good to work with and is giving me the determination to succeed. She encourages all the time and focuses on the positives.

I am enjoying the one to one class with her. Also such a good venue presentation to learn. Stickland (Adult Improver ) Service rating: teacher Rating: Lydia is a very competent, professional thesis and personable teacher, she understood exactly my needs and found ways to improve the areas that needed improving, all the while making it enjoyable and encouraging me to do better. I can thoroughly recommend her as a very competent swimming teacher, i'm listening to her advice and results are good! Ade r (Bristol) (Adult Beginner ) Service rating: teacher Rating: Karsten as a swimming teacher is a joy to work with.

(Child Improver service rating: teacher Rating: Shola was absolutely brilliant with my quite nervous and not confident 11 year old daughter who had been attending swimming lessons since aged 3 but showing very little improvement, skills or confidence for having had years of lessons. With a few weeks of lessons with Shola, hannah had improved hugely and was so much more confident. Shola instantly understood as she was doing wrong and was very skillfill in coaching Hannah new techniques and building her confidence in the water. I was offered lessons nearer to our home and although it was challenging to get to lessons on Basingstoke, it was absolutely worth it to have shola as an instructor, she had endless patience with children and great methods to coax them into being stronger. I cannot recommend Shola enough - she was brilliant!

(Adult Beginner service rating: teacher Rating: I booked 10 lessons which I took in a block of 5 (1 hour sessions). I couldn't swim at all at first but by the end of my first lesson I was swimming alone! Whilst the lessons are pricey you do get a lot out of them and I would recommend them. (Child Beginner service rating: teacher Rating: my daughter, Amelia, started swimming lessons with Kate a few months ago. She was a fearful and nervous child in the water who had never enjoyed group swimming lessons and didn't think she would ever learn to swim. However, from the first lesson, kate has shown kindness and patience beyond words and has motivated Amelia to give it a go and only do what she feels comfortable attempting. After only 8 lessons, Amelia has gone from a nervous child who cried in her first lesson when the water went up her nose, to a girl who so looks forward to her weekly lesson and has progressed amazingly.

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(Adult Improver service rating: teacher Rating: Muhith was a great teacher and i improved massively thanks to him. He made the lessons fun. (Adult Improver service rating: teacher Rating: Kate is a fabulous teacher, always gets the message across in a positive and relaxed manner, i have occasional lessons when my the son can't go and love every minute of them. The facility to block buy lessons and postpone or swap them between my son and i is brilliant, it means we can commit to coming each week but on occasions when other writing social events happen we don't lose our money. Would highly recommend Kate and Swim Expert. (Child Improver service rating: teacher Rating: I love my swimming lessons with Kate, she is kind and funny, my swimming is improving loads, i am now on level 6 and I like swimming in my pyjamas and swimming underwater. Kate is the best swimming teacher ever. (Child Beginner service rating: teacher Rating: Michael is an absolutely brilliant, friendly and patient coach!

writing improver

Service rating: teacher essay Rating: As i am recently retired I want to swim for both recreation and fitness. I have arthritis in my knees and although I have swum all my life i needed some guidance on exercise and technique. My instructor, Shola was extremely competent, endlessly patient and has given me the advice, technical tips and inspiration to continue swimming for (hopefully) many years to come. Nick (Child Improver service rating: teacher Rating: Lucy was an excellent teacher. My two children can be a handful she managed them perfectly and always got lots done with them during the lesson. She was very firm but they really liked her. Would recommend to anyone with children.

very shy and today they were also frightened. He was so patient with them and before long they were giggling and loving every minute. They didn't want the lesson to end. It's early days of course but if today is anything to go by i have no doubt that I did the right thing in booking their lessons with him. Alana especially has natural athletic ability but her confidence is low. I think he will be able to bring her out of her shell. (Adult Fitness Swimmer ).

To be completed first by all students. Application Form, short course with Examination, if you have any questions or are interested in enrolling on this course please contact us direct. Home case Studies / Testimonials, refine by swimmer Type AllChild ImproverChild BeginnerAdult Fitness SwimmerAdult ImproverAdult BeginnerTriathleteAdult IntermediateAdult Competitive swimmerChild Competitive swimmerBeginnerAdult TriathleteAdult LessonsAdChi. Louise gelhardt (Child Improver service rating: teacher Rating: my daughter Ruby has been swimming for some years now, Stuart has only been teaching her for a short while but he is one of the best teachers she has had! He is very good at making her feel comfortable and essays ensuring that she understands what he wants her. She listens to his every word and has improved dramatically in the short time he has been teaching her. He is very clear what he expects from Ruby and explains to me every week what she needs to work on to improve her swimming.

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Short Modular courses, the self-improver course can be studied as a complete full time programme lasting between 21 and 25 weeks (Zero to hero depending on the category of licence being studied towards, or as individual modules with each module lasting from 1. Students who successfully pass module examinations are awarded a certificate of Recognition of Approved Examination acceptable to the uk using caa and all other easa member Authorities. Ast offers a full selection of Modular courses throughout the year accompanied by the easa examination(s) at the end of each module. Note: The short modular courses do not constitute an approved course, and therefore will not offer reductions in the experience requirements for those seeking licence issue, or extending basic licence categories. The modular course packs for 20re available for download below. Request a prospectus, course Brochures. Module pack 2018 ms word, module pack 2018 pdf, module pack 2019 ms word. Module pack 2019 pdf, application forms, initial Registration Form.

writing improver
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Do you often say things like sorry for my bad English or sorry for my mistakes? Well, my advice is - stop doing that, put yourself in a position of power, and simply take action and improve your English!

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  1. Swimming Lessons For Adults and Children. Welcome to SwimExpert, the uk's leading swimming improvement service, offering you private swimming lessons to improve your swimming guaranteed, or your money back. Apology by Plato, part of the Internet Classics Archive.

  2. Discover the education reform movement. Costume history bustle Dress Pictures of C19th bustles and bustle dresses. Differences between late victorian first and second bustle eras.

  3. As you progress through your writing curriculum, be on the look-out for excellent examples of student writing. Following a lightning quick writers craft mini-lesson (see yesterdays post for more details the writers in room 411 dive right into a graphic organizer for our opinion writing. Need strategies to improve writing for all kids?

  4. Kids learn to surf: Our Kids learn to surf lessons are fun, safe and progressive. Aimed at younger children (age 6-11 with a maximum of 5 pupils per instructor. Were heading into the final days of my 20 days of opinion writing series with a focus today on using student work samples.

  5. The advertising campaign has improved sales. Maybe we'll buy a house when our financial situation improves. Her writing has improved since the beginning of the school year.

  6. Our deep Grammar and Sentence Check service makes it possible to detect all sorts of mistakes in your text as well as fix them quickly in the best way. I'm writing specifically as someone who uses it to when painting wargame miniatures with acrylic paint. This is your solution to prevent your paint from drying on your brush when painting small details such as eyes or highlights. This operation will greatly improve her chances of survival.

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