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The three minute theory starts by defining what civil disobedience is: civil disobedience is at base the conscientious decision to break a law on the grounds that its unjust. There are, i believe, a few problems with this definition of civil disobedience, problems which I shall spend the bulk of this article pointing out. For one, its not always clear what is and what isnt a law. In fact, an entire branch of legal philosophy, analytical jurisprudence, seeks to answer the question: what is law? Because there is ambiguity here, there might be cases where it seems like no law is being broken, though intuitively we might want to call such cases acts of civil disobedience. Here is an example: suppose a group of people are walking down the street protesting wealth inequality in our country. Suppose they want to walk past a certain bank they think particularly highlights the sorts of problems theyre after. About to walk past the bank, they are stopped by the police.

Some error phenomena are proved by experiments, but as he admits himself, some have not been tested empirically and are predictions (p. 302) from his own theory. A spreading-Activation Theory of Retrieval in Sentence Production. Psychological review, 93, 283321. Over the weekend Jason Brennan published an article at Bleeding heart Libertarians called. A theory of civil Disobedience in Three minutes. As one might be able to guess from the title, the crux of the article is that philosophical questions surrounding civil disobedience are easy questions to answer. I do not share jasons optimism concerning the ease of questions surrounding civil disobedience, though there is probably good reason for this. The senior thesis for my political science undergraduate degree was an 80 page exploration of the concept of civil disobedience. It would be quite upsetting if Jason could solve a the set of problems in three minutes that it took me a semester to not even come close to solving, but rather to merely gain clarity. In this article, i outline a few things Jason might have missed with his three minute theory of civil disobedience.

theory of government essay

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If the speech rate is slow, the activation is given time to spread and existing words occur,. If the speech rate is at a higher level, which means that there is less time and, as there is no morpheme node for ditten, the activation of non-existing words is more likely,. Repeated-phoneme effect and speaking rate: The oliver repeated phoneme effect is stronger at slower speaking rates. Error types and speaking rate: For this type of error, dell gives two examples: an exchange error like pancake and canpake and an anticipation error pancake and cancake (p. Here, the speaking rate affects the proportion of exchanges and anticipations. Dells model is generally accepted by modern linguistics, as it incorporates other models, especially. But he comes to different conclusions.

theory of government essay

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A repeated-phoneme effect is also the error that changes hat pet into pat het. Here, sounds that are not neighbours of the repeated sound are misordered. This repeated-phoneme effect is the consequence of the structure of the network (p. The speaking-rate effect:. Lexical bias and speaking-rate: If by increasing the speaking rate the available time is reduced, there is less time for constructive spreading. So the wrong sounds are more activated than the correct sounds. Dell differentiates between lexical bias and speaking-rate on the one hand and repeated-phoneme effect and speaking-rate on the other hand. Dell presents the word kitten and explains how it can become ditten or mitten (p.

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theory of government essay

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Misordered sounds and morphemes are likely to move to nearby positions. Output biases: In this section of his article dell mentions three output biases. Lexical bias or syllable bias: This is a bias for errors to create existing syllables over phonologically legal but non-occurring syllables,. as in spatula. Frequency biases: Initial /t/ is more frequent and has more connections from its node to syllable nodes than initial /f/.

This has consequences for its activation level. Frequent sounds get more activation from activated syllables than do in frequent sounds (p. Contingent frequency: Just as the frequency bias concerns a single unit here dell refers to combinations of units hand that are frequent. As an example he mentions that /kæ/ occurs more often than /kU/. The repeated-phoneme effect: Furthermore, the section contains the repeated-phoneme effect. Dell explains that effect by saying that Repeated sounds tend to induce the misordering of sound around them (p. He words gives the example of had pat which leads to the exchange error pat had or the anticipation error pat pad or the perseveration error hat had.

G.: Swum simmers sink (phoneme shift some simmers sink (phoneme deletion) and Some swimmer drown (word substitution (p. Types of errors, there are misordering or contextual errors (the intruding item comes from the speakers intention) and there are non-contextual errors (the intruding word comes from outside (p. Contextual errors: The main reason for these errors is that upcoming items receive activation from nodes in the higher level representation (p. The sentence some swummers sink belongs to the error type phoneme perseveration. The sentence sim swummers sink belongs to the error type phoneme exchange and the sentence some swinkers sink to the error type cluster anticipation. Non-contextual errors: They occur when a node outside the intended utterance has a higher activation level,.

Some swimmer drown is a so-called substitution error and belongs to this type of errors. There are output biases where meaningful words and expressions are created (p. To this group belong lexical biases (actual words or morphemes are created) and semantic biases (wrong words are semantically related to other words in the environment). Another factor is similarity: Interacting items in an error tend to be similar and the immediate environment of the interacting items tends to be identical. Speaking rate is also an important factor. At fast speaking rates there is not enough time for the recall of the correct words. Furthermore, distance is another factor for the production of errors.

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The model shows three levels of nodes. The upper level is the syntactical level, the middle level is the morphological level, and at the bottom is the phonological level. Slips occur when a wrong node resume (error node) has a higher activation level than the right node (target node). This is usually done by context effects. In his model the syllable /sÙm/ is encoded at the phonological level and the node for the vowel /I/ is activated by swim and sink which are both in the planning process. So the wrong node is the /I/ from the words swim and sink. The node for /I/ will replace /Ù/ and an error occurs. The right sentence some swimmers sink becomes Sim swimmers sink. Other possible errors are.

theory of government essay

So in Dells edi model the levels must not be viewed distinctively and there is no differentiation between open and closed classes. The model is interactive: a network of nodes. As Dells model is an advancement of Garretts model there is also a similarity like the fact that both models account for the lexical bias effect which is the tendency for people when making speech errors to use true words which they know rather than. Dells model, in his chapter Speech Errors in the Theory dell shows all possible connections between the different nodes that can create speech errors. To underline his theory of sentence production Dell uses the sentence some swimmers sink (p. When a word is selected, all nodes that represent the word are activated. Slips occur when nodes within the same level are competing for activation. For this sentence he offers some possible errors among which is the sentence: Sim swimmers sink, a phoneme anticipation, which he explains in detail in a model that we used in our presentation.

explained how his model works. The basis of his model is the theory that all four representations (semantic, syntactic, morphological, phonological) are in a hierarchical structure (p. These four representations are connected by nodes, which interact with one another in any direction, top-down connections and bottom-up connections (p. There are no inhibitory connections. As he is particularly concerned with. Garretts model of sentence production, which says that it is not a theory of why a speaker says what is said but of how it is said. The assumption that there is always a bi-directional connection between the different levels, the so-called Spread of Activation, is the main difference to garretts model, which says that there is no connection at all.

The former research concerning the production of language is not sufficient in Dells opinion. Dells theory tries to make predictions that can be fitted to models. The basis of his model. Garretts model of sentence production, which Dell develops further. The principal assumption of his model is that there are three steps on the way from meaning to sound:. The syntactic encoding: essay words must be chosen and arranged according to the grammatical rules. The morphological encoding: words must be specified in terms of their constituent morphemes. Phonological encoding: words must be spelled out in terms of their sound. Dell focuses on this phonological encoding to underline his spreading activation theory of retrieval.

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Table of Contents. Differences and similarities. Types of errors. Factors that make errors more likely. Spreading Activation and sound Errors. Introduction, in Gary. Dells article, a spreading-Activation Theory of Retrieval in Sentence Production which was published in Volume 93 of the Psychological review in 1986, he analyses the production of language which is the least studied and the least understood (p.

theory of government essay
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  1. Essay, concerning Human Understanding. Indeed, this theory of intellectual property as the true property doesn t greatly affect how we try to build our property laws. More on this later - this essay is a work in progress.

  2. Brian Kogelmann expands a short article on civil disobedience into a longer, more serviceable general theory of civil disobedience. But nonetheless, i think it provides sophistication in places the three minute theory lacks. Sydenham had a major effect on Locke s natural philosophical thinking — an effect that would become evident in the.

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  5. The just War, theory derives from Christian theologians, primarily. This essay proceeds to compare and contrast the various aspects of the just War, theory with the causes and outcomes. This theory is based on data given by speech errors, often called Freudian slips.

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