Internship report strengths weaknesses

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Your Top 3 real weaknesses The weaknesses above are not real weaknesses. Bankers will probe for your real weaknesses with more direct questions about your academic and work experience. To figure out your real weaknesses, compare yourself with the ideal investment banking candidate. Heres an example: Education: Attended a top private high school and then Princeton, harvard, or Oxbridge; earned perfect grades and test scores, has significant accounting/finance coursework, and speaks at least 2-3 languages. Work Experience: Became interested in finance very early, and completed a corporate finance internship, boutique ib internship, and then a bulge-bracket or elite-boutique internship. Hobbies/Interests: Studied abroad in an exotic location, plays team sports, and has won international recognition for an activity. Demeanor: Sociable, charismatic, and makes friends easily.

This one is good because its not a universal weakness; it depends on the context. Sometimes, you should not speak up (e.g., if it will embarrass a senior banker in front of value a client). I dont always manage my time well, and sometimes I focus more on finishing urgent tasks than making long-term plans. this one is less of a cliché than the i work too hard or Im too much of a perfectionist response. I sometimes take thesis too much time to make decisions, or I second-guess myself, which makes projects take more time. This one could hurt you on the job, but its still better to deliver a correct work product, even if it takes more time. There are no good answers to this question, but these examples are less terrible than others ive heard over the years. Many sources also recommend that you explain how youre working to fix your weaknesses. This is a nice idea, but you may not have enough time to explain it, especially if the interviewer has asked you for 3 weaknesses. Also, it will sound a bit artificial if you say that youre using Approaches x, y, and Z to fix weaknesses a, b, and. So, if you do want to add this point to your answer, make it short and casual.

internship report strengths weaknesses

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This weakness could affect your performance, but it wont kill you. On the other hand, being bad at math or not being able to work long hours will kill you. Be a real Answer and Not a cliché please dont say, i work too hard! Or Im too much of report a perfectionist. Not be inappropriate or overly personal dont talk about your health problems, family issues, religion, politics, etc. Be something That you could Potentially fix or Improve so, dont talk about your height, the fact that English is not your first language, or your non-target school. Here are a few examples of decent weaknesses you could cite in an interview: Sometimes I dont speak up even when someone else on the team or a superior has made a mistake or overlooked something.

internship report strengths weaknesses

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For the success Story above, you could point to your attention to detail, teamwork/leadership skills, and knowledge of accounting and finance. Stick to the common, boring strengths dont try to be creative by saying that you are great at basket weaving or scuba diving or something else that is irrelevant. Your weaknesses are much harder. In over a decade of conducting mock interviews, ive never heard a decent initial answer for this question. First off, do not go by our previous article on this topic because my thinking has changed, and I need to rewrite that article. There are no good answers to this question, but there are some terrible answers that you must avoid. Any weakness that you cite in an interview should: be real, but Not too real pick something that is a real weakness, but which is not a deal-breaker weakness. For example, you could say that you sometimes thank take too long to make decisions, which makes projects take more time.

Here are a few examples: One success Story you did a corporate finance internship at ibm where you analyzed thousands of transactions, streamlined the five most time-consuming processes, and saved thousands of work-hours. One failure Story you started a math tutoring business in university, had some initial success, but couldnt scale it properly, and had to shut it down; you learned the need to separate roles and delegate more effectively. One leadership Story you did a treasury internship at a biotech company; you coordinated with departments to move cash around so the company could meet a debt covenant, helping it avoid penalty fees. Aim for 30 seconds (75 words) in your initial description of each story. If you go on for longer than that, add/smartphone addiction will set in, and the interviewer may get bored or cut you off. Your 3 Strengths and 3 weaknesses you need to think about your strengths and weaknesses separately because you wont necessarily mention them in your Story. Your Strengths should be easy: Pick qualities that bankers are looking for (see above and make sure you can demonstrate them in your 3 short stories.

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internship report strengths weaknesses

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Do you not have relevant work experience? Are you a job-hopper? Do you know accounting/finance? Your 3 Short Stories: Success, failure, and leadership While your main Story is important, it also tends to be long and bankers have add. So, you need 3 short stories that demonstrate different qualities and answer different objections: business One success Story you had a difficult task or challenging goal, you fought against the odds, and you won.

One failure Story the same as above, but you did not succeed. However, you learned something valuable or changed as a result. One leadership Story if your other stories were about you as an essay individual, this last one should be about how you worked in a team or how you led a team. This one should, ideally, be a success story. You can generate these stories from your activities, class projects, and work experience, but you should use mostly work experience if youve been working full-time for several years.

Some people argue that you cant prepare for these questions because many of them concern your hobbies, interests, and activities. Others say that its critical to prepare for these questions because senior bankers ask a lot of them, and senior bankers have the most decision-making power. Some of these claims are partially true, but I think about the topic differently: First, your Story should already answer many common fit questions if youve prepared it properly (e.g., Why our bank and group? Why are you changing careers?). You should prepare for the other qualitative questions that your Story doesnt answer, such as your strengths and weaknesses. Everything else will be a common sense question (Are you just applying to investment banking roles?) or a question about your understanding of the industry.

In many cases, bankers use fit questions to probe for your real weaknesses. Banks are risk-averse, and theyd prefer to hire someone whos competent in many areas with no major flaws than a superstar who also has a serious problem. So, the entire interview process is more about weeding people out than finding the best candidates. To save time and come up with answers to the questions that your Story doesnt answer, you can use the rule of 3 to prepare: Prepare 3 Short Stories from your academic and work experience that demonstrate the qualities bankers are seeking analytical skills, attention. You can re-use these stories to answer most qualitative questions. Select 3 Strengths and 3 weaknesses. The strengths should be easy because you already know the qualities that bankers are seeking (see above the weaknesses are more challenging. Address your Top 3 real weaknesses. For example, do you have a low gpa or, in the.

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What is a fit essays question? A fit question is any question that does not fall into one of the other categories above. Examples include: Why do you want to work at our bank? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Whats your leadership style? Whats your greatest failure? Why should we hire you? If you look around online, youll see varied opinions about these questions: Some people argue that theyre more important than technical questions because technical questions weed out candidates, but qualitative questions determine who gets an offer. Others argue that theyre not that important because bankers have begun to focus on technical skills and work experience.

internship report strengths weaknesses

These topics are the most important ones for entry-level interviews: review Requirement 1: your Story (150-word outline and 200-300-word full version). Requirement 2: Answers to common Fit questions (Strengths/weaknesses, leadership, etc.). Requirement 3: deal Knowledge the banks deals, a deal youve researched, and your own deals (if applicable). Requirement 4: Mastery of the technical side, especially accounting, valuation, and dcf analysis. The last one will take the most time: you can certainly review technical questions quickly, but you cannot learn or master them in a few days before your interview. But there are efficient ways to prepare for everything else on this list. Previous articles have covered, your Story, deal Experience, and valuation-related topics, so Ill focus.

for interview preparation as well. They present hundreds or thousands of questions and answers and suggest that you move down the list and check off each question. But is that the best way to prepare? No, not by a longshot. Rather than memorizing 77,123 questions and answers, you should use the. Rule of 3 to prepare quickly and efficiently. Not only will you get better results, but you will also save time and preserve your sanity: What do you, need for Interviews?

This compensation differs from both hourly paid employees reviews or performance-based paid employees. Employees are able to really count on this compensation and a consistent pay strategy is important to retaining good employees (Ojimba, 2004). Analysis - employees that are compensated through a salaried compensation strategy have a very stable compensation to rely. There are no real surprises or swings in the amount of money an employee receives. Compensation is not impacted by the quality of the work produced or the quantity produced. Employees would have the opportunity to budget themselves or at least have a decent time predicting what type of income they can expect since it will always be the same without much changing from year to year. This strategy may allow for employees to develop the impression and mindset that they dont have to do more. Does the brute force method work?

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Show More, business Research Report, evaluating Compensation Strategies, assessment Code: rwt1. Table of Contents, executive summary 3, introduction gpa 4, research Findings. 4 Finding Number. 5 Finding Number. 9, executive summary, within this business report, i have analyzed three different employee compensation strategies that I feel could be well executed within our organization. Employee compensation is key to show more content, in contrast, a salary compensated employee gets paid the same salary, a fixed amount of money and is not impacted by the amount of hours an employee works. Salaried employees are not required to keep track of the hours they are working because they do not quality for nor are they paid for any overtime. They are expected to complete their work regardless of the amount of time it takes them. Employees who are paid a salary are given the expectations that they need to complete the entire job in order to earn their compensation.

internship report strengths weaknesses
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Are doing to overcome weaknesses and build on strengths. abundant Life to read and write a report on as part of the internship process. on the Internship Report Form, please be advised that you are simply indicating your registration intentions; you must register for.

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  4. Requirement 2: Answers to common Fit questions (. Strengths / weaknesses, leadership, etc.). style.42, internship, report 7 Style of working.43 Production.45 Marketing Mix.49 Marketing Process.50 Analyzing Market. or her strengths and weaknesses in situations where he or she still has the right to hesitate and ask for help to his or her colleagues.

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