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Widen your World, if you had Wings

Whenever knowledge of the brain expands, so too do the possibilities for designing tools to manipulate and augment mental processes. Cochlear implants, which translate sound waves into electrical signals and transmit them to the brains auditory nerve, have already given tens of thousands of deaf people the ability to hear. In 2013, the food and Drug Administration approved the first retinal implant. It gives sight to the blind by wiring a digital camera to the optic nerve. Scientists at Case western Reserve university are developing a brain chip that monitors and adjusts levels of neurotransmitters, like dopamine, that regulate brain functions. The researchers say the chip, which has been successfully tested in mice, works like a home thermostat for mental states.

Can run a four-minute mile while carrying a full load of gear. Prototypes of more sophisticated bionic armor, which can sharpen vision, enhance situational awareness, and regulate body temperature along with boosting mobility and muscle, are in testing by the. The merging of man and machine is well under way. The ability of human beings to alter and augment themselves is set to expand enormously in the decades ahead. That goes for the gray matter, too. In 2014, darpa, the militarys r d arm, established a well-financed biological Technologies Office to work on the frontiers of human enhancement. The new divisions broad portfolio includes a raft of ambitious neuroengineering projects aimed at bolstering mental skill and accomplishment on and off the battlefield. In the works are brain implants that, in the agencys words, facilitate the formation of new memories and retrieval of existing ones, neural interfaces that reliably extract information from the nervous system. At a scale and rate necessary to control complex machines, and centimeter-sized neural modems that allow high-speed, standardized data transmissions between brains and computers. While neuroscientists are still a long power way from understanding consciousness and thought, they are, as the darpa projects suggest, having success in reverse engineering many cognitive and sensory functions.

if i had wings essay

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Transhumanists have good reason to be excited. By the end of the twenty-first century what it means to be human is likely to be very different from what it means today. War and medicine are the crucibles of human enhancement. Theyre where tree the need is pressing, the money plentiful. Military researchers, building on recent refinements in prosthetic arms and legs, are testing so-called. Iron Man suits —artificial exoskeletons worn inside uniforms—that give soldiers greater strength, agility, and endurance. Wearing one current version,.

if i had wings essay

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If to be transhuman is to use technology to change movie ones body from its natural state, for ornamental or functional purposes, then we are all already transhuman. But our tinkering, however impressive, is only a prelude. The ability of human beings to alter and augment themselves is set to expand enormously in the decades ahead, thanks to a convergence of scientific and technical advances in such areas as robotics, bioelectronics, genetic engineering, and pharmacology. Up to now, body modifications have tended to be decorative or therapeutic. Theyve been used to improve or otherwise change peoples looks or to repair damage from illnesses or wounds. Rarely have they offered people ways to transcend the bodys natural limits. The future will be different. Progress in the field broadly known as biotechnology promises to make us stronger, smarter, and fitter, with sharper senses and more capable minds and bodies.

And its this ability to envision our bodies as instruments that allows us to imagine ways we might remodel or retrofit our anatomies to better reflect our desires and ideals. Our minds are always drafting new blueprints for our bodies. Were quick to associate body modification with primitive cultures—the stereotypical savage with the bone in his nose—but thats a self-flattering fancy, a way to feel enlightened and civilized at the expense of others. When it comes to fiddling with the human body, we make even the most brutish of our ancestors look like amateurs. We go under the blade for nose jobs, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, hair transplants, face lifts, butt lifts, liposuctions, and myriad other cosmetic surgeries. We smooth our skin with dermabrasion brushes or chemical peels, conceal wrinkles with injections of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic filler. We brighten our smiles with whiteners and veneers, implants and orthodontia. We tattoo, pierce, and scarify our flesh. We swallow drugs and other potions to fine-tune our moods, sharpen our thinking, bulk up our musculature, control our fertility, and heighten our sexual prowess and pleasure.

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if i had wings essay

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Advocates of radical human enhancement, or transhumanism, found inspiration in the article. One of them, writing on a popular transhumanist blog, suggested that it might soon be possible to craft working human wings by combining surgical techniques with synthetic muscles and genetic modifications. Many humans have wished they could fly, the blogger wrote. Theres nothing morally wrong with granting that wish. The post garnered more than seven hundred comments. Went a typical one. For as long as i can remember i have been longing to feel the wind in my feathers went another.

Stronger, Smarter, fitter, when Nora Ephron decided to call her 2006 essay collection. I feel Bad about my neck, she all but guaranteed herself a bestseller. Prone to wattling and wrinkling, banding and bagging, the neck has long been a focal point of peoples discontent with their bodies. But its hardly the only body part that provokes disappointment and frustration. From miserly hair follicles to yellowed toenails, from forgetful brains to balky bowels, the body seems intent on reminding us of its flaws and insufficiencies. One thing that sets us apart from our animal kin is our ability to examine our bodies critically, as if they were things separate self from ourselves. We may not think of ourselves as Cartesians anymore, but we remain dualists when it comes to distinguishing the self from its physical apparatus.

Journal of Hand Surgery titled, the morphological Basis of the Arm-to-wing Transition. Drawing on evolutionary and anatomical evidence, he laid out a workable method for using the techniques of modern reconstructive surgery, including bone fusing and skin and muscle grafting, to fabricate human wings from human arms. Although the wings, in the doctors estimation, would not be capable of generating the lift needed to get a person off the ground, they might nonetheless serve as cosmetic features simulating, for example, the nonfunctional wings of flightless birds. We have always envied birds their wings. From angels to superheroes, avian-human hybrids have been fixtures of myth, legend, and art. In the ninth century, the celebrated Andalusian inventor Abbas ibn Firnas fashioned a pair of wings out of wood and silk, attached them to his back, covered the rest of his body in feathers, and jumped from a promontory.

He avoided the fate of his forebear Icarus, but in alighting, a witness reported, his back was very much hurt. Leonardo da vinci sketched scores of plans for winged, human-powered flying machines called ornithopters. Batmans pinion-pointed cape looms over popular culture. Birdman won the best picture Oscar in 2015. Red Bull gives you wings, promise the energy drinks ads. Poore considered his paper a thought experiment, and he ended it with an admonition: Humans should remain human, staying on the ground pondering and studying the intricacies of flight while letting birds be birds and angels be angels. Not everyone shared his caution.

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Be grateful you (probably) dont have that problem. If i really had wings, thats really wonderful. How free i would be! First person i want to visit is jie, i miss her so much, long time no see her. First place i want to go is Tibet, thats really mysterious. Last year i planned to go there but all tickets were selled out. Angels and Superheroes, plan in 2008, samuel. Poore, a plastic surgeon who teaches at the University of Wisconsins medical school, published an article in the.

if i had wings essay

First off - well still have planes for the same reason we have buses - convenience. Also, games like paintball would be so much more awesome. We limit would come up with cooler sports. We could play quidditch - a programmed drone will act as the snitch. We would have flight classes where you learn to improve your maneuverability. Martial arts would make use of these new appendages. Too bad I have myotonia congenita and thus my wings will get stiff and make it hard to fly.

get when flying. In addition, our clothing would be made with button-up/zippered/tied slits for our wings. Rather than having absolutely gobsmackingly vast wings, Ill assume our bones are structured to be hollower than they are now, and therefore lighter. Even with that, though, well have large wings, so doors, etc. Would be made with that in consideration. With the problems over with, lets talk about advantages.

You won't be then. How can you ask if I'm happy goin' my way? You might as well ask a child at play! There's no need to discuss or understand. I won't ask of myself to become something else. I'll just be me! If I had wings no one would ask me should I fly. The bird sings, and no one asks her why. First off, homework we would freak out.

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Iad wings, yarrow/Yardley - silver Dawn Music -ascap, if I had wings no one would ask me should I fly. The bird sings, no one asks why. I can see in myself wings as I feel them. If you see something else, keep your thoughts to yourself, i'll fly free then. Yesterday's eyes see their colors fading away. They see their sun turning to grey. You can't share shakespeare in a dream, that you don't believe. If you say that you see and pretend to.

if i had wings essay
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Of Western North Carolina, and rich with Appalachian music and oral tradition, if i had Wings to Fly follows the ramblings of a young banjo player named Felix. Iad wings yarrow/Yardley- silver Dawn Music -ascap.

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