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Importance Of rainwater Harvesting, essay and speech

Harvested rainwater increase production per acre of land and the total gross value of crops and livestock farming is high income for households. In conclusion, high family income generating activities that use harvested rainwater include irrigating landscape for crop farming, horticulture, and fodder production. Sustainable livestock farming promises increased household income. Free water would increase production of fodder that acts as feed for livestock farming. Rainwater harvesting involves the collection and storage of rainwater into the natural reservoirs or artificial reservoirs in order to prevent the surface water runoff. We have provided variety of paragraph and essay on rain water harvesting under different words limit for the students. It is very important topic on which students may be assigned to write essay or paragraph on the rain water harvesting. You can select any rain water harvesting essay given below according to the need and requirement.

Impervious surfaces record heavy runoff and offer the best catchment for the economical rainwater harvesting process. Contrary, previous surfaces allow precipitation to penetrate and saturate the ground before generating enough runoff. The process of rainwater harvesting consists of harvesting runoff into ptsd storage tanks and cisterns from which a distribution system relays the rainwater to landscape irrigation. Approximately one-fifth of persons on earth lack direct access to fresh drinking water because of surface runoff pollution that contaminates fresh water sources. Industrial pollution and local diversion of freshwater to industrial and agricultural uses cause fresh water-stress. Research and development of better harvesting, storing, and distributing systems to guarantee the farmers enough rainwater for irrigation during the dry season is strategic to increase household earnings. Statistics show that agriculture mla uses about 50 of fresh water supply. For instance, texas residents use 50 of their total water resource supply for landscape irrigation. If Texans implemented rainwater-harvesting processes, they would increase their household income by paying 50 less for their water bills. Similarly, the residents would benefit from fertile land protected from erosion.

essay about rain water harvesting

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Rainwater harvesting processes promise to collect runoff to storage facilities and relay to landscape irrigation. Irrigation of the former neglected land would increase production in horticulture and livestock farming that give household income. Rainwater harvesting laws authorize individuals to capture runoff for irrigation purposes only. Proper rainwater harvesting processes promise to increase household income and provide food security since the water supports intensive agriculture activities all year-round. Harvested rain water provides a cheap source of water supply that cuts back on the high water bill; besides, it supports landscape irrigation for crop and fodder farming. Rainwater harvesting contributes to increased household income through increased crops, horticulture, fodder, and livestock farming that counts towards food security and profit for the farmer. The resume degree of surface imperviousness determines the amount of runoff.

essay about rain water harvesting

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The Old age people need the medical assistance of experts to sustain their living in a healthy manner. Finally the middle aged people want to live their lives in high standards where they can the keep their loved ones in a good environment. All that requires good money, and that is possible through increasing income through household. This household income in the less rainfall area where the income is generated from fields can be increased through rain harvesting which assists the increase in land under cultivation and more of crops can be grown. Thus high cultivation results in high income generation and hence people get the money to raise their standards of living and feed their families with the necessities of life. Thus harvesting through rain water is not only saving the earth from becoming barren but also help farmers to continue the cultivation process even under lesser rain and drought conditions. Rainfall remains the chief source of surface runoff.

This way enough of the water is collected during the rainy season. Later use of latest technology which uses pipes that drops one drop of water at a time on the roots of the plants can help further fair usage of rain water. Thus the motive of saving the rain water for harvest purpose is achieved. Along with the cultivation, the rain water harvesting also helps in saving the lands from becoming barren due to draughts. Actually in the under developed countries wherein the water levels have move more downwards, it has become difficult for the people to cultivate land. Thus the lands are left barren. Thus rain water harvesting can solve this problem also and the people could continue to cultivate their land without underground water usage. A household today requires a lot of money for bringing up the family in a good manner. Today young members of the family just do not need food and clothes, but they also need to go to good schools and take good education.

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essay about rain water harvesting

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You can have your own supply of fresh water, reducing your water bill and ensuring that you never run short of water. All you need is proper equipment and the knowledge of process of rainwater harvesting. Tags: Importance of rainwater harvesting, essay oxford on rainwater harvesting, essay on water harvesting 500 words, speech on rain water harvesting, The importance of harvesting rainwater. Rain water harvesting is the best method to save the water for cultivation purpose. Through this means people living in less rainfall area can still continue to harvest the good crop.

This way the water requirement from down under gets lesser. The need is just to realize and then to save the rain water and hence do the farming that you help feed the family. Actually rain water is a free resource that could be saved for later usage. This can be done by making land forms easy to collect the rain water. Thus when rain occurs, the rain water through small man made stream moves towards the man-made ponds.

They flush off or divert the first flow of water, hence removing the contaminants or bacteria from the harvested water that can be present in the water previously. Other ways for Fighting Water Crisis. The regions with hot climate suffer the shortage of water most. This heat can be used for getting rid of the crisis in the region. The solar powered water purifiers uses zinc oxide and titanium oxide in the containers that are exposed to the ultraviolet radiations.

This makes the water purified and suitable for drinking. Leaks in the water storage and transporting systems should also be kept in check. Leakage results in more loss of water than we can think. CO2 cleaning is also a vital part of preventing the water crisis. In this process solid form of carbon dioxide is used to clean various surfaces. It is recycled from the industrial waste. This helps in two things, solving the water crisis and preserving environment. Rainwater harvesting can be done on Industrial basis and household basis as well.

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It is also used for recharging aquifers with the help of proper methods. In the rooftop harvest method, rainwater is caught where it falls. Here, the roof becomes the catchments and the rainwater is collected from the roof of the house or the building. It can report be either stored or can be diverted somewhere through a proper channel. It can be used for artificial recharge system. Rooftop harvesting is effective and very economic. If used properly, it can also help in increasing the groundwater level of the area. However, the dirty roofs add to the hesitation the of collecting water from rooftop. For the solution, numerous rain diverters or first flush devices are available in the market.

essay about rain water harvesting

Rainwater harvesting can also satisfy the ever rising need of water and the quantity of the water in subterranean can be increased. This will also save the water getting wasted in drains and gutter and the water logging on the roads can also be prevented. It will also stop the soil erosion. Rainwater harvesting also gives you a renewable natural source of water. How to harvest rainwater? There are two main methods of rainwater harvesting- surface runoff harvesting and rooftop harvesting. Surface runoff method is used international mainly in the urban areas where the rainwater flows away as the surface runoff. This runoff is then collected and stored and is used.

quality water if collected and stored in right way. Why is rainwater Harvesting Important? Rainwater harvesting is important in many ways. The prime one being, it will save us from water shortage. Once you start harvesting rainwater, you have your own supply of water that can be used wisely. It is safe as it is the purest form, untouched by bacteria, viruses, chemicals and rust and dirt of pipes. You can also use the stored water for agricultural purpose and feeding your livestock. It also has the potential of preventing drought like situation.

As a result, they turn to restaurant filthy sources of water like lakes, ponds and stagnant sources. This makes them fall ill and at times also gives way to epidemics. People are not only dying of thirst but also of diseases caused by water due to the water crisis. This has given way of many ways of preserving water. One among such methods is rain water harvesting. What is rainwater Harvesting? Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting the rainwater from the surfaces it falls and and then collecting it for the use in the future.

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Water, the most precious natural resource, is depleting quickly. It is one thing that we have taken for granted for quite a long time now. But with the depleting levels of water, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of water and need to save. The main reason for the water crisis is environmental pollution. As a result of the pollution the underground layer of soil and water is depleting fast. Tube paper wells and taps are running dry in summer as the aftermath of this depletion. People have started starving for water, especially in the arid areas.

essay about rain water harvesting
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  3. Rain water harvesting essay pdf Essay on unity is strength for class 7 icse mla fo rmat heading for college essay we and our examination system essay videos. Essay on rainwater g Scientists in bangladesh musfique ahmed 1, short essay on the mariner is expected tonight into wednesday morning. Did you know that this rain water is enough to see us through the summers? Typ e of water management and storage of rain water is called water harvesting.

  4. There are different ways of saving of water, but we will talk abou t the only one, and that is rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is the old. Feel free to read this custom-written plagiarism-free essay sample on the topic of rainwater harvesting and its contributions on income for households.

  5. How to d rain water harvesting? Wh at are its benefits? Learn rain water harvesting in this essay and speech.

  6. Find long and short r ainwater Harvesting Speech in very simple and easy. Below given is a custom written plagiarism free essay sample on the topic of rain. Water Harvesting and Its Contribution on Income house hold. What is the importance of rainwater harvesting?

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