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1954 in Hartford, ct -. in Los Angeles, ca (heart attack) rock musician, instrument: drums founding member of Toto (1977-92 "Hold the line" 5 1978 "99" 26 1979 "Rosanna" 2 1982 "Africa" 1 1983 "i won't Hold Back" 10 1983 "I'll be over you" 11 1986 "Pamela" 22 1988) session. To susan Norris (1983-92, his death) his heart attack was triggered by an allergic reaction to a pesticide he was putting on his yard Jane powell (suzanne lorraine burce). 1929 in Portland, or pop singer "Kiss me again" (1949 "Will you remember?" (1949 "a kiss in the dark" (1949 "True love" 15 1956, One-hit Wonder) duets with Vic Damone, "Sometimes I'm Happy" (1955 "I Know That you know" (1955) actress. 5th to actor Dick moore debbie reynolds (Mary Francis reynolds). 1932 in El Paso, tx (grew up in Burbank, ca) pop singer "French heels" (1957 "Tammy" 1 1957 "i saw a country boy" (1957 "love is a simple Thing" (1959 "Ask me to go steady" (1959 "Am i that Easy to forget?" 25 1960 "It.

1959 in San Antonio, tx country/folk singer instruments: acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica "Places in Between" (2000 "Don't Pet the dog" (2001 "my own Place" (2001 "Truth is Strange" (2002 "Enjoy the ride" (2004 "Long Ride home" (2004 "Invisible Friend" (2005 "Car Car" (2005) songwriter see. 1939 in Cincinnati, oh r b/rock/soul/doo-wop singer founding member of The Isley brothers (1954-89 "Angels Cried" (1957 "Everybody's Gonna rock and Roll" (1958 "say you love me, too" (1960 "Write to me" (1961 "Teach me how to Shimmy" (1961 "Standing on the dance Floor" (1961. 1944 in Pittsburgh, pa pop singer "Ronnie" 81 1961, she wrote "Since gary went in the navy" (1961 "Jumping Jack" (1961 "I'm a dreamer, Aren't we all?" (1962 "How Softly a heart Breaks" (1962 "The next Time" (1963) duet with Eddie rambeau, "Those golden Oldies". 1946 in London, England. in Trinidad, co (pneumonia after suffering from multiple sclerosis for many years) rock singer instrument: bass "you're so right" (1979, he essay wrote "One Step" (1979, he co-wrote "Don't Tell me now" (1979, he wrote) founding member of Small Faces (1965-69 "i can't Dance with you". 1968 in Garland, tx country singer instrument: guitar "Get over it" 46c 1995 "i like the sound of That" 58c 1995 "Out of Hand" (2006 "Forever for Me" (2006 "you're the Only heartache" (2006) songwriter, wrote Tracy lawrence's "i see it Now" 2c 1994) Jimmie. 1922 in Panther, ky -. in louisville, ky country/rockabilly singer "Road of Regret" (1951 "Midnight boogie" (1953 "Hank williams Sings the Blues no more" (1953 "you're Cheating yourself" (1963 "Mother's Flower Garden" (1963 "Hundred-Proof heartache" (1963 "i guess i've let you down" (1964) recorded as Jimmie like lloyd, we've reached) the. 1942 in Brooklyn, ny doo-wop singer (bass) instrument: drums, guitar founding member of The tokens (1960- "When i go to Sleep at Night" (1961 hey hey) juanita" (1961 "Tonight i fell in love" 15 1961, he co-wrote * "The lion Sleeps Tonight" 1 1961 "Please. 1908 in New Brunswick, canada. (heart attack) country singer (baritone) instruments: guitar, string bass, upright bass "Angel in the Choir" (1952 "House of Broken Dreams" (1952 "i can't lie to myself" (1953) with The rocky mountaineers (1931-32) with The pioneer Trio (1933-34) founding member of the sons of the pioneers.

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To rebecca sue perry; brother of Maxine and Bonnie brown Kenny buttrey (Aaron Kenneth Buttrey). 1945 in Nashville, tn -. in Nashville, tn (cancer) country singer country/rock musician, instrument: drums founding member of Barefoot Jerry (1971-72 "Finishing touches" (1971) founding member of Area code 615, "Why Ask Why?" (1969 "Southern Comfort" (1969 "Stone fox Chase" (1970) session musician on Bob Dylan's "Just like a woman". 1935 in Manhattan, ny (grew up in the Bronx, ny) -. in Warsaw, nc (heart attack) doo-wop/pop singer (bass) founding member of The Chimes (1953- "never love another" (1953 (not the group that had the 1960 hit) with The mellows (1956-59, 1984- "Moon of Silver" (1957) founding member of The halos writing (1960- "Nag" 25 1961, One-hit. King, connie francis, bobby vinton, dion, little eva, johnny mathis, and others songwriter music producer father of Sabu Crier of go, grandfather of keith Sweat (Keith Sabu Crier,.) served in the marines see arthur Crier on Marv goldberg's r b notebooks Pat fairley (Patrick. 1946 in Glasgow, Scotland pop/rock musician, instruments: bass, guitar founding member of The marmalade (1966-72 "It's All leading Up to saturday night" (1966 "i see the rain" (1967 "lovin' Things" (1968 "Ob-la-di, ob-la-da" (1968 "Reflections of my life" 10 1970 "Rainbow" (1970) owns a bar. 1942 in New York city, ny "Your Only love" (1959 "Utopia" 27 1961 "Lullaby of love" 23 1961 "The last Bus Left at Midnight" (1961 "Princess" 30 1961 "Tonight is Our Last Night" (1961 "April" (1968) backup singer with Frank sinatra, and others songwriter jingle.

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1945 in Passaic, nj rock musician, instrument: drums with, the turtles (1966- "Wanderin' kind" (1966 "Outside Chance" (1966 "you, baby" 20 1966 "Rugs of woods and Flowers" (1967 "Happy together" 1 1967 "She'd Rather be with Me" 3 1967 "you know What i mean". 1942 in Kent, England -. in Kent, England (cancer) pop/rock singer instruments: rhythm guitar, keyboards founding member of Brian poole and the Tremeloes (1958-66 "do you love me?" (1963 "i wish i could Dance" (1964 "Someone, someone" 97 1964 "After a while" (1965 "i want Candy" (1965) with The Tremeloes. 1942 in Philadelphia, pa -. 1978 rock/r b singer (bass) founding member of The dovells (1960-197? "Letters of love" (1960 "The Bristol Stomp" 2 1961 "Do the continental" 37 1962 "Bristol Twistin' Annie" 27 1962 "Hully gully baby" 25 1962 "Kissin' in the kitchen" (1962 * "you can't Sit good Down" 3 1963 "you can't Run Away from yourself" (1963 "Watusi with. 1934 in Sparkman, ar country/pop singer instrument: guitar "i heard a memory last Night" (1965 "The last laugh" (1966 "you can have her" 18c 1966 "Pop a top" 3c 1967 "Bottle, bottle" 13c 1967 "i just Came From There" (1968 * "Morning" 4c 1970 "Lift.

The chartreuse letters for the cafe: a sign of modern life in an old. As mentioned near the top of the post, this is merely a sampling of sights along York. We'll keep tabs on future openings, and we'll be exploring other evolving neighborhoods throughout southern California in the months to come. Corrected: An earlier version of this post misindentified the designer of the sweater at Platform. Also: Highland Park house flipping Craft marketplace in San Pedro Uptown Design District, palm Springs a year in community gardens: a times series Homes of the times: southern California design - craig nakano Photo credit: Ricardo dearatanha / Los Angeles Times. April Birthdays, home, jan, feb, mar, may, jUN. Jul, aug, sep, oct, nov, dec, april.

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The brick-walled main summary dining room is complemented with a patio space in back. This photo was taken while a dj set up for the opening party last week. Cross the street and you'll find a different vibe at ba, a country French restaurant preparing to open. Owners Julia latané and James Graham let us peek inside at what Latané describes as baroque-meets-1980s-punk-rock interiors. Formerly a house framer and now head bloody preparator at the autry national Center, latané not only conceived the design but nailed molding, wired chandeliers and did most of the other decorating work herself. The cotton-candy pink walls and jet-black framework help the restaurant feel "artist made and handcrafted, latané said, adding that her inspiration for the design was the sofia coppola film Marie antoinette.

Graham, the chef. Ba, said the restaurant doesn't have a target opening date other than "soon, i hope." At the Glass Studio, cathi milligan not only sells handmade beads of her own design but teaches classes. Diyers can enroll in classes on torch work (for making baubles and beads) and kiln work (for "slumping" and folding projects such as tiles and plates). The evolution of York boulevard started with the york, the bar and restaurant that opened in summer 2007, and Cafe de leche, the coffeehouse pictured here, which opened in fall 2008. The mural in Cafe de leche was designed by david Freeland of Freeland Buck, the firm behind the look of Maximiliano down the street.

Platform stocks the work of Los Angeles textile designer Rachel Craven, who hand-blocks Italian linen and finishes the pieces with metallic threads. Also at, platform : Ermie scarves were designed by local artist Jennifer Perry dodge and sewn in Highland Park. Each is 100 silk that has been digitally printed. Dan Sandvick parlayed his success selling vintage clothes across town at the melrose Trading Post into his own York boulevard store, possession Vintage. Among his offerings: vintage sunglasses refitted with new lenses. Sandvick opened, possession Vintage about a year and a half ago.

Wombleton Records opened in September 2010 and was crowned. Weekly as the city's best indie record store. The tiny shop is full of surprises, from the esoteric original-pressing LPs selling for 130 apiece to the victorian decor. Custom record bins with turned wood legs sit under vintage-inspired wallpaper. The frilly w stenciled onto the front door welcomes customers into the time warp that. One of the newest additions to york boulevard: hpk, short for Highland Park kitchen. A round of neighborhood applause for the new window linking the interiors to the street scene.

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He then waxes and buffs the tables by hand. Dunton augments his store with vintage finds and well as art, including sculpture that he welds using remnant pieces of steel from his furniture fabrication. Meridian Mercado deseño opened in a york boulevard space that had been a shop selling the creative combination of medical supplies, avon cosmetics and Sanrio trinkets. Continuing down York, we met up with Sarah Brady, shown here holding a sweater by soyun Shin, who works under the brand name soyer. Brady, formerly a trend forecaster, and husband Alex Cole, an art director and production designer improve for commercials, opened. Platform last April in what had been a marijuana dispensary. The couple, who live in the neighborhood, stock their store with housewares and decorative accessories, many by local artists, plus jewelry and clothes. Part of the mix at Platform: vases (100 to 120) by local ceramist Roger lee. Platform also has a few of lee's serving bowls, hefty pieces on sale for 120 apiece.

dj irene phonosynthesis songs

Matters of Space also sells the furniture designs of owners Gabbro and Roden. These little side tables are walnut boxes with lift-off lids, so magazines, coasters summary and remote controls can be stowed out of sight; the bases are powder-coated steel. The tables are made in Los Angeles and sell for 250 apiece. A few doors down, furniture craftsman jay dunton opened. Meridian Mercado deseño in november. After closing his beverly boulevard decor store Shelter, the highland Park resident continued to design and fabricate his own furniture. He built the steel-and-glass room divider specifically for his store but has been fielding requests to replicate it ever since he opened. Dunton blackens steel to emphasize the rolled metal's original mill marks, so the surface has a grain, almost like wood.

katerina gabbro, left, and pj roden opened. Matters of Space on York boulevard in March 2011. They live in the area and waited about a year for the right space to open up for their interior design consultation business. The retail operation at the front of their space was conceived as a way of encouraging their target clientele - first-time home buyers seeking affordable design consultation - to access the office in back. "We just love the energy here roden said of York's evolution. All of artist Lily king's bud vases and pots at Matters of Space are just 15.

New restaurants include hpk (short for short Highland Park kitchen which held its opening party last week, and the forthcoming country French spot ba, which has been putting the finishing touches on its baroque-meets-'80s-punk interiors. Times restaurant critic. Irene virbila recently offered praise for the new. Maximiliano down the street. Pop-Hop, a bookstore and print studio, and the highland Cafe also are prepping to open. And though the street's vibe is still ruled by urban grit, for better or for worse not one but two storefronts have been claimed as the future homes for that symbol of neighborhood renewal: the wine bar. If the gentrification gets you down, you still can get a sad face inked on your arm at the vintage tattoo art Parlor. Or you can submit to change.

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Anyone who heard reports of Highland Park's revitalization a restaurant few years ago and headed to york boulevard likely would have noted all the auto-body garages and the marijuana dispensaries operating with varying degrees of legality and asked, "Really?". At long last, even a skeptic would concede: really. The york gastropub and Cafe de leche coffeehouse that set anchor on York boulevard have been joined by new home decor boutiques, a glass studio with classes for diyers and a vinyl music shop that draws DJs from coast to coast. Indie furniture maker jay dunton, above, augments his own designs with affordable accessories and some vintage pieces in Meridian Mercado deseño. Another furniture maker plans to be doing something similar at Sawhorse. Matters of Space has small ceramics by highland Park potter Lily king, starting. The piece pictured here? Just 40, plant included.

dj irene phonosynthesis songs
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