Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad essay

Advantages and, disadvantages of, studying, abroad, essay, ielts

It may not be filled in by the person for whom it was intended. The response rate is usually low. You cannot target certain groups of people. The homeless or the illiterate. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic. In some countries, a foreign language is taught at primary schools. Do the advantages of learning a new language outweigh the disadvantages?

The interview effect, the halifax interviewee may misrepresent the truth to make himself seem more socially acceptable. The process is more complex, more time consuming and more expensive than a structured approach. You are also likely to target a smaller sample. Unstructured interviews are difficult to repeat if you need to test the reliability of the data. The interview effect and the interviewee effect may occur ( see structured interviews ). The interviewer needs to be skilled at opening up the conversation. They are relatively quick and inexpensive. In the absence of an interviewer standing over them, respondents are more likely to answer truthfully or give answers to personal questions. They can be easily replicated to test reliability. Disadvantages, questions may be misunderstood or missed out.

advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad essay

Advantages and, disadvantages of, studying, abroad, owlcation

The interview can expand his line of questioning. The respondent needed can give more detailed responses. Structured interviews offer a richer, more comprehensive view of an issue. The trained interviewer can rephrase questions or alter tone or manner to suit the interviewee. Disadvantages, the interviewee is limited as to what answers he can give. The interview effect the personality of the interviewer may influence what answers are given by the interviewee. This may make the results unreliable.

advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad essay

Toefl essay : Studying abroad, advantages and disadvantages

According to some students, there had also been problems with documents such as work permits. Conclusions and Recommendations It appears that the majority of students found the experience of working abroad very beneficial. Therefore, i believe that the college should recommend "working holidays" to its students. However, it should also warn them about the problems they could face and the precautions they need to take. Advantages, a trained interview is present to answer any questions the interviewee has. Standardised questions make the process efficient. All respondents answer the same questions so that answers can be easily compared and trends observed. The structured interview can be easily repeated to check the reliability of the data.

Essay, the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad, forum

advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad essay

Advantages and, disadvantages of, studying, abroad (2nd Draft)

The restaurant queue would be very slow at lunchtime. Conclusion and recommendation Clearly, the visit might involve some practical difficulties, but pdf on the whole, everyone thought that it should be seen as an opportunity not to be missed. I would therefore suggest that the college accepts the group. 170 words Report - model question 3 task you work for the Student Travel Agency of your college. The principal of the college is interested in the experiences of students who have worked abroad during their summer holidays. She has asked you to write a report on the advantages and disadvantages of such work.

In particular, she wants to know whether the college should recommend "working holidays" to its students. Report - model answer 3 Working holidays for students Introduction The purpose of this report is to consider the advantages and disadvantages of working holidays abroad. In order to obtain this information, i interviewed more than 30 students who had worked in different countries. The benefits of working holidays A large number of the students I spoke to said that they had enjoyed working abroad and had become more open-minded as a result. Apparently, they felt they had learnt a lot about the local people and their way of life by working side by side with them. The disadvantages of working holidays Not surprisingly, many students complained that they had worked too hard in certain countries. They believed that they had been exploited by their employers, who paid them very little money.

It was also stated that prices had gone up dramatically in some of the better restaurants and, as a consequence, people are going out less than they used to or eating at cheaper restaurants. Room for improvement/Recommendations The main area of concern among a number of people interviewed was the lack of vegetarian meals available in many of the restaurants and it is recommended that restaurants are made aware of this view. 185 words Report - model question 2 task your college has been asked to accept a group of 50 students from another country for two weeks. Your principal has asked you to write a report. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of accepting this group? What would you recommend?

Report - model answer 1 Report on proposed visit by 50 overseas students Introduction The purpose of this report is to consider the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a large group of students from overseas for two weeks. I have discussed the issue with all the senior members of college staff. Advantages All those i interviewed believe that for students, this would be an exciting opportunity to explore a foreign culture, both in the classroom and socially. Overall, they thought the visit would be stimulating for the college at a quiet time of the year. Disadvantages Some members of staff are concerned that: there would be insufficient seating in the library at busy times. The visitors might be more interested in enjoying themselves than studying.

Advantages and, disadvantages of, studying, abroad, essay

I would make the following recommendations:. Model questions and answers Report - model question 1 task your English teacher has asked you to write a report on where people can eat out in your area. You should include the views of visitors and local people, comment on any recent trends and dissatisfaction and make a recommendation. Write your report in 140-190 words in an essay appropriate style. Report - model answer 1 Local eating places The main purpose of this report is to give an overview of the town's eating facilities. As part of the survey, both tourists and local residents were asked their views. Cafés, pubs and restaurants There are a number of good quality restaurants in the area, which cater for most tastes: pizza houses, sushi bars, exclusive french restaurants and gastro pubs. We are also fortunate to have several cafés and sandwich bars, which are very popular in the mornings with young mothers and children and with office workers at lunchtime. Recent trends/Dissatisfaction It was reported that in recent years most of the fast food restaurants had extended their hours, with most open until midnight.

advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad essay

Presenting a list, the arguments against. Are the following:. The following were the main reasons given for girl supporting.: firstly,., secondly. Points mentioned in favour of/against. There are several ways in which. Making recommendations (Last paragraph) taking all the factors mentioned into account. I would therefore recommend. Clearly, more could be done.

3,.). All those who were interviewed believe that/are concerned that. It is thought that. It was commented upon by a number of people we talked to that. A cause of dissatisfaction was.

(don't overdo it, though. If you use them in more than one section, you won't be able to show the full range of structures and vocabulary you know.). Divide your report into sections according to the input. Develop the ideas in the task input. Focus review on a maximum of two points. Give a clear summary of the situation and make a comment/suggestion only in the last paragraph. Use an impersonal, semi-formal style. Useful language for a report, stating the purpose of the report (paragraph 1).

Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad Essay example for Free

Home, writing (FCE/cae fce - report, for your convenience you may want to download a pdf version of this article. Fce report - pdf, paper 2 Part 2 - report. Hints, begin by stating the purpose of your report. You may invent where you got the information. Use a clear layout with: headings. They will make it clear that your report is not an essay or review. Lists of numbered points or bullets where appropriate.

advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad essay
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  1. Learn from model answers written by ielts examiners. Includes an analysis of the task and vocabulary. See how to structure your essay.

  2. In some countries, many more people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Ray kurzweil has just requested permission to repost my thinking ape essay. The singularity movement is doomed. Abdul qadeer khan essay about myself fundamental 5 critical writing essay.

  3. Topic: Foreign language is taught at primary schools. Do its advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Sampling techniques the, advantages and Disadvantages of Structured Interviews postal questionaires. Here's my full essay for the 'positive or negative development' question that we've been looking at over the last few weeks.

  4. Here are some advantages and disadvantages. Mel is a psychologist who is interested in studying creativity. She wants to know why some people are so creative, and how individuals can develop their own creativity further. Here is a band 9 model answer for ielts writing task.

  5. Advantages Disadvantages, essays require well thought outline and very advanced writing skills. Hence, they are normally given as the ielts writing Task 2 topics. When you write an essay about advantages and disadvantages, remember that you are not persuading the audience but simply giving info. For many families, homeschooling is the best alternative to public or private school education.

  6. Every student wants to study abroad. Today in this article we will study in details about advantages and disadvantages of study abroad. Studying abroad can seem appealing, but there are also potential challenges - i look at and list the advantages and disadvantages.

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