The namesake novel review

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8 Shakespearean actor and friend of Stoker's Sir Henry Irving was a possible real-life inspiration for the character of Dracula. The role was tailor-made to his dramatic presence, gentlemanly mannerisms, and affinity for playing villain roles. Irving, however, never agreed to play the part on stage. Before writing Dracula, stoker spent seven years researching European folklore and stories of vampires, being most influenced by Emily gerard 's 1885 essay "Transylvania superstitions" which includes content about a vampire myth. 9 Some historians are convinced that a historic figure, vlad iii dracula, often called Vlad the Impaler, was the model for Stoker's count although there is no supporting evidence. 11 Stoker borrowed only "scraps of miscellaneous information according to one expert, about this bloodthirsty tyrant of Wallachia and there are no comments about him in Stoker's working notes. 12 Dracula scholar Elizabeth Miller has remarked that aside from the name and some mention of Romanian history, the background of Stoker's count bears no resemblance to that of Vlad iii dracula. 13 14 self-published source later he also claimed that he had a nightmare, caused by eating too much crab meat, about a "vampire king" rising from his grave.

John Seward : A doctor; one of Lucy's suitors and a former student of Van Helsing. Abraham Van Helsing : a dutch doctor, lawyer and professor; John Seward's teacher. "Weird Sisters Three siren-like vampire women who serve dracula. In some of the later adaptations to stage and screen, they are referred to as the Brides of Dracula. Lucy westenra : A 19-year-old aristocrat; Mina's best friend; Arthur's fiancée and Dracula's first victim. Background edit between 18, Stoker was a business manager for the lyceum Theatre in London, where he supplemented his income by writing a large number of sensational novels, his most successful being the vampire tale Dracula published on 6 :269 Parts of it are set. 7 Throughout the 1880s and 1890s, authors such. Rider Haggard, rudyard Kipling, robert louis Stevenson, arthur Conan doyle, and. Wells wrote many tales in which fantastic creatures threatened the British Empire. Invasion literature was at a peak, and Stoker's formula was very familiar by 1897 to readers of fantastic adventure stories, of an invasion of England by continental bulk European influences. Victorian readers enjoyed Dracula as a good adventure story like many others, but it did not reach its legendary status until later in the 20th century when film versions began to appear.

the namesake novel review

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From where we stood it seemed as though the one fierce volcano burst had satisfied the need of nature and that the castle and the structure of the hill had sunk again into the void. We were so appalled with the suddenness and the grandeur that we forgot to think of ourselves. — Deleted excerpt from the original Dracula manuscript 5 Characters edit count Dracula : a transylvanian noble who has purchased a house in London. Jonathan Harker : A solicitor sent to do business with count Dracula; Mina's fiancé and prisoner in Dracula's castle. Wilhelmina "Mina" Harker (née murray a schoolteacher and Jonathan Harker's fiancée (later his wife). Arthur Holmwood : Lucy's suitor and later fiancé. He inherits the title of Lord Godalming upon his father's death. Quincey morris : An American writing cowboy and explorer; and one of Lucy's suitors. Renfield : A patient at Seward's insane asylum who has come under the influence of Dracula.

the namesake novel review

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The book closes with a note left by jonathan Harker seven years after the reviews events of the novel, detailing his married life with Mina and the birth of their son, whom they name after all four members of the party, but address as "Quincey". Quincey is depicted sitting on the knee of Van Helsing as they recount their adventure. Seward and Arthur have each gotten married. Deleted ending edit a small section was removed from a draft of the final chapter, in which Dracula's castle falls apart as he dies, hiding the fact that vampires were ever there. 4 As we looked there came a terrible convulsion of the earth so that we seemed to rock to and fro and fell to our knees. At the same moment with a roar which seemed to shake the very heavens the whole castle and the rock and even the hill on which it stood seemed to rise into the air and scatter in fragments while a mighty cloud of black and. Then there was a stillness in nature as the echoes of that thunderous report seemed to come as with the hollow boom of a thunder-clap the long reverberating roll which seems as though the floors of heaven shook. Then down in a mighty ruin falling whence they rose came the fragments that had been tossed skywards in the cataclysm.

Mina, afraid of Dracula's link with her, urges the team not to tell her their plans out of fear that Dracula will be listening. After the protagonists discover and sterilize 49 boxes found throughout his lairs in London, they learn that Dracula has fled with the missing 50th box back to his castle in Transylvania. They pursue him under the guidance of Mina. They split up into teams once they reach Europe; Van Helsing and Mina team up to locate the castle of Dracula while the others attempt to ambush the boat Dracula is using to reach his home. Van Helsing raids the castle and destroys the vampire "sisters". Upon discovering Dracula being transported by gypsies, the three teams converge and attack the caravan carrying Dracula in the 50th box of Earth. After dispatching many gypsies who were sworn to protect the count, harker shears Dracula through the throat with a kukri knife, while the mortally wounded quincey stabs the count in the heart with a bowie knife. Dracula crumbles to dust, and Mina is freed from her curse of vampirism, as the scar on her forehead disappears. Soon after, quincey dies from his wounds.

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the namesake novel review

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Van Helsing conducts research along with. Seward to analyze the behaviour of their patient Renfield who they learn is directly influenced by Dracula. They also research historical events, games folklore, and superstitions from various cultures to understand Dracula's powers and weaknesses. Van Helsing also establishes a criminal profile on Dracula in order to better understand his actions and predict his movements. Arthur Holmwood's fortune assists in funding the entire operation and expenses. As they discover the various properties Dracula had purchased, the male protagonists team up to raid each property and are several times confronted by Dracula.

As they discover each of the boxed graves scattered throughout London, they pry them open to place and seal wafers of sacramental bread within. This act renders the boxes of earth completely useless to Dracula as he is unable to open, enter or further transport them. After Dracula learns of the group's plot against him, he attacks Mina on three occasions, and feeds Mina his own blood to control her. This curses Mina with vampirism and changes her but does not completely turn her into a vampire. Van Helsing attempts to bless Mina through prayer and by placing a wafer of sacrament against her forehead, but it burns her upon contact leaving a wretched scar. Under this curse, mina oscillates from consciousness to a semi-trance during which she perceives Dracula's surroundings and actions. Van Helsing is able to use hypnotism twice a day, at dawn and at sunset, to put her into this trance to further track Dracula's movements.

Westenra, who has a heart condition, dies of fright. Van Helsing attempts to protect her with garlic but fate thwarts him each night, whether Lucy's mother removes the garlic from her room, or Lucy herself does so in her restless sleep. The doctors have found two small puncture marks about her neck, which. Seward is at a loss to understand. After Lucy dies, van Helsing places a golden crucifix over her mouth, ostensibly to delay or prevent Lucy's vampiric conversion. Fate conspires against him again when Van Helsing finds the crucifix in the possession of one of the servants who stole it off Lucy's corpse.

Following Lucy's death and burial, the newspapers report children being stalked in the night by a "bloofer lady" (i.e., "beautiful lady. 3 Van Helsing, knowing Lucy has become a vampire, confides in Seward, lord Godalming, and Morris. The suitors and Van Helsing track her down and, after a confrontation with her, stake her heart, behead her, and fill her mouth with garlic. Around the same time, jonathan Harker arrives from Budapest, where mina marries him after his escape, and he and Mina join the campaign against Dracula. The vampire hunters stay. Seward's residence, holding nightly meetings and providing reports based on each of their various tasks. Mina discovers that each of their journals and letters collectively contain clues to which they can track him down. She tasks herself with collecting them, researching newspaper clippings, fitting the most relevant entries into chronological order and typing out copies to distribute to each of the party which they are to study. Jonathan Harker tracks down the shipments of boxed graves and the estates which Dracula has purchased in order to store them.

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As time passes she begins to suffer from episodes of sleepwalking and dementia, as witnessed by mina. When Lucy begins to waste away suspiciously, seward invites his old teacher, Abraham Van Helsing, who immediately determines the true cause of Lucy's condition. He refuses to disclose it but diagnoses her with acute blood-loss. Van Helsing prescribes numerous blood transfusions to which he, seward, quincey, and Arthur all contribute over time. Van Helsing also prescribes garlic movie flowers essay to be placed throughout her room and weaves a necklace of withered garlic blossoms for her to wear. However she continues to waste away appearing to lose blood every night. While both doctors are absent, lucy and her mother are attacked by a wolf and Mrs.

the namesake novel review

He does this to secure for himself "lairs" and the 50 boxes of earth would be used as his graves which would grant safety and rest during times of feeding and replenishing his strength. Harker's fiancée, mina murray, is staying with her friend Lucy westenra, who is holidaying in Whitby. Lucy receives three marriage proposals from. John Seward, quincey morris, and Arthur Holmwood (the son of Lord Godalming who later obtains the title himself 2 ). Lucy accepts Holmwood's proposal while turning down Seward list and Morris, but all remain friends. Dracula communicates with Seward's patient, renfield, an insane man who wishes to consume insects, spiders, birds, and rats to absorb their "life force". Renfield is able to detect Dracula's presence and supplies clues accordingly. Soon Dracula is indirectly shown to be stalking Lucy.

Transylvania and abandons Harker to the sisters. Harker barely escapes from the castle with his life. Dracula boards a russian ship, the demeter, taking along with him boxes of Transylvanian soil, which he required in order to regain his strength. Not long afterward, the ship having weighed anchor at Varna, runs aground on the shores of Whitby in the east coast of England. The captain's log narrates the gradual disappearance of the entire crew, until the captain alone remained, himself bound to the helm to maintain course. An animal resembling "a large dog" is seen leaping ashore. The ship's cargo is described as silver sand and 50 boxes of "mould or earth, from Transylvania. It is later learned that Dracula successfully purchased multiple estates under the alias 'count de ville' throughout London and devised to distribute the 50 boxes to each of them utilizing transportation services as well as moving them himself.

Contents, plot summary edit, stoker's handwritten notes on the characters in the novel. The story is told in epistolary format, as a series of letters, diary entries, newspaper articles, and ships' log entries, whose narrators are the novel's protagonists, and occasionally supplemented with newspaper clippings relating events not directly witnessed. The events portrayed in the novel take place chronologically and largely report in England and. Transylvania during the 1890s and all transpire within the same year between 3 may and 6 november. A short note is located at the end of the final chapter written 7 years after the events outlined in the novel. The tale begins with, jonathan Harker, a newly qualified English solicitor, visiting, count Dracula in the carpathian mountains on the border of Transylvania, bukovina, and Moldavia, to provide legal support for a real estate transaction overseen by harker's employer, Mr Peter Hawkins of Exeter. At first enticed by Dracula's gracious manners, harker soon realizes that he is Dracula's prisoner.

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This article is about the novel. For the eponymous character, see. For other uses, see, dracula (disambiguation). Dracula is an 1897, gothic horror novel by Irish author. It introduced, count Dracula, and established many conventions of subsequent vampire fantasy. 1, the novel tells the story of Dracula's hippie attempt to move from. Transylvania to England so that he may find new blood and spread the undead curse, and of the battle between Dracula and a small group of men and a woman led by Professor. Dracula has been assigned to many literary genres including vampire literature, horror fiction, the gothic novel, and invasion literature. The novel has spawned numerous theatrical, film, and television interpretations.

the namesake novel review
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  2. I was also somewhat troubled. Americanah s ambient temperature. Half of a yellow Sun, a book about atrocities, overflows with love; its characters are inclined by kindness, and forced by war, to transcend both the narrow fissures of private difference and the broad fissures of nationality and class.

  3. Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram introduced count. Dracula, and established many conventions of subsequent vampire fantasy. The novel tells the story of, dracula 's attempt to move from Transylvania to England so that he may find new blood and spread the undead curse, and of the battle between. News and reviews on the trends and rising stars in movies, music, television and more.

  4. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading. The namesake : a, novel. As a fellow Bengali and Jhumpa lahiri fan, i had low expectations for a movie adaptation of her poignant novel (though I think The Interpreter of Maladies was better written).

  5. The namesake (2003) is the first novel by Jhumpa was originally a novel published in The new Yorker and was later expanded to a full-length novel. It explores many of the same emotional and cultural themes as her Pulitzer Prize-winning short story collection Interpreter of Maladies. The namesake : a, novel - kindle edition by Jhumpa lahiri. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

  6. The namesake : a, novel, jhumpa lahiri. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Jhumpa lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies established this young writer as one the most brilliant of her generation.

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