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If youve got five to ten years of experience, aim for keeping it on one page — but if youve really got some amazing accomplishments, it might be ok to slip onto that second page. Once youve got 10-20 years of experience, youve probably got enough accomplishments to justify two pages — but no more! Pare things down to the highlights — the really, really good stuff thatll get a hiring manager (or human resources departments) attention. Thats usually 3-5 bulleted accomplishments per position, lab with a brief description the scope of the position, of what you accomplished and how you did. Generally, youll want more accomplishments for more recent positions, fewer for older positions. And its perfectly ok to group or omit trivial and/or ancient positions. Feel free to ignore the hourly jobs you had during college. And if you had, say, four short and unremarkable positions as a personal trainer in big-box health clubs while you were finishing your graduate exercise science degree twenty years ago, feel free to lump them all together like this: Personal Trainer — various national health. They use vonnegut these keywords to search databases of resumes on sites like linkedIn. Examples: certification or corporate wellness or cardiac rehabilitation. The following two tabs change content below.

new personal trainer resume

Fitness Trainer Resume Example

5) Much too much, always remember that the purpose of your resume is simply to create enough interest that you get invited to the next step — usually a phone or face-to-face interview. Its not your life story, your professional biography or a curriculum vitae that includes everything youve ever done. Hiring managers and human resources departments scan resumes, usually for about 30 seconds. So keep it short, sweet and focused on your greatest hits. (And dont squeeze the margins and use 8-point fonts — thats cheating! It looks ugly and its hard to scan quickly.). If youve got evernote less than five years of experience, your resume should fit on one page using normal spacing and normal font sizes.

new personal trainer resume

How to become a personal Trainer : 11 Steps (with

Show essay your resume to a friend who doesnt work in health and wellness. Ask them to circle the terms they dont understand or recognize and check these frequent gotchas: Are you using ambiguous terms? For example, pt could mean personal trainerphysical therapistor pulmonary technician. Are the terms truly widely used? For example, would everyone — even an hr person — really know that adl means activities of daily living? Are you using internal project, process and system names that are unique to your current employer? For example, if you represented your department on the ppphir team, spell out Patient professional Partnership for Hospital Infection Reduction. Better yet, just say infection Control Initiative. Or if you used your health clubs 3M program with clients, spell out Member Metabolic measurement Program on your resume.

All the details about your minimum wage and temporary jobs early in your career (this isnt your biography). Organizations totally unrelated to the position youre seeking, or those potentially a turn-off for many interviewers (say, local chair of the national Smokers Alliance). 4) But everyone knows what adl means! Google it and see how many different ways adl is used! And thats just one example. Even health and wellness professionals have different levels of familiarity with jargon and abbreviations you take for granted. Plus, the person who initially screens resumes usually wont have a health and wellness background. Theyre just a low-level human resources assistant.

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new personal trainer resume

Certified Personal Trainer - cooper Institute

Reduced employee turnover to virtually zero by encouraging staffers to experiment with new fitness techniques 3) I was born a small child. Two things to watch for here. First, give the most weight (and space) to your most recent accomplishments: go into more detail on the scope and results of your current or most recent positions. Provide progressively fewer details about older positions. And yes, you can absolutely leave out temp jobs, short-term positions, jobs you held twenty years ago, and the like. Second, most personal details just dont belong on resumes.

In fact, they often make the applicant look clueless about how business works. In general, omit the following: your hobbies (you can mention them in the interview if appropriate). Whether or not youre married or have kids or a life partner (not appropriate). Where you were born and all the towns you lived in growing up (totally irrelevant). If you have a college degree, skip the name of your high school writing (it just doesnt matter — even if you were president of the national Honor Society).

It tells them nothing about your qualifications and accomplishments for the kind of position youre seeking. Experienced Customer Service director, successfully motivates membership staff to provide great service despite tight headcount and budget. Key skills: Hiring and retaining highly empathetic and service-oriented employees, maintaining employee job interest and low turnover through cross-training and special projects. Which resume would get your attention? 2) Tasks vs accomplishments, when you describe your current and previous job history, focus on your results and accomplishments.

Dont simply list the tasks you performed. Instead of: Corporate wellness manager. Met with corporate clients four times/year. Supervised trainers and instructors and developed staffing schedules. Completed monthly reports on facility usage and member activity. Reads like your job description, doesnt it? Instead, try this: Corporate wellness manager, oversaw day-to-day fitness center management for five largest corporate accounts totaling 700,000 in revenues, 10 employees and 2000 members. Introduced six new classes which received highest satisfaction ratings ever from members.

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Bad news: your resume tree almost certainly contains these five mistakes. . Good news: Theyre easy to fix. Lets take it from the top: 1) pointless statement of purpose, all together too many resumes start with a purpose statement at the top. It usually looks like this: Purpose, seeking senior position in growing and successful fitness center that will allow me to help movie others realize their full potential while fully utilizing my education and skills. Well, gosh, wed all like that, wouldnt we? Lets throw in world peace while were at it! The problem is that this statement gives the person reviewing your resume no reason whatsoever to call you in for an interview.

new personal trainer resume

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Nursing, Graduate in December 2015(gpa! George mason university, fairfax, va, bachelor of ealth Sciences ith an em hasis in 'ercise Science, december 2012. Unitek eduction, san Francico, ca b ertificate, -anuar. 201, clinical experience )a. 201/ December 2015, san diego,. Beginning Medical )urgical/ kaiser ermanente 2in4556 (urs.

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new personal trainer resume
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  1. Personal, trainer, prepared training programs that fit the clients goals and activity level took monthly weight and bmi measurements. kettlebell Instructor picp, level 1 Poliquin Regional coach ksi, level 1 King Sports International acsm, certified. as a personal trainer in big-box health clubs while you were finishing your graduate exercise science degree twenty years ago, feel. Before you apply for the job, look at a professional hair Stylist resume sample to make sure youve included all the best information.

  2. How to know If (And When) you actually need. Personal, trainer, leah Itsines Lamb skewers Bring, new. Meaning to the mediterranean diet.

  3. Director of, personal, training. Master, trainer, fitness Unlimited. Performance trainer at the atc elite club in tg this club were organized 3 tournaments 10000 and other nationals tournaments.

  4. Nicolas Fontana is instantly captivated by the handsome personal trainer, sweet talking his way into Adam's bed and his heart. get more personal - and simply share stuff with my friends, family, and patients! I want to share compelling and what I consider. in, training, personal, trainer, responsible for annual gross revenue goal of 240,000 as a manager and 600,000 as a manager in training.

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