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Exploiting heterogeneity in public clouds, june 2012 - october 2012 Public cloud providers have a simple pricing model of pay-per-hour of virtual cpu time used. Such cloud providers host these virtual cpus on a varied set of physical cpus that belong to different technology generations. The simple pricing model does not take into account the varied performance that are juiced out of these processors for the same cpu time. In this project, we looked at the idea of customer-controlled migration of virtual machines across physical hosts with the aim of reducing cost per unit work done by just using the start/stop interface facilitated by the cloud provider. Resource-freeing attacks, january 2012 - october 2012 Multi-tenancy and pay-as-you-go pricing model is practiced by almost all of the infrastructure-as-a-service public clouds. This along with the well-known lack of perfect performance isolation gives rise to new class of security issues. In this project, we look at a particular way of interfering with neighboring virtual machine instances on the same physical host in order to improve ones own performance. This is possible because many essential hardware resources such as hardware managed caches are hard to manage in software and hence are not fairly shared between virtual machines.

Cryptographic approaches to denial-of-service resistance,. Springer, 2011, colin boyd, juan Gonzalez nieto, lakshmi kuppusamy, harikrishna narasimhan,. Pandu rangan, jothi rangasamy, jason Smith, douglas Stebila, and Venkatanathan Varadarajan. Resource-freeing Attacks: Improve your Cloud Performance (at your neighbor's Expense at acm conference on boy Computer and Communications Security, october 2012. Acm ccs student Travel Grant for 19 acm conference on Computer and Communications Security 2012. Special Computer Science department Scholarship, university of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010. Hpca-ppopp student Travel Grant for 15 acm sigplan annual Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming 2010. Hipc 2009 Travel Scholarship for The International Conference on High-Performance computing 2009. Robust scheduler, november 2012 - present Current state-of-the-art process or virtual machine schedulers are not designed with malicious behaving users. Many high-class world security attacks like cache side-channel attack, utilize vulnerabilities in the scheduler to extract confidential information from a victim. The aim of this project is to design a robust scheduler that reduce the effectiveness of such attacks with minimal performance overhead.

html version of resume

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Project Internship at ceg, anna University, summer 2008. Authored a software tool called Math Assistant that help to educate specially challenged students. Full Papers: More for your Money: Exploiting Performance heterogeneity in Public Clouds, benjamin Farley, venkatanathan Varadarajan, thomas Ristenpart, Ari juels, kevin Bowers and Michael Swift in Proceedings of the Third acm symposium on Cloud Computing Computing (socc 2012). Resource-freeing Attacks: Improve your Cloud Performance (at your neighbor's Expense, venkatanathan Varadarajan, thawan kooburat, benjamin Farley, thomas Ristenpart, and Michael Swift in Proceedings of the 2012 acm conference on Computer and Communications Security (ccs 2012) Towards a cooperative defense model Against Network security Attacks, harikrishna. Pandu rangan in the Proceedings of Ninth Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (weis 2010) Game Theoretic Resistance to denial of Service (DoS) Attacks Using Hidden Difficulty puzzles, harikrishna narasimhan, venkatanathan Varadarajan,. Pandu rangan in the proceedings of 6th Information Security, practice and Experience conference (ispec 2010). Full version writing of paper is in eprint archive. A reconfigurable hardware to Accelerate directory search, venkatanathan Varadarajan, sanath Kumar r, arun Nedunchezhian and Ranjani parthasarathi. In the Online Proceedings of the sixteeth ieee high Performance computing - student Symposium (hipc09-SS).

html version of resume

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Rank: First in a class of 77 students. Ranjani parthasarathi, research Assistant, may 2012 - present Supervisors:. Thomas Ristenpart, department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Teaching Assistant, august 20Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Courses: - introduction to computer Architecture (CS552 - introduction to java programming (CS302). Software developer Intern at Microsoft, redmond, summer 2011. As a part of the windows c compiler's team, we shakespeare worked on the code-generation phase of the compiler supporting pxc amp, an extension to winC to support heterogeneous computing that provides as a platform to leverage the power of gpgpus. Research Intern at Indian Institute of Technology madras (iitm), summer 2009. During the iitm summer Fellowship Programme, we worked on a method of resisting Denial of Service (DoS) attacks using Client-puzzles and Game Theory under the guidance of Prof.

Mail me at view my stats. I am broadly interested in the intersection of operating systems and computer architecture. My current research interests are resource management, performance isolation and security issues in virtualized environments. Operating Systems: scheduling, security, resource management, performance isolation, computer Architecture: software systems for multi-core machines, cache management, cache-coherence. In Computer Science, august 2010 - present Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Michael Swift and. In Computer Science, august 2010 - december 2012. Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison. In Computer Science engineering, june, college Of Engineering guindy (ceg anna University, chennai, india.

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html version of resume

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cineflix Productions, season 2 8, Electrical Powers ( ) the Truth About Traffic " Discovery chan., silent Crow Arts, against 2009 ( vimeo clips / ) black, blizzard " History chan., Engel Entertainment 2008 ( ) a machine to die for ", eliot Jarvis. Of washington, seattle - sw engineer, microscan, renton,. design engineer, eaton cutler-hammer sensors group, everett,. co-owner and device designer, teknos inc. Science exhibits, seattle, wa - concepts formulation, dinamation robotic dinosaurs, seattle, wa - electrical engineer, museum of science, boston, ma - lecturer, sci.

Textbook consultant - electronics dept. Head, museum of science, boston, ma - electrical engineer, sykes datatronics, rochester, ny - research asst., center for visual sci.,. Of rochester, rochester, ny * experience (full) link education uw extension: Intro c uw extension: Windows in c uw extension: sw engineering nscc: c programming (intmd/advc) mit: Lab glassblowing ics: Unix, c programming Motorola: 68000, Assy lang. Of Rochester, ny relocate sorry,. Seattle area only (w/Eastside, everett, renton) Short term contract out of wa state ok contacts please contact all but my current employer Page: 1, 2, 3 ml Created and maintained by bill beaty.

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Resume writing services are usually tax-deductible so a significant portion of your expense will be reimbursed directly or indirectly by the government at the end of this tax year! Resumes can be shipped via your choice of e-mail or "snail" mail! Beaty, status: not currently looking or online curriculum design for physics edu. Note: below is the html version. You probably want the msWord version (see one of the links to the right.). Direct url: c, electrical engineer/programmer, science edu. Consultant * areas of, expertise link. Experience (brief recent tv appearances: william Shatner's weird or What?

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We don't bother to insult our prospective clientele by emphasizing any such calculated sales gimmicks. Instead, we're so confident in the quality of our original work that we'll. Show you, what we can do with your own. Resume, at no charge to you! If you already have a rough draft of your resume, e-mail it to us and we'll reply with a few notes and even one small section re-written with an explanation of the rationale for the kind of changes essay we would make if hired to complete. Of course, we can't give away all of our ideas for improvement essay of your resume that would be like giving away free merchandise but we can have a writer give you enough of a "taste" to prove to you that their ability to transform words. So click here to e-mail us your resume draft and we'll get back to you in 48 business hours or less with a small sample of what we would do to at least one section of it! No other service offers anything close to this!

html version of resume

should appear without any difficulty in any web browser. Please keep in mind, however, these versions may not appear as aesthetically-pleasing as intended. Formatting, margins, and other important items may be lost in the translation. Sample, resume 1, sample, resume 2, sample, resume 3, sample, resume 4, sample, resume . Click here to read dozens of unsolicited, unedited compliments we received from customers in just one short period! Any site can post a few generic resume examples that represent their very best efforts.

To see a screen shot, click. Click on your web browser to reopen. Go to the, edit menu in your browser and select. Your resume will immediately appear in the text box. Click, preview Resume to see what your resume will look like after it is posted. If you are having trouble pasting your resume, save it as plain text before copying and paste. This should ensure that it's more easily cut-and-pasted. If you have html code in your resume that's been generated by a, or an online page-builder site, you may find it conflicts with Brainhunter's system japanese (see.

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How do i paste my resume you into the resume text box? The, resume text box in, professional Profile, step 1 of 3 appears when you sign up, edit your professional profile or add a professional profile. You are here:. Ob seekers my brainhunter add/edit profile. Professional Profile, step 1 of 3 (To see a screen shot, click.). Open your resume file in a word processor. Choose, select All from the, edit menu of your word processor. Select, copy from the, edit menu of the word processor. This action copies the resume to the Clipboard.

html version of resume
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English Language Arts, vocabulary. Whether you re looking for a message to write in a mother s day card or a caption on Facebook, we found the best mother-daughter"s. Fraud Upon the court: Reclaiming the law, joyfully mary maxwell llb.

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  1. Best-of-class Resume Writing Samples and Resume Writing Advice from m s Resume. A trial version of our leading interview. Sample resume ( html ) pdf.

  2. Html code in your resume that s been generated by a wysiwyg. Free, resume, format Online - get, resume, format recommended by experts for experienced professionals or freshers. Resume format samples in pdf or word doc.

  3. After getting the awesome reviews and demand from our client for aakash. Resume / Portfolio, html, template, now we are all set to provide you wordPress version that is super easy to edit and use. Resume, into the, resume, text Box.

  4. You probably want the msWord version. Print Preview Shows an, html version of your resume, this is how your resume will from man 3344 at everest University. Resumes - samples and examples of what we can do with your resume - get us to write a resume.

  5. Full version of paper is in eprint archive. Web development : html, css, javascript, ajax. Json resume : Generates pretty, html, latex, markdown, with biodata feeded as input in json. Note: below is the.

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