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This topic is his least favorite. When he sits too long beneath his towering stacks of century-old civic studies, maps and legal documents, trying to figure out how to get inside the sealed-off chamber at the western end of that tunnel, he can feel his mind slipping, he says. I never knew when I was 19 that this tunnel would be my entire life. Diamond still lives in the apartment where he was raised, in Brooklyns Kensington neighborhood. His father disappeared when he was 8, and he was raised by his mother. He was a shy, exceptionally smart student.

It was kind of like having my soul taken away, he says. Bob diamond sits in his apartment in Kensington, Brooklyn, where, for the past four years, he has been fighting the city to regain access to the Atlantic avenue tunnel. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now. Youre a young Man, go find. Diamond is a plump, 54-year-old New Yorker with kind, sunken eyes and frazzled hair—whats left. Known in the local papers as the tunnel King, he is an indisputably odd and paradoxical fellow. His acquaintances describe him as brilliant—he is an obsessive researcher and prodigious googler whose living room is filled with piles of books, engineering diagrams and newspaper clippings about the tunnel. But they also say he can be paranoid and hyperbolic regarding his belief that the city has conspired to keep him out of the tunnel; and that if he gets back inside, he might find the missing pages of booths diary that will prove. When asked about this latter, seemingly preposterous claim, diamond simply replies, writing They used to say the tunnel didnt exist. Since being exiled from the tunnel, diamond passes his time at a connecticut Muffin near his apartment in Brooklyn. There, over large coffees and a mountain of sugar packets, he and two fellow bhra members meet monthly to discuss all manner of New York city transit concerns: the second avenue subway line, known as The line that Time forgot, originally proposed in 1929;.

diary of a homeless person essay

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Diamond hotly denied—and still denies—having ever even seen, let alone signed, such a form. It was like going into. Alice in Wonderland, he says now. Recommended Slideshows, he and the angry dot official argued for a minute, debating the provenance of diamonds signature, mom and they hung. A moment later, his fax machine buzzed to life. Out came a letter from the dot, officially evicting him from the tunnel. I nearly choked to death on my beans, he recalls. Days later, the city welded the manhole entrance shut. Diamond hasnt been back inside his tunnel since.

diary of a homeless person essay

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But now, the official told him, the city wanted him out. The dots latest gripe, and the reason for the angry phone call, stemmed from diamonds long-held belief that behind a wall of evernote rocky sediment sealing off the westernmost 400 feet of the Atlantic avenue tunnel are two civil War treasures: an 1830s wood-burning steam locomotive. Since the early 1990s, diamond had been lobbying to excavate the tunnel, and while the dot had always been irked by his historical detective work, it had for many years supported diamonds efforts to show the tunnel to the public. For a time, diamonds nonprofit, the Brooklyn Historic railway association (bhra even had approval from the city to run a trolley line through the tunnel, connecting downtown Brooklyn to the isolated neighborhood of Red hook. The project was a testament to diamonds self-proclaimed pennies-on-the-dollar efficiency: With federal funding obtained through the dot, he corralled 15 used trolley cars from Boston and Buffalo, miles of rail from Pennsylvania, thousands of century-old paving stones from an Amtrak station in Baltimore, and track. But in the summer of 2002, diamond says, stuff started to go crazy. The dot abruptly stopped sponsoring his trolley project, and a year later, the city ripped up the half-mile of tracks he had laid. National geographic had finally agreed to conduct a magnetometer test to find out what, if anything, was inside the sealed-off section of the tunnel, diamond received a letter from the city informing him his tours were now deemed unlawful. Now, the dot official on the phone was accusing him of filing an application behind the agencys back to excavate the tunnel.

Junior thinks about all the people he has loved who died alcohol-related deaths, and all the Spokanes who will die in the future. During summer break, rowdy comes to visit Junior under the pretense that he is bored. The two play basketball, symbolizing the rekindling of their friendship). New York city, on a quiet evening in December 2010, robert diamond was watching television in his apartment, tucking into a bowl of franks and beans, when the telephone rang. There was an angry voice on the other end of the line: youre trying to dig up that damn locomotive again! It was an official at New York citys Department of Transportation. Diamond had worked closely with the dot for much of the three decades since he had made his extraordinary discovery: the oldest subway tunnel in the world, which runs for a half-mile in Brooklyn. For years he had explored the tunnel unbothered, cataloging its ancient rail spikes, researching its alleged use as a hideout for thieves and pirates, and offering tours to curious locals on Sunday afternoons.

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diary of a homeless person essay

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Grandmother Spirit is killed by a drunk driver in a hit-and-run. Over two thousand Indians come to her funeral, as she was a highly respected member of the community. Soon after that, eugene, junior's father's best friend, is shot in the face during a drunken brawl. As a result of these tragedies, junior misses a lot of school, but his fellow students support him when a teacher tries to chastise him for his absences. In the second matchup between the reardan and Wellpinit basketball teams, junior is prepared and determined. He leads his team to victory but afterwards, feels ashamed when he sees his former classmates' faces. He alone knows how troubled their lives are; not a single one of them will go to college.

Junior emails Rowdy an apology for his behavior, and Rowdy responds. They begin to banter like they used. Then, tragedy strikes again: roi Mary dies in a fire after passing out drunk in her trailer. Despite all of the trials he has faced during his freshman year at reardan, junior gets mostly As in his classes. He accompanies his parents to the cemetery so they can "spend time" with Grandmother Spirit, mary, and Eugene.

He is embarrassed about having to wear his father's outdated suit, but his classmates find it cool and retro. At the diner after the dance, junior reluctantly borrows money from Roger to pay for Penelope's meal. That night, penelope realizes that Junior does not have any money and that he often walks home from school. She asks Roger to give him a ride, and Roger ends up driving Junior home many nights after that. Junior decides to try out for the reardan basketball team, and, against the odds, makes it onto the varsity squad. Reardan's first game of the season happens to be against Wellpinit, the reservation school.

At the gym, all the spectators from the reservation turn their backs on Junior, whom they see as a traitor to his tribe. During the game, rowdy jumps Junior violently and knocks him unconscious. Coach is impressed with his tenacity and they form a bond. Over the Christmas holidays, junior's father gets drunk and disappears with all the family's money. When he returns from his drinking binge, he gives Junior his only present: a soggy five dollar bill. A larger tragedy hits Junior's family soon thereafter, when.

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Their connection is based on studying; Gordy teaches Junior how to retain knowledge and perform better on exams. At home, junior discovers that his write sister, mary, has married a man that she met at the casino and has run off to montana. Later, mary sends Junior an email describing how happy she. By thanksgiving, junior is lonely. Rowdy still refuses to speak to him, so he draws a cartoon of the two of them as superheroes and delivers it to rowdy's home. Back at school, junior hears Penelope vomiting in the bathroom and finds out that she is bulimic. Junior offers his support and Penelope opens up to him. The two of them finally become friends, which makes other students at reardan accept Junior, as well. Junior and Penelope's relationship becomes stronger and he takes her to the winter Formal.

diary of a homeless person essay

She turns out to be right. On Halloween, both Junior and Penelope dress up as homeless people, although Junior jokes that his costume is not too far off from the clothing he usually wears. In order to impress his crush, junior offers to trick-or-treat for money that they can donate to charities aimed at helping the homeless. Junior ends up raising ten dollars on the reservation, but bullies in costume beat him up and steal the money. He tells Penelope what happened and she is sympathetic, saying she will still for make the donation in both their names. Unable to secure penelope's affections, junior soon forms a friendship with. Gordy, who is academically inclined.

young student that the only way he will succeed is by getting off the reservation. P.'s advice and decides to transfer to reardan, a school in a wealthier district about twenty miles away. Junior's parents are supportive of his decision, but Rowdy is furious - he starts to cry and then punches Junior in the face. Junior feels like a complete outsider at reardan. He admires a pretty girl named. Penelope, but she makes fun of his name. Roger, a star athlete, makes a sickeningly racist joke, for which Junior punches him in the face. Instead of fighting back, roger walks away bewildered, calling Junior "an animal." Junior goes to his grandmother for advice, and she tells him that Roger will respect Junior now that he has stood up for himself.

To retaliate, rowdy cuts the eyebrows and ponytails off Junior's attackers after they pass out. At school, junior thank is one of the few students who is genuinely interested in learning. He is excited to start reading his geometry textbook until he opens the cover and realizes that he is supposed to be studying from the same exact book his mother used when she was in high school. Frustrated with the lack of educational resources available on the reservation, junior hurls the textbook across the room and accidentally hits his teacher,. P., in the face. Junior is suspended from school, and. Comes to visit him at home.

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Junior is a fourteen-year old boy living on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Washington. He was born with hydrocephalus (water in the brain which has led to a number of health problems. In addition, his large skull, awkward lisp, and for thick glasses have made him the victim of bullying from his tribe members - teenagers and adults alike. Junior's family is poor, junior explains, and the worst thing about poverty is that he cannot do anything about. He is devastated when his pet dog, Oscar, becomes ill from heat stroke and his family does not have enough money for a veterinary visit. The only way to put Oscar out of his misery, then, is for Junior's father to shoot the poor creature. Junior runs to his friend. Rowdy, who attempts to cheer him up by suggesting they visit a local powwow. There, a group of drunk men beat Junior.

diary of a homeless person essay
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  1. The city didnt have enough shelter space to accommodate its homeless population, and as the camp attracted more and more people, authorities began regular sweeps, clearing away tents and sleeping bags — which inevitably cropped right back. 'north american hyphenated-man tour 2011' diary - mike watt the missingmen tour the third opera in the. Social & Political Issues in America: Resources in the media resources Center, uc berkeley. I couldnt even pick a pronoun.

  2. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Witty, dark and explosively carnal, diary of a sex Addict chronicles a gay new Yorkers month-long descent into a circus of anonymous hook-ups as he struggles to erase the pain of a failed romance and blot out the routine of a soul-numbing day job. I n 2001, a group of homeless people In Portland, Oregon, set up a campsite under a downtown bridge.

  3. A summary of Chapters 10-12 in Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True diary of a part-Time Indian. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Absolutely True diary of a part-Time Indian and what it means. The Absolutely True diary of a part-Time Indian study guide contains a biography of Sherman Alexie, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Diary of a sex Addict Scott Alexander Hess.

  4. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Slate is now featuring a video series about Gerda saunders and her family as her dementia advances. This essay was originally published in the georgi.

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